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Facebook banned me in May 2015. Vietnamese staff emailed me saying that was an accident. I was probably teaching Lego Mark that month, still. I was teaching for free at the 23/9 park during my free time. I was living at Old Ink in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. New Avatar in Old Ink. Sometimes, on Facebook, I would suggest high tuition for my English classes which then led to hateful comments. After that, I would suggest free classes which followed with lovely comments of how beautiful and great I was. Ironically, I did this many times and people never called me out for it. Apparently, it seems like as if they didn't take the time to contrast the different posts of mine. I was trying to make a point. Actually, many points. I made some videos about learning English. YouTube banned those videos.

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2015-05-26 - Tuesday - Old Ink English - Whiteboard Avatar - JA 11148500_1592974584317626_3618770770895116831_n.jpg
2015-05-26 - Tuesday - Old Ink English - Whiteboard Avatar - JA

Some highlights from May of 2015, as follows:

Facebook Police

2015-04-30 - Thursday - 08:54 AM PST (all times in PST unless otherwise noted) - Facebook emailed to me concerning my Joeyarnoldvn profile: "Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. We require everyone to provide their authentic first and last names and birthday so you always know who you're connecting with. Your account is temporarily suspended because your profile doesn’t list your authentic name...." I tried responding to the email. They never replied. I tried to tell them that my name was Joey Arnold. I sent them a picture of my passport in order to prove my identity. I think people reported me, falsely, which activated this protocol. Eventually, things went back to normal on Facebook. But every once in a while, I would be thrown in Facebook Jail for 30 days every few months or so. In 2015, it appears that Vietnamese Facebook staff were email me, assuming that their names were Vietnamese names. I was living in Vietnam and I created my @JoeyArnoldVN account around 2014 in Vietnam. So, therefore, the Vietnamese Facebook staff would probably be the ones left to supervise me to make sure I don't say anything too bad about government, China, technocracy, globalism, etc.

Facebook Mistake

2015-05-01 - Friday - 07:16 AM - Facebook emailed me: "Hi Joey, It looks like your account was suspended by mistake. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. You should now be able to log in. If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let me know. Thanks, Kiet. Community Operations. Facebook." 08:34 AM - I responded: "Was my account reported?

I have 5,000 friends and over 6,000 followers. I am a teacher and some people do not like me.

I think people reported me because they do not like me because I do charity work in Vietnam.

People are jealous of me.

Facebook has a reporting system that weeds out spam and bad people, but it sometimes weeds out the good people too.

I know some web design and I admire FB founder Mark, and I know the people that work for FB have difficult jobs.

Thank you for fixing my FB.

I logged on today with no problems.

Joey Arnold."

Minimalism Girl

2015-05-01 - Friday - 11:47 PM - Trần Khánh Linh messaged me: "i live in vinh yen city."

Free English Group

2015-05-02 - Saturday - 03:30 PM - Facebook Post - Group: FREE ENGLISH TIẾNG ANH - 2 Likes - 0 Comments - 0 Shares

In Vietnam

2015-05-03 - Sunday - 03:05 AM - Thuy Tran messaged me on Facebook: "I am in Vietnam." She was my student in 2015. I probably met her on Facebook and then I would teach her at the bubble tea shop near the 23/9 Park. At one point, Annie Sabadia commented on my Facebook or messaged me. SHe is from Pakistan and was probably learning English.

Learn English

2015-05-04 - Monday - 02:47 AM - Thuyhang Dang messaged me: "Hello. I want to learn enghish , but lost the original i should start , he can help me? I should start."


2015-05-05 - Tuesday - 06:42 PM - Lan Lan Do messaged me: "Good morning."

Ten People Class

2015-05-06 - Wednesday - 04:02 AM - Nga Lê messaged me: "Are you a teacher english? How much for it? my group about 10pp will study if you get the good pride." I don't remember if I ever met her in real life. I don't know if I ever taught her group or not.


2015-05-07 - Thursday - 09:13 PM - Tmt Tran Tran messaged me: "good morning you! how do you do? long time no inbox for you."


2015-05-08 - Friday - 02:27 AM - Precious Tabares Silvias messaged me: "Its ok sir. Thanks I'm so flattered." Carol Mariee commented: "LOL."

Nice Day

2015-05-09 - Saturday - 04:06 PM - Hoa Mộc Lan messaged me: "Hi joey.have a nice day." 09:12 PM - Facebook Post - 4 Likes - 5 Comments - 0 Shares - Anh Phan posted in my Free English Group on Facebook: "BOOST: How did you motivate yourself to master your English? BOOST YOUR ENGLISH RIGHT AWAY OR REBOOT YOUR BRAIN."


2015-05-10 - Sunday - 02:53 PM - Facebook - 63 Likes - 24 Comments - 0 Shares - Minh Hằng (Thạch Thảo) replied: "If you live in district 1,you will go to 23/9 part regularly.a lot of students want to chat with you, so don't move another places farther."


2015-05-11 - Monday - 01:17 AM - Gracelle Misaki (Mao Inoue San) messaged me: "hi i want to speak english fluently .. would you help me improve it .. ??? what should i suppose to do ? im quite struggling in some vocabulary words .. i just keep on repeating those words thaT i know .. although i tried to study some new words i still cant remember it and use it in a sentence ..


2015-05-12 - Tuesday - 08:12 AM - Gemini Love 9 (Thái Nhung) messaged me: "How morphemes in English classified?"

Health Club

2015-05-13 - Wednesday - 12:27 AM - Facebook - My Facebook Group - 1,144 Members


2015-05-13 - Wednesday - 08:09 AM - Facebook - 78 Likes - 11 Comments - 6 Shares - A student complimented me today and it made me feel so good. It gave me added confidence which accelerates the efficiency of my skills
Once upon a time, back in around 2000, when I was 15 years old in America, I began writing Encouragement Article (EA) playing cards and stories (articles, papers, essays, small books) for friends, family, & fellow students around me, at church, and especially in high school
Selfishness diminishes as I age. This means that I am encouraging people more often as I get older. I enjoy making people smile and laugh. I like drawing pictures of people like a cartoonist. I like helping people discover their dreams for their lives. I counsel people in order to push them into practical steps towards tangible goals that can be attained sooner than later. I have many hobbies. I like to write, sing, dance, talk, play, work, teach, debate, listen, and love others as Christ does. I make videos and I live like a Joey, a baby kangaroo
This is who I am. My character emphasizes more on grace and less on justice. As I grow up, I try to leave my obsession on justice in order to focus and major more on grace, which is rather more innovative and creative than you can even imagine, possibly
However, I forget who I am a little bit sometimes and people remind me about who I am. That is what community is all about. We need each other because we lose ourselves and we forget who we are sometimes. We forget how special our skills, talents, gifts, and personalities are
Furthermore, we let others destroy us. We begin believing in the negative lies that people tell us. It is good listen to lies but it is not good to believe in those lies. Don't believe people when they call you ugly
You are beautiful and you can continue to increase in beauty, talent, skills, potential, abilities, charisma, love, grace, gifts, personality, integrity, patience, hope, transparency, independence, mojo, flexibility, soft skills, hospitality, care, vocals, speed, strength, courage, comedy, knowledge, wisdom, and humility

Facebook Groups

2015-05-13 - Wednesday - 10:57 AM - Free English

Banned YouTube Video

2015-05-13 - Wednesday - 07:13 PM - Learn English With Your Head - Facebook

Learn English

2015-05-14 - Thursday - 08:14 AM - Facebook - 84 Likes - 98 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "American English Speaking Classes With Joey Arnold: Fee: $400,000 VND/hour/student." Some people said that was expensive, that is $20 USD per hour, as a suggestion, which was an average price when compared with other classes, centers, teachers. I replied to some of those comments with, "Please leave." I said those exact words repeately. Some of the Vietnamese said that I must be joking. They probably are not familiar with how much classes can cost. Thom Trinh wrote: "Wow. It is expensive." Truong Bui wrote: "Joey has the right to offer a course with the tuition he wants. If people find it too expensive, they dont use his service. it's the law of market. We dont need to get into an arguement." Han Do wrote: "I'm your sister.i have no money.can you teach me free time.hjhj." I replied: "Find me and ask me." After that, I wrote: "My real students rarely comment on my Facebook. Instead, strangers come here to spam me with negativity." Utkarsh Kumar Singh wrote: "that's really rude of u joey.u might not be knowing someone sitting in a distant part of a country like india,where english is almost absent,is following u to get a better hold of this language and u r trying to shoo them away.i am just a 17 year old student trying to get a good grip over the language." Elhadji KingShark Mboup wrote: "hehehe!! With all money u will gather i think in one year u wouldnt need to seek a job. Lol." I replied: "Wrong... I am poor..." He responded: "everybody are... But am not sure that you will find guys who gonna online." I then said no. Then he said: "can we talke on message?" Mưa Vẫn Rơi replied: "It is too expensive for us to be with you. We want to practise speaking English on youtube instead." Quin Le replied: "Asshole." Mai Ka wrote: "sorry,don't spam me and my friends by saying u are native english teacher, i don't want to be impolite but must say that u use the : $700.000VnD/hour/student in a wrong way and i live in Hanoi, even when I'm in HcmCity,i will not join your class." Evan Hudson replied: "$20 is a fair wage for private lessons if you are an experienced teacher. If you are too poor to afford it, that's okay- join his free classes in D1, held daily." This was liked by people like Nhung Phạm - Hoa Luu - Kim Tuyen Nguyen - Huyen Nguyen - Nhật Vân

Free English

2015-05-14 - Thursday - 08:37 PM - Facebook - 44 Likes - 2 Comments - I wrote: "Free English Club With Joey Arnold at Công Viên 23 Tháng 9: 4 - 5 PM daily: mobile: 0168-478-5542." Thom Trinh wrote: "Wow it is everyday?" I replied: "Daily."

Friend Requests

2015-05-14 - Thursday - 09:06 PM - Blogspot - friend requests i sent 01

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Ngan Nguyen
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Lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Friends with Thư Lâm.

4 Tips In Learnign English

2015-05-15 - Friday - 01:27 AM - Facebook - 97 Likes - 15 Comments - 12 Shares - Liked by people like Tam Doan - Kumiko Konno Jfk - Ca Chua - Lê Nguyễn Ngọc Thanh - Nguyễn Thùy Trang - Mỹ Duyên - Anh Le

Free English

2015-05-16 - Saturday - 07:03 AM - Facebook - 213 Likes - 106 Comments - 0 Shares - I wrote: "i teach English for free. Fees are not required." Comments by people like Ngọc My - Alexa Mae Chiu - Liked by Na Na - MisSa Kendy - Duyên Phạm - Ngọc Hân - Huynh Nghi


2015-05-16 - Saturday - 11:50 PM - Blogspot - Facebook - Schools generally schedule teachers for 10 - 30 hours of classroom teaching a week: at least 90 minutes each day, normally: some teachers teach about 3 hours a day, normally at night: depends on the school. I came to Vietnam in 2012 with a 3 months tourist visa. In 2013, I extended that visa for 3 more months in Saigon. I didn't have to leave Vietnam. I extended my visa a 2nd time as well. After that, I went to Cambodia for a visa run one day in August 2013. I'm a freelance teacher in Q.1, TP.HCM. I went to Cambodia for only the 2nd time this year, 2015. In 2014, I extended my visa for the 5th or 6th time for about $210. Each time you extend the visa, it can cost more. It costs more with the travel agencies but it also saves time as well.

Advance English

2015-05-17 - Sunday - 01:27 AM - Facebook - 103 Likes - 35 Comments - 1 Share - I wrote: "I enjoy teaching Advance English Students more than the beginners. I customize my curriculum to fit the needs of the students of all ages/levels. I mostly teach conversations/pronunciations: Q.1, TP.HCM." This was liked by Uyên Trần - Lê Nguyễn Thảo Linh - Tien My - Lucia Tenorios Tenorios - Lany Savy - Mei Mi Nhon

Girl Power Group

2015-05-18 - Monday - 11:10 AM - Facebook - Group

Decision Making

2015-05-19 - Tuesday - 08:13 AM - Facebook - 49 Likes - 9 Comments - 2 Shares - I wrote: "Make decisions in your mind with your inner-child in mind: your decision making skills accelerates like music, like dance, as you build up the tension, the climax, as you get to know yourself: your ability to follow your heart enhances as your heart develops in purity, character, commitment, purpose, & drive." Liked by Cao Khánh Vy

Loving Vietnam

2015-05-19 - Tuesday - 10:49 AM - Facebook I wrote about how I loved Vietnam. Vietnamese women replied with thank you and love you. So, then I replied to some of them with things like: "Love you too" or "Love you more." Dương thúy Liễu commented with: "That's right." Got comments from people like Phuong Thao Phan

Heroes Get Scared

2015-05-19 - Tuesday - 07:19 PM - Facebook - 72 Likes - 62 Comments - 5 Shares - I wrote about heroes and about my life, my story, my character development. This was liked by Nguyễn Thị Thu Trang - Bửu Trân - Pia Mariane Espinosa - In the comments, I chat with Le Nguyen. We talked about many things. Shine Shine wrote: "Stop spamming my fb, I VERY HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!" Anh Phan left me many comments as well concerning learning English.


2015-05-20 - Wednesday - 08:11 AM - Facebook Comment - Le Nguyen replied to my Tuesday Heroes Post: "There are good leaders and bad leaders out there. All leaders like to think of themselves as good leaders, and all leaders are judged by people like you and me."


2015-05-21 - Thursday - 08:30 AM - Tuong Vi Phan messaged me: "Hi Teacher !My name Vi . I had studied with you to day."

Tôi yêu Việt Nam

2015-05-22 - Friday - 12:22 AM - Facebook - 241 Likes - 50 Comments - 0 Shares - I got comments from Nguyễn Huỳnh Dung - Trương Tuyền - Giang Thuỳ - Thu Hà Chương - Cẩm Tú Nguyễn - Nhung Nguyen - Eunice Andrea Joon - Dung Le - Trang Phan - Daisy Le - Phạm Dươngg - Thạch Thảo - Natasa Alkatara - Kim Sang - Nguyen Ngoc Quynh - Nguyễn Kim Ngân - Trang Hồ - Kim Pham - Tuong Vi - Anh Luyến Nelly -

English Price

2015-05-23 - Saturday - 08:02 AM - Facebook - 114 Likes - 68 Comments - I wrote: "Học tiếng Anh theo kiểu Mỹ với tôi, Joey Arnold: tôi là giáo viên tiếng Anh Mỹ tại Công Viên 23/9: học phí 100.000 VND/người/ngày." Comments from Hoàng Kiến Nam - Aihau Vo - Truong Duyen - Giang Nguyễn - Du Tran - Elist Hoang - Hoa Mai - Nguyen Ngoc Quynh

Tôi dạy tiếng Anh

2015-05-24 - Sunday - 11:36 AM - Facebook - 194 Likes - 62 Comments - 1 Share

Writers Are First Readers

2015-05-25 - Monday - 03:59 PM - Facebook - 65 Likes - 6 Comments - 3 Shares

New Avatar

2015-05-26 - Tuesday - 09:04 AM - Facebook Profile Picture Rerun - 136 Likes - 19 Comments - 1 Share

Locked Out

2015-05-27 - Wednesday - 02:04 PM - Blogspot - 2015-05-28 Thu 2 AM OI Q1 SG VN JSA: my Facebook profile account was frozen locked due to complaints and due to automatic spam protection protocols that Facebook has. I was sending promotional messages to groups, pages, & to accounts, as I normally do, but I was also sending multiple photo attached messages to some of the groups that featured spam from other users as well.

Now, I am sending my ID to a Facebook box and via my Gmail. I am also going to try to play the My Friend's Photos matching Game in order to regain access to my own account.

In the future, I may diminish my aggressiveness on Facebook. I am emotional and I have felt these things before. I don't want to promise but I am always transitioning into a better person in what i do in regards to these kinds of things. There is more to be said about all of these things. I want to help people. I am against bad kinds of spam but I believe that my kind of spam is good. Hey, it is a long story and it would take a long time to explain what I mean by this.

I am Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal Joseph Scott Arnold Rasp Morehead Cunningham Mitchell Hunter Pickett Pickell Williams Nguyen Hemmingway Hockings Vanderbyl born 1985-02-11 February Monday 6 AM PST Forest Grove, Oregon, Washington County, USA.

Video Games

2015-05-28 - Thursday - 01:10 PM - Facebook - 66 Likes - 48 Comments


2015-05-29 - Friday - 04:48 AM - Emily Nguyen messaged me: "we re at the park."


2015-05-30 - Saturday - 01:09 AM - Emily Nguyen messaged me: "ok joeyy.. my friends said that you're so friendly. they wanna talk to u moreand more."

JA Girls

2015-05-31 - Sunday - 10:16 PM - Facebook - Page - Album

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Mao Inoue San - 2015 Facebook Friend - 2015-05-11 - Monday - 01:17 AM - She messaged me on Facebook. She was learning English.

Mao Inoue San 2015 FB Friend.jpg

May of 2015

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Kim Tuyen Nguyen was my Facebook Friend in 2015

Kim Tuyen Nguyen - 2015 VN Friend 43469331_2488012857890499_5740258064943022080_n.jpg

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2015-05-22 - Friday - 12:22 AM - Kim Pham left me a comment. She was probably my Facebook friend in 2015. EDIT: I guess she only liked my post.

Kim Pham 2015-05 May FB Friend 51352819_10214557811323464_9156553950730649600_n.jpg


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