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Value Of Time - Part 4


Believe it or not, there are other ways of making money, apart from exchanging your time for your salary. The one exchanging his/her time for salary is at the lowest level of money earning system. If you work for someone else, that person makes money from your work and only pays some of it back for your time. The amount of value a worker produces for the company owner is often more than tenfold.


In case you want to step up a ladder and earn more, you need to become a specialist. Someone who can do a job which not many people know how or can do successfully. In this group, we have people who charge for their services and do not work for a fixed salary. They are still selling their time but not for a fixed salary.

If we all set our minds on earning this way and refuse to 'be employed' would they be able to pay a little for our time? However, we are not all capable of being specialists. Believe it or not, in reality, a specialist has even less time than the employed person because usually he/she works overtime to make more money and fill orders from all clients on time. Both of these groups are workers and sell their time for material gains. However, the position of specialist is way more rewarding.

The next group is people who own companies or enterprises, employ others and pay for specialized services in order to make money on efforts from both groups. A company owner is the first level. He/She doesn't need to do the actual work because others do the work instead. When we look at this from the time perspective, we notice that this person pays for other people's time in order to free his own. Is it fair? It is, and it isn't at the same time. We all have a free will to refuse a deal we don't consider fair. You be the judge.

A level above are the investors. They invest in companies and usually reap a lavish percentage of revenues made by a company. They use their money to make more money. So, for them 'money makes money' is a reality. This is how wealth is built, not by daily struggle. People who work for a salary can never get rich. It is how the system is deliberately set.

In the end, we should mention that both company owners and investors, even they don't do the actual work, spent giant portions of their time on negotiations, agreements, legal issues etc. That fact leads us to a conclusion that there is no exception for anyone in the end. Time is spent every minute regardless of what one does. The difference is that some make absurd amounts of money that'll never have time to spend while some fight for a bare survival.

However, some decide when they want to take time off and enjoy their free time. Most don't.

Let us know what you think about it.

To be continued...

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I've been waiting for this article for 3 days. This series has become one of my favorites.

The fact is that as I said before, we are slaves of society.... And by that I meant what you just mentioned in this article.

Most people in the world are workers, who sell their time to big business for a monthly salary. This seems unfair, but it is not. Since that great businessman had to start his career from the bottom up.... Like most of the rich people in the world. And he's ever had to work for someone else.

It is already up to each person to decide whether to sell his or her time as an employee for the rest of his or her life, or to use this as a springboard to get an education and become a professional, start a business project and/or become an investor.

I have listened to my parents all my life and they say that you always have to work hard. But I don't agree with them. The key to getting rich is to think.... Working smart is what will create wealth for you. For if hard work would make you rich, all the builders would be rich.

I personally want to be an entrepreneur and investor.... In fact, I am already an investor. I'm a trader in the cryptocurrency market. I've never liked working for others, so I've found a way to be my own boss.

I won't be long anymore hahaha. Thanks for the article @adsactly!! I look forward to the next article. Greetings!

I was working full time jobs before this year, when I decided it is probably enough. I had really bad bosses that are solid Ego maniacs and didn't want to listen to suggestions that will help them a lot. They just wanted to do what the big boss tells them so they can earn their big salary. The last job I did, they fired me for no reason after they told me I will work the whol year. I was so mad that I decided not to work for these crazy bosses and in this crazy system again. Too much time I wasted for someone that is doesn't care about me or his/hers other workers.

I had a 7hour job and it was tough to be shaped that way. I like freedom and my brain can hardly accept the fact of borders and rules, if they're not moral and some other life rules :) So, I decided to join Steemit and see if I can do something here. And just as it is said here, I'm currently at the end of my poetry project and I'm currently working on a new one thst wilk be shared on steemit and that will specialize me more. So it's kinda that I'm moving up the ladder haha?

Thanks a lot for these posts @adsactly. They are really educating and it is helping me a lot, like I believe they are helping others also! Great job!

I cherish my time right now. That is how I concluded to remove all the stuff that is not helping my success. Such a game and social media Facebook. I notice it was eating my time a lot and really not helping. I am glad I had no facebook for almost 4 months and no signs of getting back there. I am glad that I am addicted to productive type of thing rather wasting our time.

In one day, in any parts of the world we had $86,400 each and after a day we will lose it no matter what we do to it. It's a time of a day, because in 1 day we had 86,400 seconds and we need to choose where to spend it wisely. Great reminder @adsactly

Was lucky enough to swing by your open voice chat yesterday you guys held in Discord....And this topic came up! Time and how we use it...Here's my thoughts :)

1440 minutes....

That's what we get everyday if we are lucky. It's the greatest resource we have and it's an asset that we never get back.

You can CHOOSE to work hourly. Or you can choose to invest your time into something that has a huge future and big potential!

I love what you say here about how investors get their money to 'make' money....Huge nugget! This is the ultimate goal I think of every entrepreneur...

The challenge I think, is always to pick the right allocation of time! Master that, and the sky's the limit :)

Awesome post and one that all Steemians / entrepreneurs should read!

The possibilities are limitless or rather limited only by your own thought process. Many people in the world don't really like what they are doing to earn their daily bread. Deep inside their hearts they want to quit it and start with something they love or always dreamed of. What stops them is the financial security aspect.

So, if there is some such hidden wish inside you then secondary source of income can be conceived from that wish of yours. You can get into share market and start investing. Markets are not your cup of tea, then how about pursuing the artistic side. If you love photography, try getting some proficiency in it and start a side biz covering your friend's wedding or selling your snaps. Painting, writing, reviewing for restaurants or movies are also viable options. How about home schooling service to children or even tuition on weekends? You can even start catering services. Learn yoga or aerobics and start your own morning classes. That way you stay fit and earn money too.

The fact that we cannot stop time or slow it or anyhow control it, is enough of a good reason to conclude that time is the valuable thing we have. Even now, while I am writing this comment, I invest my time in activities that can or cannot help me or others in the future.
My well spent time is time I offer for helping others, for doing activities that can help the community im in. What I want to say, I love to spend my time helping others however I can. Sometimes I wonder if others can also do that, at least a bit more, just to see how will world look like then. Just to see :) I'm really pleased to be a part of ADSactly society that really remind me my timd is really and how I need to manage it better and create somd value not just for myself but for the others also. Thanks @adsactly for great lessons. I enjoy reading them and thinking about them. Much love!


Help others, brilliant. It doesn't take too much in contrary to what most say it'd be. Infinite approach to solve many problems. Dad reminds me of that.

Wow!!!!!!! @adsactly You have so much reason, the logical thing is that time is something that we do not see literally, unless we keep fixing the clock, even so we would be letting it go by without doing something useful. Time is one of the few important things that we have left. For great things a long time is required. Do not invest all your time in one effort, because everything requires your time. I wish your success. Keep it up dear.

It hurts a little to hear the truth sometimes, but that doesn't mean it's less true - in this case, your statement that the lowest level of payment is being a salaried employee, and that we're also mostly there at the company to bring them more money than it costs to hire us. As you say, it's how the system is set up.

That said, salaried employees probably don't have to spend as much time as say specialists on the details of getting paid that aren't necessarily directly related to actual work. Specialists get more money for their time but at the same time must also spend more time getting that money, or so my impression goes.

The ultimate dream scenario (as far as money goes) is to be an investor, where money makes money. You're too right in that hard work by itself has diminishing returns, have to work hard in the areas that have the most returns. I've heard that investors have crazy schedules and have high pressure jobs, but they also have insane bonuses while having questionable value to society at times...

I thought about mentioning that it would be valuable for schools to teach this as well, but then I realized - wait, schools are part of the system! They want to continue the status quo, encourage that most people join the ranks of the salaried! I don't necessarily mean to demean the schools, in many cases a salaried position is most appropriate (for example, it scales much more or maybe I've also been brainwashed into thinking that) but I guess a level of independent learning on top of going to school is needed to realize the things you mention.

If you work for someone else, that person makes money from your work and only pays some of it back for your time.

Very well written! It’s like you are investing your time to this company and eventually you get a fixed share as a reward. It’s just like investing your money. Instead of your time money works for you. Being specialist, or being employed has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Specialist could be a great and very profitable business, but at the same time you have a great responsibility. When something goes wrong, you are the first one to be looked at. Just like you mentioned, not everyone can do it. When I was an employee, I worked 8am-3pm and didn’t have to worry about anything once 3pm hit. When I opened my own business, I left for work at 6am until 5pm and still having to take care of paperwork not motioning weekends working on estimates. Now, I’m still owning my small business, but I’m not that crazy working guy anymore. Family and being healthy became my priority. Your life has to be balanced. At the end, you can’t become a slave of your own business. We shouldn’t live to work, we should work to live and enjoy life as much as possible. I live in NY and people often forget to live their lives, instead they concentrate on their carriers.

The first sentence in this message is true! Exchange of time for money is the most inefficient and low-paid way of earning. People change their time and get money for it. But have you ever wondered how much time really costs your time? The employer picks up most of the money, but gives us only a small part. Although there is an exclusion, but this is rare. I remembered an anecdote that makes sense ...

Once the worker saw the car of his boss. The boss had a very beautiful and new car. The employee wanted the same. Seeing that the employee is looking at the machine the chief approached him and asked:
"Do you like my car?" asked the boss
"Yes, I like it very much," answered the worker.
"Then work hard and work even harder and then in a year I'll buy myself a better car," answered the chief.

The moral is that on "simple" work you can earn yourself health problems and not the normal money.
There are several ways to improve the situation. It is to become an expert and become popular. That is, to have a demanded specialty. Another thing is to work for yourself - this is not an easy thing and not everyone can become a good businessman. It is also possible to become an investor. But for this you need to understand where you are going to invest. But for example, having bought bitcoin several years ago now you (even with such a course) would be rich. Everything is relative. But one thing is for sure - until you try something, you will not know the result. It is necessary to strive for the best and not be afraid of risk. There is only one life.
Thank you!

passive income, that's what I want to achieve.

Very good post @adsactly, your words will always be a motivation for all of us, I think, with us often sharing about life, so many people will think to change their lives for the better. Like talking about time, I think, everyone in the world knows that time is very useful in our lives. But not everyone knows to use that time well, so it can not produce something useful for his life.

Speaking of success, everybody in this world wants to succeed and have a life full of happiness, but not everyone in the world knows how to succeed, because I think that success is very difficult, and it takes a huge struggle. In my opinion, there are two great opportunities for success: the first if we have the capital, we can use the capital to build a company, and second, we have the skills but no capital, we can use our skills to work on the spot other people, so with the results from there, we can open our own business.

In essence, if we want to succeed, first use time well, do not ever waste this time for useless things, and look at opportunities in front of you, look at what skills we have. Most importantly, effort, hard work, and never give up even if it fails, and stay focused on one goal, that way, it will get good results. Thanks for sharing @adsactly, and hopefully you will be more successful to work...


People who work for a salary can never get rich.

Absoulately i agree with this. My dad say's,

"Nobody ever got rich working for a living."

Selling your time by the hour will not get you ahead. Human resources departments know to the dime what they have to pay per hour to acquire requisite talent. Even if you have a degree from a prestigious law school and catch on with a leading firm and can bill at several hundred dollars an hour, by the time the expenses are extracted, you'll be lucky to be grossing a third. Even if you work yourself into an early grave by billing out 3,000 hours a year, you're not, by that effort alone, putting yourself on a track to get wealthy.

@adsactly Time is the precious thing that God Almighty has given to all equally, through which many activities such as worship, work and sleep are practiced, and time is invested in many cultural things such as reading, writing, or mobility; Biking, playing football, and art; providing some art, decoration, and technology; spending time on social networking sites, or searching for valuable information through the Internet.Thanks for share this part 4.

@adsactly I agree very much with the sentiment, however, I would actually expand on your point, and suggest that it is experience, as well as that time, that is the true measure of our wealth. Sure, it's great if have all the time we want at our disposal, but if we are staring into the abyss with nothing to fill it with, it can be just as soul sapping as being stuck in a never ending cycle of routine in order to make ends meet. The way in which we make use of time in order to provide fulfilment is entirely dependent on our vision, motivation and worthiness around putting it action. We need the goals, the need drive, but most importantly, we need to feel that we are deserving the of the life that we envisage for ourselves.

This article simply reminds me of me, i never want to work for anyone, because if i do, i will not have time for myself neither am i going to get rich sooner. So for that what i do is with the little money i have made, i decided to do some little investment and i also have my palm oil business too. And like you rightly pointed out one has to be a master in what they do.

@adsactly you have said it all, you are also a master in what you do, this article is like an upvote in ma life. It has strengthened my again. Thank you.


There is plenty to learn and understand to what and where value can be created and extracted from surely,

Your writing is beautiful.
The guys up there are simply converting time to money, while the guys down below see their time burnt out like smoke from an exhaust pipe.
I'm working hard to master my life coaching practise so as to start getting real value for time.
Thanks for sharing

Excellent Dear @adsactly, i 100% agree from that post about difference between Employee and Employer, you are saying right that owner of any compny pay for free to his own time and in addition i would like to say that he also sell his tensions and problems to employees Too, in the shape of Fixed salary.
download (2).png

i love this post.
time and value, its true we can decide what value we place on our time.
but then we need to grow from somewhere, it might not be fair from the start but when you set your goal to also be maybe a company owner, you will also employ people who you will pay them for their time to free yours, its just an endless cycle of unfairness which can never end i think.
most importantly we should always get good value of our time.
very nice post @adsactly

I don’t like to have boss and I don’t want to be boss to anyone, because I don’t like to control others.

I like to contribute and collaborate to do good !

Also I’ll never use voting bots to upvote my post. Because I want steemit to be help many people


Hi @nathanmars
Really sir great comment, and you so great man

Something wonderful and good points to note too.
Not really easy to be a boss and a leader especially when your the type that likes peace and pleasing people

An unusually well-prepared post. Respect

What a wonderful write up. Indeed they said said time is money. I like the part you said, "you will become a specialist in what you know how to do that no other person can do it. This is very accurate. Time is the most essential thing we should consider in our day to day activity. None management of time can lead to many uncertainty.

thumbs up! from philippines!

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Nice post. i want to contribute by saying-- reiterating one of the points, paraphrase: we each all have a category we fall into and it's imperative that we keep this in mind. Most people try to move from one category to another without have there requisite skill and know-how to actually adapt or fit into that category. And I must point out that with every category there is a price to pay. The grass isn't really greener on the other side, yes, there is more earnings for some groups-- investors, business owners, etc but it comes at a price, which we are to be honest with ourselves, some people are not willing or do not have the ability to pay.
So know where you stand and do what you do best. And if you ever consider a move then be prepared, equip yourself with the required knowledge to help you thrive in the said category of your choice

I love everything about the article. Hey how about you take us through to becoming big on steemit just as you have.

Thanks dear sharing your post resteemit done

Its an amaxing article which is on time value ok time never ever stop or control by any body in this world it flow like a fly eagle or like a flowing river but one thing you have noted that every thing have some stock where there they have stayed or gettogather and they will exchange somethings or they will even do something to those things which they have done before reaching their own target look see example of river flowing flowing but once get in seas look make an oceans so like this time cant control and going but when feel its value its worth do something beyter in every moment or if yoi want money try hard every instant and do something for money and earn even a peny but one day you will meet a worth you will get the target like a river get an ocean you will too so try hard be positive and keep going God bless everyone