ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #11

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #11

In the mainstream financial environment, one is bound to use intermediaries for accomplishing money wire transactions. Your fiat money needs to pass through a third party before reaching its destination. It can take days for the transaction to complete and the fee you'll pay for the service plus the exchange rate conversion is often not neglectable at all.

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The Blockchain technology, applied in finances, is a valid alternative to the mainstream transaction system. Moreover, it can easily be applied to many other areas of human endeavours. This would be the easy choice and a step forward for the entire civilization. So give it a thought as to why centralized structures (including governments) around the world strongly oppose it.

The source is here.

If we are to go deeper, we realize that the Blockchain technology also guarantees the full anonymity of transactions, in case one chooses to stay anonymous. It's not hard to figure out that this is not in the best interest of any centralized structure.

As a part of their struggle to stay on top of things, owners and rulers of centralized systems will soon adopt the Blockchain technology to develop their own, seemingly decentralized, but actually completely controlled blockchain environments. They will not stop believing that it is in your best interest for them to govern your life. This is why supporting decentralization is the key to proper use of the blockchain technology. We strongly urge you to support decentralized blockchains, as well as decentralized crypto-exchanges.

The choice is simple and the future is now!

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This was really helpful.
I can really understand how the financial environment works on a deeper level.
this is well written article in my opinion and i would be glad to get more content from you.

thank you, we will be glad to provide!

I am definitely not an expert on the subject so please correct me if I misspeak, but the blockchain is only anonymous if you go through a P2P network where the initial deposit or final withdrawal isn't done online. If either of these processes is done then it is possible for people(governments) to track to the group or individual making the transaction.

I know there are a few coins who try and make transactions completely anonymous but as far as I know right now, its still possible.

As to what you were saying with transferring and intermediaries, Bitcoin is still crazy expensive when it comes to transfersand I really don't understand why people haven't adopted quicker, cheaper options such as ripple. What's your take on it?

Bitcoin is still crazy expensive when it comes to transfers and I really don't understand why people haven't adopted quicker, cheaper options such as ripple. What's your take on it?

People are still mainly using cryptocurrencies as a store of value instead of as a currency. The majority of people are trying to make money instead of trying to adopt the system that you and this article are talking about. This is why people stay with the slow, expensive coin that has already grown immensely instead of moving to other systems like you suggest.

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We were talking about the mainstream fiat transfers through intermediaries. You misunderstood.
Bitcoin, as well as other decentralized systems, leave you an option, mainstream financial systems - don't.
Ripple, for example, is banking system supported coin. 65 banks support it. Do you like bankers?

I just mean that if you transfer your friend any amount of bitcoin the transfer fee is usually .001BTC or roughly $7USD. If you make the same transfer with ripple the transfer fee is a few cents. This seems like a no brainer to me, especially since its on almost all the major exchanges

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your post is useful thanks for share.

thanks for share.


support decentralized blockchains

Here's a blockchain that is changing the way scientific research is being done!

Thank you for your good post and excellent explanation of the future of the blockchain technology. @adsactly

our pleasure :)


rockin - upvoted and relevant thanks

thank you!

This is very interesting and helpful! Thanks

Amazing points ADSactly, however in the recent times Bitcoin transfers seem close to the same as wire transfers. Hopefully they fix this soon!

I have made my choice and my future is now 👍

I really do believe that this blockchain technology going to change alll . It's the real change which we need from very beginning and may this the ultimate solution may solve all.

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thank you we surely try hard!

don't worry @adsactly... you try again in your work. you win.

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This is very interesting

Thanks for the post

This is fact, people has to choose 1 of the options
But I won't try being selfish or greedy. I won't try be like those boys picking pockets