ADSactly on ADSACTLY - PART #33

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #33

Projects in ADSactly Society

ADSactly is a society consisting of various people, not a pyramidal organization with the centralized hierarchy of overall power. As mentioned before, we have centralized structures in place for various projects which are put in motion by the members who are subsequently heading them. No project is started by the society's administration as such, so there is no need to ask: "Will ADSactly hire me?" or "Will ADSactly fund my project?" or worst of all "Will ADSactly sell Steemit upvotes?". We simply do not do this, please do not bother to ask.

You are welcome to join the society, meet people, talk to people, make friends and after you've established fair relations with other ADSactly members, feel free to join projects when you are invited. Before that happens, you need to communicate your ideas, plans, intentions to other members of the society. Let us know what you can do well. After you've gained respect and trust and you have a clear vision of a project that you'd like to present, you are welcome to contact Overseers who will help you with advice or even personally participate in its realization. We all participate in all projects as free individuals responsible for our actions, not as a society.


A basic level of authority needed to run any project derives from meritocracy principles based on levels of participation and value brought to the table. In simple words: the person who starts a project or the person who funds it or the one with the most expertise on the subject, usually also leads a project and decides on onboarding other members who are willing to participate. The administration does not do this.

Society does not have a centralized source of income. What kind of decentralized society would we be if we did? We are not a communist organization. Our income is based on each member's free will to support the society if they so choose. This can be done by buying and holding society's tokens, for example. By doing so, one gains respect and his/her chance to be invited by members to participate in ongoing projects is likely to rise. We believe in people who believe in ADSactly. However, this is not the only way one can prove that his/her interest in the society is genuine.


You will receive ADSactly community units for showing up and taking part in our voice hangouts, for following our streemian trail, for helping out with promotions, for helping new members feel welcomed, showing them around and helping them get familiar with the society, for finding new projects that might catch interest of other members, for working on society's ongoing projects, and a variety of other tasks that help the society in general. Sometimes even for being generally a good person willing to help others.


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the blog series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Every honest individual with good intentions is invited to join and offer their skills, knowledge, energy, time or resources to various ongoing projects within ADSactly society. The channel is here: ADSactly and you are welcome.

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Well, I'm in! I am in the 'find your way around and make friends stage'.

I really like the ideas as expressed in this series, and also the practice that I see every day on the discord channel. I believe in adsactly, and the good news is, adsactly believes in me.

Thanks for another great article in the series.

ADSactly this is definitely the top community on Steemit. The main advantages are: every member of the community is constantly sharing the best information. Reading posts from ADSactly every time I find out for myself something new. Each member of the community is a person who has established himself and has a clear idea of ​​the project he represents. But the main thing is that his project is of benefit to everyone else.
ADSactly this is the guarantor of quality content, this is the place where people meet who want to think freely and are not afraid to express their ideas to other members of the community.
I hope that in the future I will be able to bring invaluable benefits to this community and become a full member.
Thank you

ADsactly project from what i have read involves everyone as far as one with vision, talent and awesome outcome. But in a case where one doesn't have a particular foresight of what he or she is good at, what happens to such a fellow because i understand the project is not something you just join. Please i want to be properly enlightened. Thank you so much

Adsactly the team is really great. As a community, Steemit is very successful. I am happy to follow and to read your writings. I joined the Discord group, but I have not been active yet. I can not understand everything exactly because my English is not very good. I try to understand slowly. It is even happier to be on the discord team if I have the actual staff. thanks adsactly team.@adsactly

You are all invited to the society's discord channel linked in the post, and I'll give you the link in case you want to hurry it up and join right now:

you'll find at there the "general chat" where you can meet people, speak about everything you want (don't post steemit link though :) and mingle with the society - you will get noticed, do not worry - there is almost always an overseer hanging around with the fellas in the chat, but don't do it in order to get attention - this is just fun so do it for the sake of enjoying yourselves :)

you'll also find all the info you need about the society in the "start here" channel, you an have a voice chat with other people from the society, and you can talk about various cryptos in the dedicated channels! you have dedicated area chats - for example chat for people from Asia.

Overall - the Discord channel is where things happen - come, it is fun and it's the best way to get to know the people, to participate in projects and just have fun with each other :)

Wow! :)

@adsactly is really a amazing team
I love your work

This is a really beautiful formation. I joined the discord group. But I was not actively involved with my exams and lessons. But soon I'll be nice. adsactly has the right value and is doing it nicely.

I was eager to see your new post

Thanks, need to start from one

interesting i wouldn't want to commit half heartedly so i will stay back and watch for a while
thanks, hopefully vote adsactly

very informative post and the application is very easy to use. thanks

Great works, I wish you success


I'm joining right away. Thanks.

I like your article and I have your folow if you have time to visit my bog because I am new member in steemit

thanks, hopefully

aceh timur ya


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Good information

That is so true! If you want to join, just come inside the discord server, meet the people, connect and present a project or volunteer for helping on a project. You have to be proactive!

interesting - i wouldn't want to commit half heartedly so i will stay back and watch for a while -- upvoted

I'm an ardent follower of @adsactly now i know i can join the community. Thanks for this.

When you vote me...?

Really really Good post and also informative.

I have some reading and thinking to do.

Like a PRO... ;)
Good job

match the brick by brick and then you'll get home :)

Am in for a genuine for interest..thank you for the awesome post...i love it ..and the picture quality is very clear

all people are friendly and they need help!

It is not a communist organization, but I hope you are not in an imperialist organization, and the people are winning the second pledge in popular gaining emparentalism

nice article nice job you are doing go ahead our votes will always for you thnks.

I'm interested in this project

Such a magnificent & very interesting information


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Good story' thanks for sharing

very project sounds very good


Nice post

Actually great become interesting, cool post,
I will update and participate, with this Blog. I have follow you, I hope you wanna follow back

muy buen post @adsactly y excelente proyecto saludos de tu amigo @juan24.

This is a really beautiful formation. I joined the discord group

You are incredible

This is great. Ever since i joined steemit i have been following @adsactly and giving my upvotes although its not powerful yet but i know in a short time it will. I love what you guys do and would really like to join as time permits.

This is a very nice concept I must say

Very good info friends, honest you make a very good content, can you visit my blog


Susab benar

Excellent your contribution I hope to continue learning a little more, I hope to count on you to raise my followers and my votes. Happy day thank you very much

Thanks very much for this post we steemians really appreciate like seriously we do we all should please help our self to grow in steemit we are all one let us not feel too big to help another brother or sister struggling thanks ones more everybody i love you all please check me out @starray1IMG_20180110_234451_133.jpg

It's interesting to read about such an amazing community that is ADSactly. Humanity really needs such forums to share their love, experience and expertise.

Well, I am in after reading the wonderful outline. Though I don't have much expertise to offer yet I will be happy to join this amazing community.

Great work very informative post

so goods

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I have Downloaded the App and I hope I will find it interesting.

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nice post, thank you

I love this community this is really helpful

That's really cool there exist such kind of communities for people. Good job, @adsactly and hopefully you will find the right ,entitled people who will join you in this adventures :D!