Constrained Writing Contest #24 + Winners of Constrained Writing Contest #23

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Most writing contests give you a writing prompt or at least a couple of words to work your idea around, which is why I decided to host a slightly different contest.

A constrained writing contest

Instead of being given an idea or a writing prompt, you are allowed to choose the topic completely by yourself. But, varying from week to week, you will face different challenges that limit your writing.

You will be required to omit certain words, use a specific word in every second sentence, use a given sentence unchanged, write a story with a certain amount of words... or a combination of all.

Winners of constrained writing contest #23

The winners of this week’s Constrained Writing Contest are:

svashta’s note: @spalatino usually excells at character development, but with this week's constraint, even a master such as himself found himself in a struggle. But fear not, for once again, @spalatino delivers! This week @spalatino came up with a blue human-eating giant who barely speaks, but @spalatino still managed to make him feel very real, despite the constraint - the writing and talking both. His story also carries a valuable lesson about the importance of standing up to our suppressors. Definitely a story well worthy a read!

svashta’s note: @metzli touched a topic often discussed, but rarely taken seriously enough - frauds. Not only do you receive (e)mails that promise to give you tonnes of money, you also receive (e)mails that require you to send a great sum of money, or else they "Insert scary reason like unplugging electricity here". A great story with a great message!
I found a slip-up (or two) in her story, but with the difficulty of the constraint, all is forgiven.

svashta’s note: In the story, @tiempoyesp speaks about a man who is bored to tears with his life, then suddenly witnesses a murder happen in front of his very eyes. With all the faulty accusations happening, the man must now step up and tell what he witnessed.
Like in @metzli's story, I found a slip-up (or two), but with the amount of effort still put in and the difficulty of the constraint, it is forgiven.

Honorable mentions:

Sadly, you have failed to even attempt and follow this week's constraint. The story in itself has potential - the idea is okay - but the execution is, even without following the constraint, clumsy at best.

  • @suzanrs with the entry A mother's guilt. I am so sorry I missed this awesome entry when I was reading them all... It's definitely a very touching story everybody should read! :D

Proof of payment:

With that out of the way, onto constrained writing contest #24!


This week @metzli contacted me and asked to come up with her own set of rules.

Here is what kind of a story she wants you to write for this week;

  • Write a story about a birthday party without using the words "happy", "older", or "year".
  • The story must be at least 250 words long and in English

And as for the usual mumbo jumbo, here's the rest of the rules just about every contest has:

  • Upvote this post
  • Post a link to your entry in the comments below
  • Include tag #constrainedwriting among your other tags
  • Should you wish to help raise awareness of the contest, please consider resteeming this post (it is by no means compulsory)


I will pay out this post's payout in full, both SBD and STEEM!

  • 1st place: 45% of post's payout
  • 2nd place: 27% of post's payout
  • 3rd place 18 % of post's payout
  • Judge takes 5 % for his/her efforts
  • I will take 5 % for hosting, writing and editing the contest

*Note: In case I receive any donations for the contest, the payout percentages apply to the donation itself as well.


This week I am the judge of the Constrained Writing Contest I am responsible for picking the winners on my own discretion, but I promise to try my best and be as objective as possible.

What's that I hear? You wish to be a judge too? Well look no further!
To apply for a judge and make up your own rules, simply send @svashta a hearty hello on, or Discord (Svashta#5207).

*Disclaimer: I will only allow fellow writers as judges to keep the competition high quality.


  • Entries are accepted until this post's payout
  • Your entry post must be newer than this post

Good luck!


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super sam meni ne gre pisanje v anglescini ;)

Nikoli prepozno za probat in izboljšat ;P

@Svashta here's this week's.
It's here --->
follow this link.
haha - sorry, had to tease.
Hope you find it fun reading.
I have no idea where these ideas come from but it's such fun sharing them.
In case you miss it ;)

I hope I'll notice the three links when I scout through to give the entries a read :P
I'll go upvote it now just in case. :P

Thanks for joining :)

I’ve read, commented and upvoted your entry.

Thank you. I love this contest ;)

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Here I bring you the story of alex a boy who thought they had forgotten their day until the night arrived I hope they like it is very funny
a boy called alex but in realia was called alexis was in his day and his father and he go make a fist ahpressed ah alex he did not know anything he thought that everyone had forgotten his birthday alex was very sad xq nobody said anything alex came out towards school and none of his classmates were close to him
Alex was very lonely and felt very sad the class was over and alex desanimous is going to his house his mom did not let him pass so in xq alex is iva ah give an account of the party solpresa that he was doing alex very angry shouts ah his mom and she sent him to where his grandmother alex shouts at him that he does not want them to forget his day and they took him to where his grandmother
Alex was very happy because he thought that his grandmother was the only one who remembered that today was his day. Alex begins to tell him his grandmother that everyone had forgotten that today was his day. Alex was sad and happy at the time because he had a great time with her grandmother the time passed and it was time to take her to Alex to her house Alex told her grandmother that he wanted to stay with her the grandmother told him Alex you have to go home with your mom and dad Alex told him that it was fine when they were arriving they were all the lights off alex says let's go that they are asleep the grandmother tells him go let's go in when they open the door Alex takes a big surprise
Alex is in cho because he thought that nobody remembered his day Alex goes crazy and starts screaming all over the house happy because Alex thought nobody remembered his day Alex starts hugging all his friends and friends that his mother had invited Alex hugs her mom and says he loves her that day for alex at first was fatal after he took the surprise that was making his mom that was the best day for alex the juice with all his friends and friends alex was very very happy he had eaten cake, he played blind hen, hit his tail ah, bull and many games more Alex was already exhausted in so much game that Alex had realized that this was his worst day until the time of surprise arrived alex poses very good and happy

Hi! :D

There's plenty of grammar mistakes in your story, and also the use of the word "Happy", which is prohibited this week. I didn't read the story in full yet, but will do soon.

Thank you for your entry!

Grandma's are the best. You used the word happy :(

That disqualifies you...

Thanks for trying though - did you use a translator?

Read, commented and upvoted :)

Thank you :)

Congratulations to all winners, now onto new constrained challenges :)

Can't wait to read your next entry! :D

I look forward to reading your entries this week :)

I like the prompt. Interesting possibilities.

  ·  last year (edited)

Could be a "??????" birthday party. :P

edit: The word got filtered. I'm sorry.

No leading @svashta!


Snap! You're right! :O Editing it out! :P

Hullo! :D Here is my entry for this week's -

I'm sorry I didn't manage to enter last week's... I had gotten half the story down and absolutely hated it; I just couldn't continue. :(

Hellowdy Howdy to you too! :D

Thank you very much for your entry! :D

Not a problem! I know what you mean! I have a couple (~5) stories written already... But I just don't like the story that much and so don't get around to editing them... Ah well. Someday. :p

Read, commented and upvoted.

Thank you for joining :)

Thank you @svashta for another good week.
Congrats to winners.
Sadness for me: only one comment and no mention this week. My worst week yet. Humfff. I will do better. The rest of you - very good stories.

  ·  last year (edited)


I did! :O

Editing the post for an honorable mention and sending you 1 STEEM as compensation.
Hope you find the compensation fair enough.

I am terribly sorry.

Going to read it now!

Thank you very much for your entry! :D I'm a little tight on schedule today, but will give it a read asap! :D

Thanks again for participating! :D

Read, commented and upvoted :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Joining for the second time, I see. Awesome! :D So very happy to have you on board! :D

I'm a little tight on time today, so I'll most likely come back to your story tomorrow!

Thank you very much for your entry! :D

Yap...just like's challenging but brings out my thinking cells..

Read commented and upvoted.

Helo @svashta, i have followed the rules, am also following you now.

This is the link to my POST

Awesome! :D So very happy to have you join! :D

I'll give it a read tomorrow, because I'm tight on schedule today. Hope that's okay! :D

Thank you for your entry! :D

Yes very okay!

Visited commented and upvoted :)

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Thank you, I hope to do better next time

I am eagerly awaiting your next entry! ;D

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happy day ¡ here my participation

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