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ADSactly on ADSACTLY #68

On Advertising - Part 1


We are surrounded by advertisements of various kinds. From open and blatant to hidden and unconscious. They shape our world and fill it with various bright colours of desire. Believe it or not, people didn't always live like this. Their minds belonged to them most of the time. They weren't forced to listen to people who make a living on making sure that people buy what their client wants. Or, in the much worse case scenario, to those who live on top of the "to have" pyramid and shape people's thoughts on account of higher profits, more power and less chance for a change.

It started as 'need for passing out an information of goods and services' and grew into a monster that feeds on our desires and makes us do as told. Buy or feel bad is the choice at hand. If you buy you are a proper consumer, a good citizen, if you don't then something is wrong with you and you're not a part of civilized society. You like something but cannot afford it? Too bad, earn more, loser. The advertisement industry makes people miserable when the reality counter the unfulfilled desires created in one's mind. The outcome is frustration and possible psychological problems that may lead to physical manifestations in the long run.

Studying human psychology leads to the close observation of advertising rape phenomenon. The system mind influencers are using is based on our inability to filter out unconscious information. Even if you are 100% sure that it doesn't affect you, believe me, it does. On the unconscious level, you're constantly receiving loads of information that affect your emotional thinking.

Of course, one commercial is not able to do this. By the means of the compounding effect, tons of information overload is what does this to your mind, together with other vehicles of thought alteration used in forms of tv shows, the entertainment industry, politics, news etc.

You are programmed daily whether you want to accept it or not. It is good to know that fact, being aware of it, using reason when making a decision. What communist propaganda did to people in the east is exactly the same what advertisement is doing to people in the west. The messages are different but the agenda is the same.

Making a person become an unconscious consumer for the benefit of rich is just as simple as making one become a rightful communist for the benefit of the party or a terrorist for the benefit of whatever stupid thing they die for. Not much difference on the level of mind.

One thing is to pass a message, and completely another is raping people's minds with thousands, tens of thousands emotional based, desire-creating vehicles that don't even work on the conscious level of logic.

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Advertisements affect our lives in a very subtle manner. The representation of the various characters gives us an impression about the various role playes going on in the society, how the thinking of society is evolving..I mean advertisements like "Share the load", Woman being the boss of Man, Second Marriage ad, Modernity, Appearance of the lady of the house etc all these ads if were on TV a decade ago no body will go with them but now they are evolving with the society. The children they pick up the settings and try to imitate them at some point they assume those things as normal ongoing things in daily lives. So advertisements do affect us but at a subconscious or subliminal level.

What communist propaganda did to people in the east is exactly the same what advertisement is doing to people in the west.

That’s a great point!
With today’s technology, internet... there is just no way to avoid it. Even though if you refuse to listen to them, they will always find another way to catch your interest. You may not need this stuff they say “you become a looser if you don’t have it”, but then eventually they will find out your interests in something else. They know people have their needs and need to satisfy them. At some point it brings happiness to people when they buy things they wouldn’t buy if it wasn’t for advertising. With increased advertising our needs have increased as well. Without it we wouldn’t need most of this staff, with it we are under perception of material need. At the end advertisements have it’s positive and at the same time negative impact on today’s generation. Afterall it’s only about the money.

It sounds like a lie, but this is very real, even though most people don't realize it. They force your mind to want something you don't really need in your life. They simply sell you the product in a way that makes you see that you really need it.

It's all advertising and marketing strategies. It's amazing the things that are applied to manipulate people.

For example: I don't know if you've noticed the colors of the Burger King, McDonald's and other fast food franchises logos, they use the color yellow. They use it because it influences our appetite.

Another strategy is to use prices with the .99... Never put in whole numbers, but always put in a penny less. Instead of $1,000, they put in $999.99. This also influences our minds and tells us that it's cheap because it's less than $1,000. It sounds stupid, but it's real.

In the case of politics, I can tell you about what is happening in Venezuela... The speeches made by former President Chavez to divide his people and make the U.S. look like the empire, like enemies. The speeches were so repeated that the people ended up believing it. He made them believe a total lie.

The same thing happened with the current President Nicolas Maduro and his speech on the economic war. It makes people believe that our economy is very bad because of an economic war that the U.S. has against Venezuela. A total lie that the Chavista and Madurista people believed.

They repeat the same thing so much that the people end up believing in their lies and then affirm that it is real with total conviction.

A good topic was published today @adsactly. I'm waiting for part 2. Greetings colleagues!!

Advertising is such a big part of the modern world where they carefully research the human psychology and take advantage of it to sway consumers into buying their goods or services. It's difficult for an individual to fully tune out, after all a ton of services on the internet are free at the cost of being exposed to advertising.

But this cost leads to the economic incentives correspondingly being morphed - to get paid, websites need a lot of impressions and clicks, so they change their headlines or messaging to lure in more views, even if it means exaggerating heavily or just straight up making things up. And advertisers also still get data, lots of data on maybe browsing habits or building up a profile of the kind of user you are. So a free internet comes at the cost of ads being everywhere, which as you say compounds their psychological effect, in addition to website quality being lowered as they try to bait more clicks, and of course our data being monitored and perhaps privacy breached.

Then there are the older mediums like television or newspaper, which also rely on advertising but they are easier to tune out of and give advertisers a lot less tracking or data power

On a side note, I think the series list at the bottom of the article is getting pretty big... Maybe a sort of "advertisement" for your other articles if you will although you're not looking to take our money haha, maybe consolidate into one master link?

Advertising is a way of manipulating consciousness. The history of advertising development shows that over time, advertising adapts and becomes more hidden and more intrusive. Advertising is the art of making a person want to buy things he does not need. In fact, the main function of advertising is to sell. This is a huge business. Even more is a large system that brings big profits to corporations.

Every modern person in one way or another is under the influence of advertising. We see it on the Internet (where advertising is very intrusive and irritable), we see it on billboards, see on TV, in newspaper, in stores, and so on. This list can be long sold. There is a fine line of manipulation. That is, people have weaknesses and these weaknesses are used by advertisers. These weaknesses are used by dictators or sects. But when we talk about advertising, the main thing that they put into the minds of people is - buy, spend, consume. This is beneficial for corporations and "big" people.

As a matter of fact advertising is a game on our feelings, on our emotions and capture of our attention and reason. Few people see such (often hidden) manipulations. Thousands of people around the world are buying things that they are forced to advertise. This zombifying sistema works, alas.
Thanks for the great article!

It was the fact of the fact that, due to the other, due to other reasons, due to the help of increasingly successful business and due to the growing business and the use of the compound, they have taken the money and transfer as possible from the fierce experience and the use of their quick work by receiving customer pockets, as long as possible and as long as possible. By the time the advertisements and citizen diameter are kept in this cycle It is ddhara, pariniti ddhara people have been engaged in digital and new,

Its so true, advertising has strayed from being informative and helpful and growing businesses into a vindictive and even predatory experience all with the aim of shifting money from consumers pockets as quickly as possible and keeping them in this cycle for as long as possible

Being a digital marketer myself i make a living advertising on the net and i know not everything is done above board and in the interest of the consumer. Its all about companies bottom line and doing anything to get there

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It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

@Adsactly is super supporter for steem users, adsactly is rock.

Great post and a lot of it is true and, frankly, quite concerning. Especially the programming part is something that I myself stumble over quite a bit.

That being said, I think I will look at some other posts of you in the future, so that is something I can look forward to.

Spot on. It doesn't take much research to know the absolute truth of this article. The only hope is to 'opt out' mentally and to know the truth of the matter. You have to be a hermit living in a cave to not be exposed.

Thanks for a great article, looking forward to the series!

That is exactly why you have to be the vigilant gate keeper to what you feed your brain. Nothing is inert in its effect to our sub conscience.

Our science a lot of the type of recharge they many types of method using his resolve have

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Its really wonderful to know of a great community you have created.
I have also be up and doing on.improvements on the block chain.
My believes have being discouraged due to less audience for me.
I know i have the skills.
Organizing , planning, writting .
I hope i get a hearing out some day.

Yes, the advertisement is hitting us all. The thinking of society changes as a result i.e. fashion, trends, traditions etc. As a result demand and supply increases in the market, everyone wants to be different and worthy of paying attention.