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What would you rather support?


The other day someone asked why crypto has value? The only real answer is that it is because we believe it does. Apart from that, one will hardly be able to attach a value to almost anything. Then he said that nothing stands behind Bitcoin - no governments, no institutions, just a few guys running serious mining operations. True that.

But believe it or not, this is exactly where the crypto power lies together with its value. The decentralized system providing the same circumstances for all could benefit our societies far more than money printing machines controlled by rulers of the world.

Well, that said, we might argue what is backing up USD, for example? In the financial world, nothing really. It is as much illusion as Bitcoin is and its value is based on perceptions propagated by the ones who benefit the most.


However, in the real world of politics, trades and guns, only a fool cannot see that USD is strongly backed up by US Army. It is what embodies its value. US Army protects USD on every battlefield where they go. Same goes for other fiat currencies and other armies.


Now, you need to ask yourself only one question.

Do I want to support that, or I'd rather support decentralized cryptocurrencies?

Guess each one of us might find the right answer somewhere deep down when the veils of greed, egotism and self-centeredness are removed.

Or not? You tell us!

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I think that traditional Fiat currencies will have no real value in space. As they are grounded with principles and agreements that were established on - earth.

Whereas, with Cryptocurrencies, the sky is not even the limit - space just might be though. I mean, think about it - if you’re in space, how much more frictionless can you get with being able to just send “coins/tokens” or ‘Credits’ as they might be considered from other popular films made in the recent years. I truly believe that Crypto Currency in the long-term will be the future of money, but like any major shift that will disrupt our way of life mass consumer adoption BUT ALSO education will be imperative.

Because people fear things they don’t know about, or are uncertain of - they may resist this change for a while, however just as smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives, cryptocurrencies will someday become part of our everyday lives as well. That is, unless you can envision an alternative where people who are doing business in space are trying to do a Bank transfer via ACH or Wire. It’s not going to be as likely, whereas with the many benefits Crypto provides - it’s far more likely.

The only real answer is that it is because we believe it does.

You are right! But you can say the same about anything. Convenience plays a big role when it comes to value. As an example when I send fiat electronically from US to my family in Europe, it takes three days and minimum $45.00 fee. With bitcoin and other cryptocurency it can’t happen. That’s what I call life being much easier and much convenient. As long as something makes people’s life simplier and easier, they find some kind of value in it. Most people don’t understand what crypto and blockchain technology is. Once they realize how convenient it is, they will find a great value in it. Sometimes it takes time for this to happen. There will be a time when crypto and blockchain technology will be part of everyone’s life. It will eventually be necessity to anyone. Crypto’s bear market needs to come to an end and start steady and slow uptrend. Most people are scared of this kind of volatility.

US Army protects USD on every battlefield where they go. Same goes for other fiat currencies and other armies.

That’s a great point. For example petrodollar. Every time petrodollar was threatened by other countries, US found a way to destroy this specific country’s step to backoff from petrodollar. Perfect example is Iraq and Lybia. Not that I’m not happy about these dictators being removed, but I believe US had completely diferent reasons to go to war against these countries. Today with Russia, China and other countries backing slowly off from petrodollar, I’m afraid nothing good is being planed for the near future. In my opinion it’s only matter of time when US finds a reason to go to war.

as a blockchain-based activity then cryptocurrency will better guarantee freedom in activity in various fields. however, we also know that life in each country has a different policy so that somewhere may get support from the government like in china and maybe elsewhere. However, in many countries the government still lacks support for crypto survival. this would not want to have an impact on the activities of cryptocurrency itself.
Personally, I support decentralization-based activities because there are no traces deleted while trying to remove traces. this will be a good record it's a good thing profit or loss or other transaction. This will keep us all from data manipulation and all transactions.
Another challenge is that there are still some people who think badly about Internet-based activities as a result of the many cases of scamming and phishing so that excessive worries push people too cautious until it will be slow in determining its steps in the world of cryptocurency.
on the other hand governments that are less supportive of cryptocurency will certainly feel the presence of this digital transaction to be a new threat to their control of the economy

warm regard from indonesia

The only real value in this world is life and we as humans have the most of it. Anything that we choose to grant value to will have value. Be it Gold, silver, coins or fiat.

If humans were to decide one day that gold holds no meaning for them, then even gold (the mightiest standard of money) will fall down too. We have given power to our governments which in turn allows them to create and protect fiat as the 'money' of the world.

Today it is illegal to use gold as a legal tender for payments. It happened almost a century ago and make no mistake, any form of money that the government cannot control, it will see it as its enemy.

Crypto is a borderless form of money (not completely unlike gold) and its value too comes from the the fact that you and I choose to grant it that value. It holds a hint of threat to the establishment and it empowers those who are willing to adopt it. This is a worrisome fact for all the governments and militaries of the world.

This is a new form of revolution. A silent non violent revolution which allows people to take back the power that belongs to them. Crypto can surely make us rich but it cannot be the reason that we should adopt it for. Crypto is basically a history in the making, and it would serve us well if we choose to be a part of this history for the right reasons.

no one can come against bitcoin no government no institution can be responsible for this cryptocurrency and all is in our hand satoshi has created a great concept but people mind are getting diverted by this and they are coming for the purpose of earning but the real purpose of bitcoin is to do payment and make world digital but due to other lots of altcoins the value is down @adsactly

ADSCTLY ADSactly - I support, because, we all know that there is no control over bitcoin, no government has any country, it is a decentralize resource, it will never decrease, it will ever increase, but we think, It is one day that Pura will be able to establish a kingdom like the world, and the money that is being used in our country, it will be reduced by using bitcoin er jonno money a day,@adsactly what do you think, vote me, comment's me


I liked it today, today specially I am very happy,,, for the first time @adsactly upvote me, thank you so much, sir, I have every upvote, comments, comments, at your post, you keep an eye on me

Sentiments are not bad thing but only sentiments cannot provide us the desirable things. Every crypto enthusiastic would like fiat to disappear and cryptos to rule but is it so easy? Let us examine it.
In old times every country had money in the form of gold or silver coins but now the global economy primarily relies on the US Dollar. As US dollar is the reserve currency of the global economy, it makes its impression on every economic and political affair of the world. World’s dependency on USD has resulted in economic upheavals time and again. Don’t forget recent economic crisis of 2008 which affected many parts of the world owing to the US financial market crisis.
As US dollar makes the US the world super power, the US always tries to maintain its status. The US can take any step to maintain dollar’s global reserve currency status even if it may result in wars and atrocities in many parts of the world. Will the US allow this system to be disrupted?
Banks earn through interest earned on loan and fund transfer fee. Will they allow cryptos to ruin their business?
Every government controls people as it controls the money which is the prime driving force behind human activities. Would government allow cryptos to lose their control on masses?
Answer should be no. Fiats are backed by governments and people trust governments more than anything. So, the path of success for cryptos is not easy at all. Cryptos have potential but first they have to overcome their own shortcomings. I will write a post on this matter in this week in which I’ll try to clear the matter.

Its a consumers or users advantage in using cryptocurrencies but this is a big disadvantage for the government that is why they pushed us to use fiat currency than decentralized crypto so that they can totally control the mode of exchange in the land.

China is a great example of using digital currency. When it comes to digital world doesn't make any difference either it is USD or BTC. But when it comes to centralization or decentralization it matters alot as this is what makes Fiat and Crypto, The Rivals.

@adsactly ..There are really some people who started the business of bitcoin and today there are people who are making profits from it.

Saya dukung dan sependapat dengan adsactly

I Support, & agree with you...

If I could truly give up fiat and solely rely on crypto I would do it in a heart beat. I think part of the problem for businesses small and medium is they do not understand enough about crypto to be able to deal in crypto, it would be amazing to see a huge shift happen.

Very easy decision for me.. It's cryptocurrency all the way.
Very informative post my friend.

Como siempre traes a la mesa de discusión temas interesantes ademas que a partir de una pregunta nos permites expresar nuestra opinión al respecto.
Yo prefiero apoyar el surgimiento de un sistema financiero alternativo debido, me parece que las personas en el mundo deben tener la libertad para apoyar estas nuevas iniciativas financieras sin embargo vemos con incredulidad que el país de la libertad es el que esta poniendo los mayores obstáculos para intentar frenar estas nuevas iniciativas.

yo por mi parte apoyo el surgimiento de criptomonedas descentralizadas.