ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #5

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #5

“Why does ADSactly society exits?” is the second question demanding answers.
ADSactly exists because of your time.

A funny answer, right? Let us explain this in more detail.

We are unhappy with the unfair distribution of financial means in the economic systems around the globe and the ill direction of affairs to which it leads. The simplified core of the problem lies in the fact that many people who do the actual work get the least money for their time, while non-producers, especially owners of non-producing organizations like banking institutions, trading institutions, various organizations and all other centralized structures, profit the most for very little or no time invested. The only tangible resource any person has is - time. The non-producers get too good of a deal, while the real producers end up on the opposite part of the scale.

The pyramid reveals that half of the world's wealth belongs to the top 1%.

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The source is here.

A very important aspect of your life that shouldn't be overlooked is your work or "your time". It is your investment asset, you are the one in charge of it, meaning you and only you are to decide what you want to do with it. We, as a society of individuals, are here to help, if you understand and apply the simple concepts outlined in this and previous posts of the "ADSactly on ADSACTLY" blog series.

ADSactly doesn't employ people because we are not a business association. You may decide to join and invest your time, tangible and intangible resources if so you desire. Some of us started their projects and got help from other members of the society, some of us decided to join on bigger projects run by other members, some of us decided to join and qualified to serve in the administration, while some of us are avid crypto-currency traders. What we all have in common is that we decided to invest our time and our knowledge. Never forget that a lot of effort comes before any rewards. This is how things are.

ADSactly society was established to give equal opportunities for work and prosperity to everyone who wants to invest his/her time, knowledge, energy, skills and resources. However, the accent is on: “people who do the work”.

So, ADSactly is here because of your time. We want you to receive fair offers for your time. Meaning, we are here for YOU!

Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

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What an interesting concept @adsactly is! I am looking further into what you guys are about, and would be very interest to contribute. :)

Thanks for creating the great community to support everyone. You need to engage your community members by announcing different Competetion like Adsactly chatting in your channel and announcing Adsactly Meme Competetion and Adsactly writing Competetion and many more like this for continuous growing your community members.

In order words ADSactly is an unselfish organization of people that come together all over the world to work and support things that are worthwhile.

Top stuff. I am hugely interested in the principles of adsactly and soon to get involved a bit more one my new baby is a few weeks older!!

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

Wow really nice....

Excellent blog

I reckon even less than 1% of Steemers own 50% of Steemit's wealth ;)

awesome blog

Spanish version of this ADSactly publication / Versión en español de esta publicación

This makes a lot of sense to me.

Thanks for this ongoing series to help us all understand the bigger picture :)

I too hate the monetary system that is currently governing our world.

I hope that ADSactly can be the start of a revolution in community building and basic human decency in general 🙏

a great community that places the principles of prosperity for society and prosperity for all those who want to invest time in doing their work