ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Creating Value (Part 2)

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY - Part #54

Creating Value - Part 2


Last time we wrote about the early beginnings of our quest for creating new values. Today we'll continue further. If you haven't read the first part, please find it here:

ADSactly - Creating value Part 1

The ones creating new value were too often plundered and attacked by the armies and marauders. Their decision to fortify their homes gave way to towns slowly growing into existence. The safety was in numbers. This is also one of the reasons why we all stick together in the crypto world by the way. The more of us believe in crypto, the harder it will be to stop the revolution we are a part of.

The growth of towns opened a new direction for creating new values. The ones who did not join armies, did not find enough incentive in plundering and stealing from others and did not feel like spending their lives working the land for the masters, started to create items for others. Craftsmanship was born. Items of daily use, decorative items, sometimes both combined, were made and sold to everyone.


For the first time in history, it was up to a person to invest more time into work if he wanted to make more value for himself. The first entrepreneurs were born. People who decided for themselves and did not need to steal from anyone, plunder lands or work the land for another. It was a great turn that defined the future to some extent. However...

Large groups of people living in the same place and feeling safe made them think beyond the borders of their city, county or kingdom. Explorers started to travel and discover far-away lands. It was a dangerous and demanding task to be an explorer. However, it yields the creation of value for the ones who financed the expeditions.


Exchange of ideas, skills, herbs, items, followed by massive scale plunders and genocides were byproducts of human curiosity and fear of unknown. The drive to see what lies behind the next mountain, next plain, next river or vast oceans always led to a demise of weaker and more naive group of a fellow human in order to amass value. Up to this very day, soldiers are still being sent to foreign lands to fight imperialistic wars under false pretences. At the same time, it seems aggressor's corporations are making vast profits based on the misery of other people. Creating value, right?


The need for transport of all the goods from distant lands bred another caste of entrepreneurs. Merchants of those days took long voyages, bought goods at the source, paid the lowest price possible and brought everything back home. Selling the rare goods amassed vast profits for them. In those days trading was dangerous and it took serious time, courage and resolution to travel far and come back alive, so the profits were understandably high and deservingly so. They were creating new value, even if they didn't produce the goods.

What about today's merchants? :D


To be continued...


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An excellent introduction that could be the beginning of an interesting historical film. In fact, these words are true. When there is something that can give people new hope and freedom - there are opponents to this. So it was throughout our entire history.

As we see now, the main world tendency is reduced to the restriction of human freedom. We impose some products or values ​​that we do not need on the business itself. But the main way to control people is money hanging around your neck. That is, the concept is simple - you work and spend money all your life. Exchange time - for money. But if you divide people into castes - that is, those who have that much money. But there are those who have very little money and these people have to work hard. Often, ordinary people have to work there where it is very dangerous and they do not live up to a well-deserved rest.

Some modern cities have become like anthills.
What about today's merchants? I do not think that they create value. Unfortunately, the situation is that traders are looking for easier ways and often they are not bothered by conscience. I know people who are traders. They act simply. They buy goods for $ 10 (for example) and sell it several times more expensive - for $ 30-40. That's the whole business :)

As for the technology of the block chain, it changes the rules of the game. Now people have more opportunities than before. This alignment definitely does not please monopolists and globalists. It is not economically profitable for them. But the more we are, the stronger we are ...

Great continuation ...

Nice story of our history. Will definitely stay tune to your upcoming post to feed my brain of wisdom. Great post

Same rules, same game, just more sophisticated, more deceiving. But humans are always in the quest for freedom and love is still a fact that keep us alive. We are becoming more creative and we are embracing new technologies that allow us to share instead of competing, that allow us to do the things we love to do and that makes us independent from a system that wants to keep us enslave. I would also say that we are changing the rules and the game. We are living very interesting times. This is a great blog, with great opinions of wise people. This moment and my life are enriched by all of you.

He who is willing to work hard and find some way to provide value is deserving of the rewards they earn. All too often there are large entities that seek to take advantage of the work of others or to even oppress the work of those who may provide alternatives or competition. Without those who seek to create where would we be. It is the entrepreneurs and visionaries that open our eyes to the world of possibilities in front of us. Providing value doesn't need to be creating or producing either. It can come in the form of providing services or assistance. Each person has a skill that they can share, you just have to figure out what your skill is and use it. Unfortunately, there are also those who have no interest in sharing or producing or contributing. It is easier to live off the work of others and seek out the easy way. As long as we are humans this will always be part of the nature of how things work.

Good stuff....:)...

Value is such an abstraction ;)
Thanks, and good luck with this series!

exelente felicidades

The heart of steemit is adsactly, thanks for the educative post.

Hola @adsactly
Interesante todo lo planteado por tí en esta serie.
¿Que hay de los mercaderes de hoy?
Sencillamente; crear la necesidad en el hombre de comprar cosas vanales y con obsolencias programadas para mantener cautivo el mercado. Apoderarse de los ahorros del ciudadano de a pie y crear o mantener grandes masas monetarias y aparecer en la Revista Forbes dentro del Ranking de los 100 o 500 más adinerados del mundo.
Te seguiré leyendo y dando mi humilde opinión.

this reminded me of the book "richest man in Babylon". the curiosity of the human mind is insatiable and thats whaat has led to the betterment of life today. after one victory, there is the birth of another fight. and the beauty of any town is in the numbers of those sticking together. thats the strength of it...unity.

Myles Monroe once said a pack of Sheep lead by a lion will defeat a pack of lions led by a sheep.

inotherwords, people in whom are the spirit of leadership are the agent of growth of any society.
they are the ones who dare to do what every other person fears.

The same problem, but they choose to see it differiently.

the difference between the poor and the rich is simple: the rich do constantly what the poor won't do. they create value.

awesome post.

"Explorers started to travel and discover far-away lands. It was a dangerous and demanding task to be an explorer. However, it yields the creation of value for the ones who financed the expeditions."
This was a good initiative that had developed in the minds of these people, however dangerous the task of exploration was, these people decided to look beyond the risk and work towards attaining valuable lives, this shows a spirit of commitment and remaining strong not only when the path is Crystal clear but also being strong when the path seems meandering,this is a good piece you shared.. Looking forward for the next post from you

"This is also one of the reasons why we all stay together in the crypto world in a way. The more we believe in crypto, the harder it is to stop the revolution where we belong."

the opinion above I like, we all have a way to reach it. success for the @adsactly team. I've chosen your witness

I have asked for many, many years... Who is it that owned the earth in the first place, that got to divvy it up and grant "titles" to the new owner?
I wholly believe in TRULY free markets and personal property rights, but land ownership is a very odd notion to me. The right to migrate freely in case of ice age or meteor impact may SEEM insignificant... until we have an ice age or a meteor impact - or whatever.

Most of the stuff i see on here is very overwhelming and confuses me. But i am trusting the process. It seems like you have to spend a whole lot of steem dollar or steem to make a valuable post. I have seem a girl in a bikini no words make 400.00 so to me that ia crap. Anyways thanks for all the info. I will be sure to look study more.


@shihabieee Actually, it is very important to live in our life, why not do anything if you do not breathe, I think that many of our obstacles can be obstructed, whatever, thank you

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Mutual creation of value always breeds progress in all aspects of life. It makes one relevant in every area.

Congratulations, excellent contribution friend, continue like this

Lovely! Waiting for the rest!

@adsactly very interesting to read.i want to be part of adsactly family. I never miss your blogs ever since I’m on this forum.


Had a chance to hangout with the good fellows of ADSactly last night in discord voice chat. You guys are the real deal when it comes to humanity :D Damn, looks like there's a backlog of posts in "ADSactly on ADSACTLY" to catch up with. Oh well, I'm still early per my gut feeling. :D Keep up the great work!

Interesting !

Quite creative and fresh. This is a great way of teaching history!

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

Hola amigo @adsactly, Values ​​is one of the most important things friend, and is usually formed is in each home, in each family, from there the starting point, this as to what the person should be, in terms of purchasing power is another thing, the big businessmen are those who have greater advantage in the investment.

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫


Thanks for the great work. I'll be following this series and reading the rest of them. You sure do know how to write, and this is coming from an English major, or rather, an English grad for the past five years or so.

Congratulations @adsactly!
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Congratulations @adsactly!
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Great stuff here. Good luck with the series

Not as simple as that, this is if as like undirectly you want to judge the technology. All it depend on our view, we have different assumption. So, technology give the best if we treat is as its best.. but i appreciate this post...Thank you..