ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Bear Markets

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #48

ADSactly - Bear Markets

What to do when rivers run red?

Markets rise, markets fall. This is the Natural way of the markets. Especially of unregulated crypto markets. It's something we all must come to an accord with and accept that the values of portfolios go up and down. Red weeks, green weeks, they change all the time just like the waves of a neverending ocean. One needs the nerve to be able to watch the value fall and still keep the assets without losing sleep over it.


What no one of us should ever forget is that for every 'sell', there is a 'buy'. There are people who will gladly buy whatever you have when the price is low. Like right now. The lower the price is, the more of them will gladly exchange their paper money for hi-quality digital assets like STEEM and SBD. Their willingness to buy is what creates the bottom line. For example, the BTC bottom line has been tested on many occasions in last month and it is still holding. This proves people's huge belief in the cryptocurrency world. So much money was poured into BTC that people will simply not allow the price to drop any further. They'll rather buy more.

To be sure that you'll never lose sleep over your investments is to decide to hold long term and not try to make 300% in a month surfing the waves of price violations and then find yourself back at square one because you over-gambled yourself out of your winnings. Day trading in cryptomarkets is not much short of gambling. The market clearly favours the long-term investors over daily speculators who got so comfortable that they feel uneasy if the mark of 7-10% per day isn't reached. Do you remember what was the BTC price this time last year? No...? Take a look at the charts and then try complaining if you dare. :D

btc red.png

There is quite a bit of frustration and depression raining over the community at the moment. People got used to seeing virtual numbers lavishly increasing day after day and lost compass of what is real. The burst of SBD and STEEM prices came unexpectedly, out of the blue. Probably, only the top brass knew it was coming if at all. It was unreal but beautiful times. It seems to be over but there should be no frustration over it. We are still higher than where we were 4 months ago and who said that the good times aren't coming back?

Do you know what YOU can do to contribute to the price? Don't sell SBD on the exchanges. We are in a period of holding and waiting for the next rise. Constant selling of even small amounts will only dump the value lower. If you immediately sell everything you earn, the price will imminently go even more south. People who buy at that point and hold will be seriously happy. The high tide always rolls back in at some point.


Don't forget a sentence that never proved wrong. Not ever!

"Markets always come back at some point In time, no market ever stayed down in the history of mankind."

Meaning - Have no patience, sell your SBD and STEEM right now and be sorry later.


ADSactly is HOLDING.


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Change your perspective! When you see the bear market, you should be dancing. That literally means you'll find great stock at a discount! You should be thinking, "Let me buy as much as I can before they rise!"

The problems investors have, even here, is that they still see gains and losses as real things--which they aren't. It is all imaginary until you sell. Until then, you just own a certain amount of stock. You are in college, I'm assuming this money isn't for the short-term; you're saving for retirement. You shouldn't be looking at the dollar value of your stock right now, you should be looking at the amount of stock you own. It is actually rough times for young investors because we are seeing a strong bull market.

Remember the basic principle of investing: buy low, sell high. Why would you then want the market to be as high as possible when you buy? You should welcome seeing the economy return to 2013 prices so you can buy even more. In 30 years or so, that is when you should be concerned with bear versus bull markets.

When I read 50-year-olds worrying about a pending bear market, it makes sense; they will be retiring soon and would hate to take a hit right before they do. They are at the wealth preservation stage. We are at the wealth generation stage and as such don't care about the current cycle.

Ask yourself this, "Will the market be higher in 30 years than it is today?" If no, don't invest anyway. But all available data supports the hypothesis that it will be higher. Therefore, all you care about is having as much stock at today's market as you can so that you can sell in 30 years for actual gain.

If you can't stomach that, ladder CDs


Agree 100% 👍🏼


big post but good article


What do you guys think of Shield? Quantum Resistance, MasterNodes PoS/PoW Hybrid, Own Marketplace where you can sell & buy goods, Privacy features like ZeroCoin, InstantSend and DarkSend. I think mid-term gains is easy 10x, don't miss it out.


Yes. Thanks for hitting the final nail into the coffin. Hodling more stocks over makes you great and greater. Only time will tell.


Wow, big post and great write ups, thanks for the information....

It might be terrifying - seeing the value dip to bottoms like that, especially for those not experienced in the crypto market that only get crypto currency via writing on this platform, and especially for those who are new in the platform and have seen only the good times and have no memory of the older times when STEEM and SBD was lower than it's today.
We all should remember that STEEM is a great cryptocurrency, fast and with free transactions, that the community is still in the stages of growing and that the developers are active and have great plans for the future - mainly SMT's.

It is just not smart to sell your portfolio right now - the revenue is almost negligible in some cases and even if there is some risk of losing if the market will fall again, the chance for profits that lays with hodling and waiting a little longer overcomes this danger in my opinion.


Holding is the key to success when its red and having the courage to sell when its green and expected to go even higher. Unfortunately greed kicks in when its all green which prevents people from selling high and fear kicks in when market is down which causes people to panic sell when market is red.

I feel like when we had the big rush to all-time highs back in December the market picked up a lot of weak handed investors. So many people jumped into the market looking to make a quick buck and become rich overnight. As the prices plummet many of these novice Crypto investors are cutting bait and running before they lose more. They were never here for the long-term and therefore are contributing to the falling prices as they head for the hills. This is an amazing time to get in for anyone who has been in the market for long enough to know that the future is bright. Hodl now and strengthen your positions. When the flood of green comes back we will rejoice together at the mountaintop. There is money to be made if you are patient. Always remember that you got started in the Crypto space with a long term vision and we will get there.

"Markets always come back at some point In time, no market ever stayed down in the history of mankind."

Nicely written. I’m holding! It’s true. The only question remains “when is Low or when is High?” I love your optimism, perhaps because I’m thinking the same way. I have been adding to my portfolio on the way down as well, however I’m still expecting the market to go even lower. If we do I will use all of my fiat that I put aside to invest in crypto including Steem and SBD. I’m still waiting for this famous panic selling when everyone starts thinking “it’s the end of the world, it will go to zero” even I could think that. I’ve learned that since these crashes in 2000 and 2008. There was this unique opportunity. I hope we are getting close now, because this waiting is frustrating. In investing there is one thing guaranteed “Patience!”.

We could argue the same thing now as well. I think it all depends where your mind is at. Your thinking buying lows could mean for someone too expensive and still wait for even lower prices. You definately have to have a plan. When you buy and when you sell. Also you should not invest any capital you can’t afford to loose. If you do, your emotions get involved at any sell off and I can guarantee, you mostly loose. There are people taking loans, selling houses to buy crypto. Unfortunately they bought when there was euphoric buying at high. Now they are forced to sell, because they have to pay off their loans, it’s the same as with the stock market. You are allowed to buy on margins where you need only about 30% of entire investment. However, if the market starts to sell, you are forced to sell as well and if you don’t sell they will sell it for you. Either way, the market has to get rid of these buyers, it sounds unfair, taugh and emotionless, but that’s what any market is “unfair, taugh and emotionless”. I’m a buyer of Crypto at these levels as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we go much lower. Now we should sit and chill. We are in this all together.

Bear market is one of the most unpleasant phenomena in the markets (stock and crypto-currency). It's one thing when a fall is an ordinary correction, and another thing when the fall is a natural and ongoing trend. Many newcomers immediately rush into panic, they do not understand the essence of things and begin to sell. However, falls are not always bad.

Firstly, due to this drop in the crypto-currency market, weak projects will be eliminated. The most powerful projects will remain and they will start to grow. Secondly, such a reduction in the value of individual coins is a great way to buy them. Right now you can competently invest the funds and come out of this situation as a winner. In any situation, there are positive aspects.

Therefore, rejoice that we all have such a wonderful opportunity. Perhaps in the future such a chance will not be. Smart people will take advantage of this, and not smart people will panic. A ruckus article for explaining the situation. This is true for many users.

Such good advice in this post! I have been in the market since 2012 and have seen such tremendous growth that it has been baffling but we need a correction every once in a while to help stabilize the market a little bit. It is possible to make huge money in the crypto space right now but you have got to be patient and willing to hold long term if you want to see those gains. Traders do make some money, I trade because I enjoy it and I make some money from it. But, the bags of coins that I hold long term that I believe in the company have made me the most money overall. Thanks so much for the post!

It is easy to say #hodl when you got in at $50bn valuation. Think about the person who got into the market at $500 bn. #Crypto has long term potential for sure, but to gain from it you need patience and strong hands!

Agree 100 % let’s shill

Interesting topic

wow well information keep it up thanks for shareing

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With patience I strongly believe the market will rise.... #hodl is the key, although it might take time @adsactly

Thanks for your article that :make me more know Let:s come to my steemit,,,,,

congratulation you have a many steempower . I do love it your profile . @adsactly

Sir you are great, I would like to say you thanks for everything.
I respect you. You can write everything pretty well.
I find the sweetness in your writing.
You are an outstanding personality.
Thanks for all your activities.

Very useful info @adsactly, some time ago, I see so many of people on my place is happy, after they sell their SBD coin for a high price, and in my country of Aceh, have very many people who succeed with this crypto coin, they can not stop to keep track of news updates about crypto and there are so many new investors who join and buy the crypto coin, others collect the crypto coin from post, and there are also communities that investing their money on BTC coin, the various community groups are very enthusiastic in welcoming this crypto coin, and now it's time we bought this crypto coin again, considering the price is cheap, and the movement for BTC candle started up, amazing. thank you for useful info from you @adsactly.

Respect me, your steemit friends ;

I believe in the power of holding but lately it has it's getting scary. The rule is to buy at dip but after buying. It keeps dipping.
Nevertheless, let's not all put our egg in on basket.

My advice during this red moment is: ignore the dip, hodl, buy more only if you have extra fiatts not in use, drink alot of water and stay happy.

we have to be patient at the time of price reduction and when our green floods rejoice.

Thanks for your article that make me more know. Let's come to my steemit"! It is easy to say #hodl when you got in at $50bn valuation. Think about the person who got into the market at $500 bn. #Crypto has long term potential for sure, but to gain from it you need patience and strong hands!

We should argue the same aspect now as properly. I assume it all relies upon wherein your thoughts is at. Your questioning buying lows may want to mean for someone too steeply-priced and nevertheless watch for even decrease prices. You definately ought to have a plan. when you purchase and when you promote.
Hodl now and fortify your positions. while the flood of inexperienced comes returned we will have fun together at the mountaintop. there is cash to be made in case you are affected person. continually remember the fact that you bought started out inside the Crypto space with a long time imaginative and prescient and we are able to get there.

Thanks for sharing the blogs. These are helpful topics.

Thanks for your article that make me more know. Let's come to my steemit"!

Good to read this. Very much informative and needy!

What I learned in this bear market is to always keep some cash in the exchange and have my passive buy orders in place. Because by the time, money is transferred from the bank to the exchange and the orders are added, the market bounces back again :)

There is an old saying that is related to the Rothschild family, it goes The Time To Buy Real -Estate is When There Is Blood On The Streets.
This is a great time to go into Steem. Thank you for keeping a real perspective

@adsactly thanks for the great work posted here. Hodling more stocks as they dip is very valuable. Steemit is just in its infant stages with not more than a million users. Just Imagine if it reached 50 million plus users, how much would one steem cost?

Very encouraging, thanks so much

I agree 100%

I think cryptocurrency could give a better market for people, which they can not afford today.

All markets are like that, some time rise, some time down... It´s tru if we sell our SBD the steems token will be down, so we need to wait a long time before sell

@adsactly, El valor de las criptomonedas suben y bajan, el steem esta bajando pero hay que esperar un poco, lo peor es entrar en panico y vender, esperemos empiese a subir pronto. un saludo cordial, cuidate cariños y besos en la distancia, te sigo, upvote y reestem.

Great picture to describe the whole scenario. I don't think that the markets will remain dry for long. Everything is going to fall back to normal.

I always say hodl to everyone, Because I regret the time I sold 200LTC for $10 claiming that I made profit.
If I just waited 8 months later It would change my financial life today.
So Just Hodl and be patient, if prices get down and scare you just buy more.


I agree with your idea man

Hello Excuse me, how can every article like you get such a high income in steemit? Wait for your reply. Thank you!

Adsactly, I like your "HODL!" and staying positive attitude! 👍

What a great advice in a form of an article! One should always practised patience and perseverance in these tough times. Don't be discouraged and keep on STEEMING and you will bear the fruits of success. Upvoted!

It is anything but difficult to state #hodl when you got in at $50bn valuation. Consider the individual who got into the market at $500 bn. #Crypto has long haul potential without a doubt, yet to pick up from it you require persistence and solid hands!Thanks for sharing. These are useful points

the problem with small investors like us that we panic a lot during a fall we normally invest when the ,market is up but miss out on the oppoertunity when it is down

This calls for a huge concern. But no matter what happens, i'll keep steeming and keep steeming and keep steeming to the moon. Positivity and Optimism is key

very nice

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