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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #62

Creating Value - Part 10 -Finale


In the last nine sequels we wrote about the early beginnings of creating values, continued with the rise of craftsmen, explorers and merchants. We explained the importance of the first manual machines and how it all led to industrialization, continued with how oil exploitation business reached its heights and we ended with the birth of corporations and how it led to blooming of finances creating mountains of data what led us into the information age. In the end, we witnessed the dawn of start-ups. But, the saga continues. If you haven't read the first nine parts, please find them here:

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Today we are standing at the very dawn of a completely new age of value creation. You've probably guessed it already if you've carefully read the previous articles on creating value. Imagine the whole path from hunters and gatherers through all of the stages we've described in the previous articles leading up to this very day. We crossed a long path, overcame so many obstacles, thrived and prospered through ages. It is super exciting to be alive today. This is the time many previous generations could only dream about.

The age of start-ups opened vast possibilities. Clever people realized that the rigged financial system needed to be tackled somehow. Communities have tried it already before. Not once, but more than several times through the history. Most of them were stopped by the people in power but some are still alive today. Like Berkshares, for example.


Parallel currencies are not a new thing at all, but the new digital delivery system they bring along is quite extraordinary. We suddenly woke up to a new start of something that will shape the future of mankind for many generations to come. The era of cryptocurrency and cryptopreneurs is currently leading the way to a brave new world we are soon to witness. Now, if this is not exciting enough to make your heart pound, I wonder what is?

Nowadays creative projects are financed by cryptocurrencies and based on cryptocurrencies. This is another step further from the regular start-ups that are based on fiat currency. Cryptopreneuers are pioneers, explorers of frontiers. The ones finding obstacles and overcoming them. The ADSactly Society is leading the way. We want people to stick together, create new projects, explore vast untouched spaces, bring NEW ideas and develop their projects in this enormous space of the crypto world.


As it always was during the beginnings of new movements, conquests of new frontiers, there are many scams, hustles and wrongdoings. It is a normal thing, expected messenger of big changes and vast possibilities of crypto. Make sure you don't fall for sweet words, big promises and tailored 'ideas' that will come one after another until you start believing in them and spend your money supporting something that has no substance at all. If a lie is repeated long enough, it is bound to become believable.

Time spans are much quicker in-between new revolutionary ways of creating value. Between the beginning of the information age and the beginning of the crypto age, there are only 10-15 years in between.

What will come to light as the next big leap in the timeline of creating value that we outlined in this several articles?


What is your opinion on the matter? What could be the next big bang after the invention of Internet and Cryptocurrencies? How will all this change the world we live in? And the major question - what comes next?

Let us know what you think about it!

Thank you for following "Creating Value" series of articles. We hope you enjoyed them and learned a thing or two. If not, then we hope they at least remind you of something you already knew deep down and were good food for your thought.

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The revolution we are facing in the financial world is going to shake well the established systems. We are entering in the arena of Cryptocurrency like bullet train is running on its full speed.

ADSactly is leading from the front and its a platform where you can share a lot. The blockchain technology has made this possible for everyone to contribute as much he/she can contribute. The best thing is that everyone is winner and a stake holder. There isn't monopoly like the conventional system.

The next big thing might be free financial market with free peope to do what's best for them. They will no longer bear the shackles of established financial system thats in place today.

Thank you @adsactly for such an enlightened piece of writing.

Le grand finale!
Amazing, yet another time. And this time it was about the present and near future, and I must say that I'm glad that @adsactly is out there, on the first line, breaking the ice for others and trying to make online and real life much better.

It is time for us people to be brave enough and look ourselves in the mirror, find our skillsets and share it with communities. The perfect society for that is ADsactly and it gives me hope for better tomorrow. We must realize that cryptocurrency is changing our lives and it is giving value to our time, finally! After many years where people's time is not valued in the real-life system, here comes the crypto world to change that. If we don't embrace that, we will not use all advantages of crypto and who knows what can happen then. I hope we will be smart enough to start using crypto on daily basis in daily life.

Also, I wanted to congratulate @adsactly-witness for making it into top 50 witnesses on Steemit. You deserve it. With these posts about value, one can learn a lot. And I did.

Our world is changing and from the previous series we are convinced of this. Now we are at the beginning of a new digital age, a new digital revolution. The concept of currency is changing. Now the currencies become digital and truly reliable. Crypto currency and block chain technology somehow change our familiar world. They make positive changes and challenge the old financial system. We are at the beginning of this great way of developing the block chain and the crypto currency. But even now, at the very beginning, we see great prospects in this. Next will be even better. Thanks to this capability, the kryptoners can rally and create values. We create strong ties and make efforts to solve problems. This is a great service!

What will be further? Recently, the world is changing rapidly. Progress is greatly accelerated. I believe that this will continue. I hope to see a technological singularity (although there are people claiming that it has already come). The world of the future to get rid of "oil dependence". An era of development of alternative energy will come. Crypto-currencies and the block chain are integrated into our daily life. Everything goes to this!

Thanks for the food for the mind

Great conclusion to your series! Blockchain and cryptocurrency have a lot of potential value that they have yet to reach; albeit with a lot of mistakes and pitfalls along the way. Just like with innovation of things in general, some people will probably lose jobs but new jobs will get created (we don't have to wash clothes by hand anymore, or pay someone to do that, but now there are washing machine manufacturing/repair jobs, to use a random example)

This being a new frontier, it'll be interesting to see which cryptos stay and which ones fall, although naturally I like to think that the ones I picked would stick around much longer... But it's unfortunate and annoying that many purely consider this a get quick rich scheme, and say launch ICO's for unfinished coins that they don't intend to really push forward.

What comes next? Maybe greater adoption of crypto, first in specialized capacities like logistics tracking as it gradually becomes more mainstream, and maybe it'll upend say current systems of tracking medical records or taxes; but this is more about how the blockchain can revolutionize things as opposed to cryptocurrency, I think the distinction can be forgotten sometimes

I guess a passing concern of mine is if say quantum computing makes huge breakthroughs, such as if it can reliably and quickly break encryption, but that would overturn the whole concept of a secure Internet as we know it anyway, maybe some sort of cryptocurrency will be the solution anyway

What a powerful sharing! first time I come across this series, thanks a LOT for this as it is greatly needed, discussions that have the potential of enlightening a few, and a half!
Even monkeys understand when there's an injustice when it comes to the quality of sharing as well as the quantity of this sharing, if it is of the same thing. Any monkey will escalate from frustration to anger to violence if justice is not equitable.
Over the centuries, people with power, play us one against the other, either individually or in large groups, a.k.a. nations, to keep us from realizing their involvement into this stratagem. Thus, they keep control, wealth and anonymity.
The procession of enslavement is gaining terrain on many groups and individuals while many other groups and individuals are seeing through the veils of deception, lies and half-truth. The latter is waking up and exposing this reality to our world. Hopefully this number will keep increasing faster than the liberating individuals and groups freed and helping us freeing ourselves get eliminated!?!
We create value by the force of nature and, as long as what has been created is being stolen or degraded, the fight for justice will continue. The game of money is rigged to keep the great majority enslaved, it has changed over the years, got more complex and intricate, but the leitmotiv principles are still the same, sadly.

The Internet has changed the world a lot, like so much since it was invented. It keeps on evolving and has made the world even more reachable.It also made the everything moves in haste.
images (10).jpeg
Internet is one of the best discovery of all time, like discovering how to use electricity, metal machinery and lots.
Now, a new invention will surely impact the lives of all people and how we live. It is the "cryptocurrency".
images (11).jpeg
Why? The world is hungry of what we called "World Peace". It has been an all time issue in every country how gain world peace. They have developed laws and rules just to keep the peace inside their govern. And I guess the CRYPTOCurrency will surely play a big role in this issue.
Crimes is the reason why we can't attain world peace. And one reason crimes are present is due to MONEY. Tangible moneys has drawn a lot of ideas how to commit crime, that is why people has developed a lot of ways to make everything cashless. But one problem is, you don't have a full sight of where your money and what is your money doing. People complained that banks are using them to invest to somethings.
But with CRYPTOCURRENCY is different, just imagine a world with no crime, no hold-ups and roberry because your moneu is cashless and you can track every single transaction that you are doing. A full visibility of your financies and no banks are using them. Because it it decetralized blockchain there is no third party companies that is holding your money and have a full authority when to and where to use your financies.

That's all my thoughts @adsactly. That is how this Cryptocurrency will blast the world we will live in the future.

We made it up to TOP 50 and for sure we will keep on climbing up.


Great article @adsactly. It is good to know that many projects are using blockchain to grow. It is really great opportunity for developers.

Well done wonderful words
We should be grateful for what life offers us and do more
It is conviction that makes us happy..‏

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are powerful source to invest and gain profit. But there must be rules and laws for the sake of users and investors trust.

keep up the good work.

Industrialization was an important moment in the history of this world. It not only provided the countries the opportunity to progress through the middle age but also with means of communications weapons machinery industries and also promotion in agriculture.

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Kind Regards


i see where you're going with this and i agree until the part about "that's the way the human brain works."

I believe it's the way our brains have been conditioned

Really interesting .. well done on the article
The worst thing is corruption and moral decay that upset this balance
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

Over 90% of the population will see the present not as the "age#/time to live in, one of great opportunities. The governments will take over it and in Holland they already interfer. I do not know what the future will bring, I have doubts about the crypto currencies on long term. The only thing I cannbuy with it is weeds. I will not live at the time the big change will come.. if it does

Above all the invention of internet and digital currencies is a milestone achievement for humans but i believe that it is just the beginning and we are going to witness more change that will blow our mind

@adsactly , you are always on point, great initiative and positive thinking.

Why are you ignoring me ☹️

Although there are great projects, there is need for regulation so investors can feel secure, although scams have been around since always!
Money tree edit2.jpg

The popularity of crypto currency is increasing day by day. In the future, crypto will replace Physical currency.

your article really nice.there is a lot like educational.

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Creating value for the customer is increasingly seen as a key source of competitive advantage. However, despite the growing attention to this aspect of strategic development, there is considerable disagreement among managers and researchers about the essence of the concept of "value for the client", or consumer value. Companies often do not find it difficult to determine in detail what value they offer to particular client segments/micro-segments and how they offer to bring this value to the client.

Informative articale,Thanks for share.

The insurgency we are looking in the budgetary world will shake well the set up frameworks. We are entering in the field of Cryptocurrency like slug prepare is running on its full speed.

ADSactly is driving from the front and its a stage where you can share a ton. The blockchain innovation has made this feasible for everybody to contribute as much he/she can contribute. The best thing is that everybody is victor and a partner. There isn't imposing business model like the regular framework.

The following enormous thing may be free money related market with free peope to do what's best for them. They will never again bear the shackles of built up money related framework that is set up today.

And that is how bitcoin ang cryptocurrency is a big help for us.

Nice article.
Thanks for sharing.........

Another good one!...:)...

Over all the development of web and computerized monetary standards is a breakthrough accomplishment for people however I trust that it is only the start and we will witness more change that will blow our mind.@adsactly sir...

Good article.....

I believe that cryptocurrencies are very valuable. The internet cannot see enough of it because many more will come around it as time passes on

My opinion, of course can change the world
and if we can keep it @adsactly

Change has always been the other of the day in our world. And the truth is, people in power will always try to curb these changes. They like the status quo. Personally, when i first came in contact with Bitcoin (The most popular crptocurrency in the world right now), i had doubts. I didn't not understand the technology behind it. But right now, i am a big fan of it. Looking out for more information to help me rightly position myself for what is coming because looking back at history, i know it is definitely going to affect the way we live. To what extent? Honestly i can't tell but i know. Thanks