ADSactly on ADSACTLY - PART #31

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - part #31

Suggestions for blogging on Steemit

Many new people inquire as to where the secret hides to good blogging and subsequent success. It is not an easy task, being a blogger. Let's get that straight before we continue. Good blogging takes much effort and time. If you are not ready to dedicate yourself fully and immerse in this deep waters, maybe it is better to continue soiling Facebook pages with whatever. It is not the best of ideas to join for to copy/paste and regurgitate web materials in hope that someone will 'help out'. Well... This is very unlikely to happen. Steemit blogging is for the ones who decide to share their talents, skills, knowledge, time and add value to the platform to the best of their powers. If this doesn't suit your personality, keep in mind that blogging is not the only job needed in Steemit community - there is a vast array of opportunities in many ongoing projects who hire good people in many fields.



For the brave ones who seriously decided to blog, we've put together ADSactly Society blogging suggestions. These tips come from several bloggers and we are gladly sharing them with the community for the benefit of the platform. We all want and need Steemit to be populated, prosperous place for all included parties. Please note, the following are only suggestions. You are the one who decides.



  • Prepare dedicated time for steemit blogging.
  • Get a clear idea of what you want to blog about.
  • Post only original content.
  • Post only one post per day, when you start earning never post more than two posts per day.
  • It is not the best idea to upvote your comments, especially not at 100%.
  • Focus on good, meaningful commenting on other blogs, this will get you noticed. Be a good and helpful commentator.
  • Never post short, meaningless comments because it is a waste of time.
  • Never use commenting bots, people love to flag these. This practice will down your reputation.
  • Post exclusively your own images as much as possible.
  • Be personal in your texts.
  • Show value.
  • Make friends with other bloggers whose work you like, earn their trust and friendship.
  • Be persistent in following your direction, even if you're making nothing. Show dedication. It might take months before you start earning. Be prepared for this.
  • Never be toxic to other's content, this attitude proved to lead nowhere. Rather refrain yourself from commenting than be rude. Kindness and good will always lead the way.
  • Power up, as much as you can. Your road will be quicker and easier if you invest in STEEM POWER. If this is not an option, you must stick to your guns - talent, persistence, fortitude, skills, kindness, as well as all of your other qualities.
  • Before demanding upvotes, put yourself in whale's shoes. They are receiving 40-70 upvote pleads per day. Maybe they didn't invest millions of USD in STEEM because they like endlessly receiving links... :)
  • Unless you decide to power up and become a whale, know your place. This is whale's ocean, the rest of us, we just swim in it. :D


Blogging for Steemit is not going to be a cakewalk if you've never written a meaningful text before, don't know how to take pictures and have problems with grammar. However, all of this will improve over time, so be persistent! Not having an idea of what you want to blog about is usually the main obstacle of many. Think before you decide to post. Find what you really like.



Always remember that you'll never walk alone on Steemit! Others will always help you with advice and give you support if they can, and if they like what you do. We are all together in making each other's lives better. Mutual help is very important.

An extra suggestion is: Do not miss the next Steemfest. The last one was awesome. (@steemfest) We had a great time hanging out together and we believe that the next one will be even greater. One day, we will need a stadium to organize a Steemfest. @roelandp mark my words, buddy! :)


In the end, let us point out one of the most important facts. Steemit bloggers are essential for the platform. We are aware that the investments are the main reason behind all growth but good content is bringing people over and is a very important part of marketing and promotions. People without developing and crypto skills first notice the content and join, then slowly learn the rest. That is also another reason why Steemit is such a magical place where one never stops learning.

We've tried to put together a list of best Steemit bloggers but after three mins the list became far too long for publishing. We were also afraid not to miss out on someone. In the end, we decided to drop the idea. You guys know who you are! Thank you all for making Steemit such a wonderful place! :) Also, gratitude from all of us goes to @steemit crew for making all of this possible. Thank you, guys! :D

Authored by: @velimir


If you are interested in joining the ADSactly society, please read the series on ADSactly from the beginning. Have all of your questions answered in advance.

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Lovely blogging tips! Being consistent with quality posts is my key take away from this article. It is easy to give up when your post doesn't get enough attention especially after putting in a lot of hard work. Do not let it deter you,keep at it and someday soon you will be rewarded for your hard work.

Well said. Good one @adsactly. Everything we do on steemit is all about strategy, from the way you write your articles, to how you engage with the community. You definitely need to put in some effort to learn about the workings of the site. I so much believe in Steem and its future, and i am trying to get some level of steem power so that probably i will use it to getting interested followers by upvoting great contents and support others so that my content will also be beneficial to the platform. Get out there and power up that Steem! The magic powers of interest and supply-demand are waiting for you! I am powering up my little SBD's soon and you should cultivate that habit.

And your hard work will definitely reap you benefits one day. Because it's a reciprocal relationship - the community grows you grow and vice versa.
Learning from people who have been successful is never a bad thing, i have one that has been a motivation. Dimming your light in order to mimic someone else because of wanting to be as successful as them is a bad thing. Sometimes people forget how important it is to be themselves. Learning and taking from your surroundings to better yourself is awesome, but dont lose yourself while trying to find success.
All you'll do is lose the most important thing you've ever had
Be yourself, be happy and spread the love. The community is all about caring for each other, so don't worry if you don't see the love yet - it will come knocking on your door pretty soon. A good friend told me this. Thank you for all your support @adsactly

I'm new here ( I mean 2months) for now I just have fun here, but also follow and read articles like this and in futer I will become a good blogger for now please enjoy with my positive energy 😋 and don't judge me I'm who I'm 👌

You are welcome dear. Lovely pictures.

These are very encouraging formulas for success. I think everyone should read this. Thanks for compiling such meaningful advice. Steem on!

Your suggestion are really helpful, yes one need time to get settle in world of blogging but one thing i notice in steemit that people tends to forget their hard time and develops attitude when they get themselves a decent reputation.
In my view, new people need a constant encouragement and critiziation of their work to help them grow by seniors bloggers like u.
As a person (adsactly) has a reputation among followers that he tends to forget after contacting somebody.
For eg one of your follower replied me," Adsctly bad for starting a conversation then not replying back lol", i know its hard to respond everybody but still something need to be done in order to help others to grow yourself.

Sometimes @adsactly are so good that I bookmark them.

Indeed Mr Adsactly is a born leader. This is the best post I have ever read on steemit. Keep it up sir.

I concur. Excellent post!

Thank you! We are a society, not one person, so it is way better to contact us directly! :)

Yes, it is quite tedious to respond to all the messages. But I do believe the response come in as best as they could. I like that we don't only grow in how we write but also how we relate with others on the platform. We inevitably take the good habits to our environment and that changes everything around us. We would all grow with time. Good omen

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

[email protected] adsactly,for your recommendations, I like your approach rarely for the new ones, it is quite difficult to keep up, due to the dilemma of what theme is or what pleases the steemit community, because of the diversity of topics, as a professional I thought it would be easier, but really the few post that have stuck have been for me the simplest, I will follow your advice.
te dejo el link de algo que escribi que trata sobre este crecimiento para los nuevos, desearia tu opinion, esta en español,mi idioma.

Simplicity seems to work here. I think for the newbies like myself, the mistake we often make is trying to bore people with many details without knowing. I think it comes with trying to please the steemit community. It is the naivity that comes with joining a new community as this. Thanks for your comment.

@andreyyte, All start is uphill, but you must find the theme or art where you stand out and find regulars to your blog. I am new like you, but thanks to many collaborators little by little I have been growing. Happy day

This is encouraging. I also have found a group of collaborators and I hope to engage as time permits. Thanks a lot

good advice from a good blogger. I was already following you on your own page. I know your artistic works. It's great to tell you the secret of the heat here. I can make you say. No doubt I will be a good blogger if I can. thank you. Velimir for telling us the secret

My pleasure. I want this place to be full of awesome people!

@velimir... I want it to be so. I hope it happens early.

@velimir you as always give only valuable information.
Steemit is a small world (or the ocean - as someone like it), which daily become larger.
As in real life, you need to prove yourself. The main and first resource you invest here is your time. But this time needs to be maximally productive. By productivity I would point out here - persistence and work. And the work and work consist in the following: I chose the goal - do it! Do you want to be a blogger? Forward, but learn to make good content and the buzh is ready to do it all the time, because success does not come at once!
To prove yourself here, there is nothing better than communication, and communication is first of all commenting on other users. I believe that commenting (good long and correct comments) is able to give you the first followers.
Not everyone is ready to increase the strength of the voice, but I believe that part of your earnings should go specifically to increase the voice. Looking at the growth trend of STEEM, one can say with certainty is a good investment in the future.
This is my opinion the main rules here
Thank you for such an excellent and clever article. Now it is actual

Yes, you are correct! :) Unfortunately, as I told you once before, sometimes I don't have time to answer but I real all comments :)

you have an excellent memory. Every day you receive many comments from different users. But you remember what I wrote then and what you said to me. It's awesome :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

My friend Velimir is more than just a pretty motorcycle. A very nice post with good, concrete suggestions.

I have chosen to be a blogger here. I have done a bit of writing here and there, and I know where my passion lives. I have posted two per day for the last week, because I became involved in the Black and White challenge. I probably won't manage one per day, it takes a toll on me and I know what happens when I try to push that too hard. 4 or 5 posts per week ought to do for me. Getting rich isn't the object for me...

Thanks for a great post. It's nice to be current with the series so I can read the next one fresh. Thank You.

Trying to make this a great place! Wish there were more hours in a day. At least 40-50 hrs :D

I like the best part of this

That's sound advice :)
I can tell that the idea of steem, the people and the ADSactly movement is motivating me to keep on.
I am mainly a commenter right now - you might think it's not smart right? isn't the big money in posting, you might ask? well - the answer is yes, but.
But - I am not yet an experienced blogger - I have much to learn and it will be no good if I start flooding my friends and followers with low quality content. I also haven't got much time in my life right now so it will be irresponsible of me to try to create content that is good enough withing my time frame.
so what do I do? and what might you do if you face the same situation? READ! read the blogs of experienced and powerful steemians - learn from them what it takes to be a good blogger, practice yourself in the comments for now - and you might just get some friends when people read your comment and enjoy it :)
so don't rush people - this is a process of learning - it might take time but we are still early adopters and with time we will become better while still not missing the train.
thanks for the tips, I enjoyed seeing that picture you took, especially when I think about the special event it was taken at :)

Excellent thinking! :)

Good to know

Velimir this has been helpful. I am one of the newbies here and I have found the content of this post helpful. Knowing what works for one is crucial to harnessing the opportunities that one tends to be exposed to in places like this. Writing about my passion should not be a challenge. However, the right way to express this passion is usually the issue. One tends to find it hard in communicating one's passion to an audience one isn't familiar with. But all the same, this is a good platform to grow and that is one part of steemit I love the most. Thanks again

I do appreciate the upvote.

@adsactly Nothing in this world is easy but I do believe that persistence does pay off. When I started I was getting nothing as in nothing. In every post I always do my best and try to outdo the previous ones. Still nothing but I said to myself "doesn't matter I am enjoying what I am doing. I will keep on doing it and never stop". You are correct there is always someone out there to give you a hand. Slowly I got noticed and saw bits of earnings from time to time. Proves that persistence does pay off and for me passion drives my soul in every click of the camera and every stroke of the keyboard. This way we grow and slowly improving along the way. For me I still have a long way to go but one thing is for sure I will never stop. Thanks for the suggestions I will certainly keep those words close to my heart.

I just found this group and I love that a whale does this, I know this is the common effort of many people. I have to agree with you that persistence is the key, like everything in life, I hope we don't get swamped by Herbalife kind of people. Either you have it or you don't but you should never try to be someone you are not, and even less for the sake of money.
Also @adsasctly I couldn't agree more with your post after this one regarding resilience since that is what is needed together with persistence. I love this community and I hope to see it grow in a good and positive way. Cheers!

Morning. These instructions are read almost like the Bible. All that is written gives me some hope and confirmation that I am not really alone here, and that someone will always find me who will help me with advice. Some of the instructions that are published are already taken into account, others will be. Since I am a beginner, it's hard because there are many things to know, but I believe if I listen to my heart and advice from older users, then it will be a great and interesting experience for me.

Thanks to everyone who is trying and helping. Stefan from sLOVEnije

Our pleasure! :) Thank you for reading!

If at this rate our family increases than steemit will be the most valued cryptocurrency

There is a very famous quote of Dwayne Johnso

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

None in the entire world became successful without Hard work and consistency whatever the Field is. So, you are right and I second your opinion that Consistency always Pays Off.

You, elaborated the topic of Blogging in a very Mentoring Way and very logically you encouraged steemians about it. I do believe writing skill is a Very Natural Talent, one can't be a great writer just by copy/pasting.

Well, Thank so much for good pieces of advice @velimir :) Afew of these are quite new for me like,

Power up, as much as you can. Your road will be quicker and easier if you invest in STEEM POWER. If this is not an option, you must stick to your guns - talent, persistence, fortitude, skills, kindness, as well as all of your other qualities.

My Friend life is too short to worry about the things but yes it is really need of the hour to make our lives more Artistic and Beautiful through means of PEACE, COURAGE, WILL-POWER & FUN.

I am always a huge admirer of your sense of humor and you are Really blessed with this beautiful skill.

My Support and Prayers are always with you

Keep inspiring many others, Great Job Done :) :)

Steem On!

A list of good and precious suggestions.

@adsactly how often do they held steemfest? Is this on every country? I once had the opportunity to attend Youtube creator day and it was fun learning and meeting new people. Now that Youtube is getting harder, Steemit is the next best thing. And I anticipate Steemfest is also fun and more awesome!

Once per year! :)

Definitely one of the best posts i read since I'm on steemit. Those advices you gave us are really precious for a me. But believe me, I'm verry happy here on steemit and I will do my best! It's an awesome community! and an exceptional concept! Thank you once again, honestly! From Romania, Silvya (@missdeli)

You're welcome!

I am fairly new on Steemit, and I want to thank you for all these tips. I really liked it and it gives me new perspective to plan my content.
Especially the idea of ​​not despairing to win something with publications. In fact, I am enjoying the content that I generate.

Thank you again.

The key is to enjoy doing it! :)

Great tips! Blogging indeed takes many hours.

Any ideas when the next steemfest will be?

This year! Not announced yet!

I love this piece. I wish I there was a "save" button. I would have saved it for future reference.

Thanks @adsactly.
But @velimir why do you advise that we do not Upvote our comments. I just want to know the reason.

Well, it is debatable but the practice is generally frowned upon. We all have only so many votes for the day and they are better used on others rather than oneself. If your comment is good, other people should be upping it! You can freely upvote your own post if you don't post more than 2x per day, though! :)

I see. Thanks for the info

Can someone help me out I got attacked on this post

by @ grumpycat for using @boomerang I don't think this should be aloud what should I do? To me this seems like a dictatorship or monarchy rule

Hi there, please check my post about that
This will happen only if you vote posts older than 3.5 days, this is to avoid people upvoting posts with bots right before the payout time :-)

That is wrong my post was only 1 day old at the time I made the bid it was just for using that particular Bot. Grumpy cat is pretty much saying since that bot is willing to except bids from post older than 3.5 @grumpycat is just flagging every high bid that comes in even if its not trying to get everyone to not use that bot until they change the time limit. Its not fair my post was new and they did a huge -$13.23 flag downvote whatever its bulllshit!

I know then as I said in my post only use 3.5 or newer bots, anyhow people is losing money with the bots so I dont see the reason.

I just think the issue should be brought up with the bot account no those using it or at least just those that use it with older posts. I would have got a profitable upvote in comparison to the amount sent so there was no losing of money until @grumpycat came into the picture. All I am saying is if you don't agree with the over 3.5 days take it up with the bot owner not people just using it for bids on recent posts.

Really very useful for many people in doing the job in steemit thanks his explanation @adsactly

Thanks for share @adsactly

Yeah it was good

@adsactly Agreed, it's a long way to success. You need to put in hard work and devotion. Your efforts will get rewarded accordingly on Steemit. Patience is key, but so is persistence.

The steemit community will always reward one for their hard work! It's all about original content and building up the platform with respect.

I think I like your thought. You have been followed.

I like the best part of this

"...all of this will improve over time, so be persistent!"

I admit I was once not good in commenting, I even been flag by @velimir in one of my comments before and I feel so sorry about it. Hope that guy will forgive.

Anyways I learned so much from the system and I'm eager to learn more


I have always been against automatic vote, if you really build relationships with other users, it implies the reading of their materials and live comments on the subject.

But, I understand that it's hard to find free time for this (every day follow updates of friends and participate in discussions). And auto-vote in a sense is an opportunity to say Hello, to express respect for your relationship. Accordingly, if you withdrew from somebody list you have lost the interest of this person to you. So your actions in this case are absolutely correct.

Yep. I think it's really important to take the time to actually read the great content that can be found on Steemit. Building relationships with others is the key to long term success. Definitely not spamming people with upvote requests etc!

please give me some tips about my blog writing @adsactly because i know you are a good blogger

Wow, this post is very informative, whenever I talk to people about Steemit I try to make them understand a lot of hard work would be required but it's always so hard to say 'cause I don't know the right words to use, this was helpful. I personally learnt from this post and I would use it to educate people about the platform when I introduce it to them.


Nice post...

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Good to know

Good to know..

What great information! I like the idea of Steemit and I hope it makes behemoth social media sites run with their tails between their legs - or at least realize that creatives and content producers are tired of being used without compensation for for their creativity. Creativity is the key element to any endeavor.

This guy is nice man

yes i good

like your community job.i like it.also good!

If you want to pro, learn from the pro!
Thank you so much for doing this staff!
“If you are not ready to dedicate yourself fully and immerse in this deep waters, maybe it is better to continue soiling FACEWHAT?”

hehe is funny because since I got into steem I barely touch FB, as a crypto enthusiast is like I am among my kind, good reads, good trading advice, nice photos, what else do I need, ah yap monetization :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hahaha yes...I dropped FB years ago. completely useless thing. ;) exactly!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@adsactly Agreed, it's far to progress. You have to put in diligent work and dedication. Your endeavors will get remunerated appropriately on Steemit. Tolerance is critical, yet so is industriousness.

The steemit group will dependably remunerate one for their diligent work! It's about unique substance and working up the stage with deference.


I agree with the size is very right @adsactly

Why did the Seahawks throw the ball?

ADSactly on ADSACTLY peu nyan ile? Hana meuphom lon. Sang na padum-padum boh akun awak lua lon kalon lage nyo postingan. Ala hom lah. Cok ke awak kah ju.

Completely correct !!

Very good post for people looking to get better on the steemit community .any more good ones like this i will look out for .Cheers again

very good input to a post, continue to be a brightener for beginners, never bored to continue to share together, for the progress of this incredible social media, greetings @adsactly

This is a great article on how to actually blog effectively on steemit. Definitely going to use this as a base for forming some of my blogs, since im new to the platform.

This is the type of post I need here in Steemit and it's rare to find. Am glad I saw this post, because have been lost in Steemit trying to figure what to do day in, day out. At least with this post i can have a foundation. Thanks alot, waiting for the next post

its a helpful content

Thank you @adsactly for posting this, I've been thinking about getting into creating more content for #gaming. I original wanted to write game reviews but after seeing the number of reviews that are done on #gaming I don't think that would really add any value to the community. I'm now thinking about writing stand-alone article type posts reflecting/commenting of what is going on the games industry. You're suggestions in this article are very helpful to someone like myself who is debating whether or not they want to get into the Steemit blogging/content creator scene, so thank you again for posting this.

@adsactly I agree. For me, I think just getting posted is the first sentence, the sequel to the conversation? Is the hardest part for myself. After thinking about your suggestion, I think I might have to just get wet with it. For the point of it is getting others to see what your thoughts maybe. Can be intimidating . For me, the subject matter, doesn't have to be contridation. But a point of your own personal opinion. We are all grown here, and have our own thought process to learning. But your tips are very simple to get to the water, shall I say. Thanks again and really enjoy the blog.

@adsactly nice post very nice
i follow you

thank you very much for the post!!

Very informative. Coming from somebody that is new to blogging and the steemit scene this is very useful information that i will keep in mind with my future posts. Thank you and will be following for future suggestions and information. You are very knowledgable my good sir.

@adsactly We are not all talented for writing ..... I think that steem is a place to talk about your passions even if its a passion for stamp collections ! We are all special in our on way . I am quite new and Steemit can become very addictive , I am in that phase right now , till you understand the full mechanism of it !
It takes time and that is the whole point of steemit for me , unlike the other FB and all , you have to use your brain , read , search for infos ... This gives you the taste of challenge :)
We are so used too haveing everything mashed up for us now , its becoming ridiculous !
I am really happy to be part of this .


@adsactly very informative article.And it was really necessary to write such an article..Thank you @velimir

Thank for these great tips, i will be sure to use your methods

Thanks for sharing @adsactly

There's some nice information there, thanks!

It's funny how these newbies(I'm the one too) reply on post and they don't even read them. Post about makin' pizza and they be like 'Hey, I found this usefull for my crypto career'
Have a nice day :D

Awasome post!

Thanks for the important post..

Thanks for your thoughtful blog, your advice is well received. I am a newbie here and am looking very forward to posting, reading and commenting with the purpose of increasing the value of the community.

hello friend today I read your post today deliveries in your writings help gestures of great nutritional value for new members of the steemit community. which makes it wonderful to compare the knowledge so that it lasts over time. It is pleasant feciciatr to other people when they do a good job, apply in your case congratulations

Best regards

Adsactly group continues to work as usual...Thank you !! (Big Vote this post)

Congratulations @adsactly, this post is the second most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 41 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $4985.95. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

This a great post what i can learn how to use steemit cuz i'm new here. thanks

Life makes me work harder

Thanks alot sir for your advice, it was really helpful. Please I would love to know why it is advisable to not make more than 2 posts per day??? Thanks

thank you for sharing. @velimir & @adsactly


I really learnt a lot in this post today, i am a newbie its just one week i joined, i have been posting more than twice a day, this post should be like a tutorial for newest members joining steemit, explaining how it works.


Good work

Weldone adsactly. You know I settled down to read those suggestions and they sank real well. I have to work harder. You just moyivated me, and I love that fact. Thanks

It is very informative post for all of us.I learned many knowledge from this blog.
Thank you very much

I am translating the post to my own language and I am trying very hard to write a successful post.



A great helpful suggestion.

I like your posts , they are very useful . i am following you and upvoted some posts and resteemed them . thank you .


A very good post. Sadly, you'll likely see some of the issues you've highlighted in this post in the comment section. People often want to find a shortcut to success. Posting comments like "Good", "I've followed you", and "Please upvote me" etc don't add any value to the platform at all.

It's early days for me on Steemit, but I have been passionate about blogging for a few years now so feel right at home. I'm intending to reinvest all of my earnings back into SP, so hopefully I'll be in a decent place further down the line. Thanks for a good post.

@adsactly You mentioned upvoting your comments as not a good idea but what about upvoting your own blog?

HyLllLoOooooo Friend..
Let,s have a happy upvoting ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wonderfull. your concept is very nice.thanks for shareing...

Please follow me @sohailomi

I have to admit, I thought blogging was a walk in the park. I thought quality content would just flow out of my mind and into my computer but this post really got to me as I just recently got onboard.

Creating quality content takes time, talent and a lot of hardwork and there's no way around it. Thank you for this post, I'll focus on getting better and improving my material!

Very Nice

Wow I Love you guys!!!!! Crypto Riches!!!!

Definitely some good advice although I do see some very successful people on here doing quite a few posts in a day. I think the number of posts you make depends more on what type of content you're putting out and the demand for that content.

This advice came at the right time @adsactly. I have been thinking of what to do, to make my blog better! Thanks! Feeling energertic and ready for blogging!

Great post..


thanks for the advice

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