The Daily Curie (25th Oct to 26th Oct 2016)

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Project Curie is a community project run by several Steemit authors. Our mission is to help reward new content creators who are posting all sorts of original content, and give them the exposure that they need. In partnership with @nextgencrypto and other whale accounts, Project Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and many others.

In full transparency, you will be able to find a published list every day detailing all the posts that Project Curie has chosen by our curators. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @curie account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 25/10 12:00 UTC and 26/10 12:00 UTC. Curie voted on a total of 95 posts by 94 unique authors. SBD 2,473 has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of SBD 26 per post.

@hitheryonCollaborative Art: "Id Drawing" (Part 2 of 4)255.290 SBD
@angieroseNegative Thought Patterns – How do they Work and Why do we have them? Second in Self Help Series65.928 SBD
@nathanbrownNathan Mackenzie Brown's 10 Secrets to Donating $10,000s to Charity While Attaining Lifestyle Freedom45.130 SBD
@zaebars⛵️ See you at sea: Netherlands - liberal from outside, conservative inside.44.026 SBD
@woman-onthe-wingHomemade Healthy Snacks Series - #14 - 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies (No Sugar) - An Original Recipe43.468 SBD
@acreolNew COMPETITION on Steemit! Can you guess all of the cities?39.980 SBD
@shadowspubMajor John McCrae -- The Story of the Poem "In Flanders Fields"38.974 SBD
@iloiloHow I like to draw myself :)37.522 SBD
@beginningtoendPaying Homage to Pulp Fiction35.214 SBD
@betamusicMy personal experience in the Art Festival - Connect and Coexist35.158 SBD
@jenkinrocketThe Mars Question: SpaceX and the New Space Pioneers31.097 SBD
@charlie.wilsonHow to make your mediocre pancakes 300% better! Easy.31.204 SBD
@marialin🎣A Fisherman's Day🎣(An Original Poem)31.964 SBD
@sofi-mThe Violin Player - original ceramic clay sculpture by @sofi-m30.571 SBD
@mus5 Live-Saving Facts About Swedes [TURISM]30.122 SBD
@solarguyI Landed in China and Found New England. What a Surprise!29.621 SBD
@everloveIn alignment with AWESOME blessings. Now offering up ART for my flight to Steemfest!28.964 SBD
@leahmchenry🔥Original Song - Alpha et Omega🔥27.766 SBD
@jedauAhead of Halloween26.478 SBD
@beowulfoflegendNeanderthals gave us ass cancer. News at 11.26.198 SBD
@acidsunMushroomhead / Sketchdaily #10 @acidsun.26.732 SBD
@lloyddavisOpen Mic Night Week 4 - Bring Me Sunshine! (cover)26.901 SBD
@royalmacroOur Great Festival Durga Puja - Series Photography [Maha Nabami] #1525.532 SBD
@armenPoker Tip Man Armen-"Omaha"25.555 SBD
@kirk-gosikWhy You Should Consider the Ketogenic Diet25.363 SBD
@travelistaPumpkin Patch-A Fun October Tradition Worth Experiencing!25.726 SBD
@fitmamaWho doesn't want a Free Program?25.850 SBD
@franksA Short Story: It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) by Frank Sonderborg25.180 SBD
@paulhallmanOpen Mic Week 4 - @paulhallman - I Shall Be Released24.553 SBD
@joshfischbachProtect Yourself: Antibacterial Soap in the Home24.004 SBD
@desphouswifePork ribs - quick dinner for your husband24.486 SBD
@joewantsfreedomA tool I created -- Automatically format your Image links with a Source + an Update to previous tool24.743 SBD
@griffNaNoWriMo Excerpt #4 -- The Vagabond (Outwilds)24.564 SBD
@whitemike313Australian scientists have increased the stability of the qubit 10 times24.069 SBD
@mtbmondoZombie Training?! (yes, it's a thing!) *video included24.949 SBD
@crypto.owlA music video sketch24.406 SBD
@leno4ekHealthy habit: consuming herbal tea instead of regular tea or coffee24.859 SBD
@mindfreakBroken Vase (An Original Poem)23.171 SBD
@jonjon1Flying My Spaceship & Orgone (Original Electronic Music)23.759 SBD
@freeinthoughtSTARSEED SUPERNOVA23.660 SBD
@rgeddesBig Yellow Taxi (Original Instrumental Cover) OpenMic Week 423.460 SBD
@karenmckersieI Had A Visitor Tonight !🕵 Where I Do Security On The Graveyard Shift !🕵( All Original Photos And Content! )23.919 SBD
@mapesaMutual Cooperation in Cultural Heritage the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam23.197 SBD
@surfermarlyMy very first steemit poem: LET´S DANCE.22.681 SBD
@richristowOne of the Most Outlandish Places in Changzhou22.676 SBD
@jacobcardsVodka (Original Artwork & Poetry)22.426 SBD
@blinovaTop 3. The Most Spectacular Sunsets of My Life in Thailand22.372 SBD
@bkkshadowHave you ever seen whiter sand or water so crystal-clear?22.584 SBD
@anarcho-andreiThe Stellar Wild - Chapter 1122.643 SBD
@vampirettaMy passions22.031 SBD
@oleg326756My New Miner Has Arrived! First Impressions.21.123 SBD
@decimusProductive Sick Days: A Walkthrough21.001 SBD
@nathwright876Anime Character Drawing 005: Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman21.546 SBD
@angsteemCollege Exercise №2 of the Semester - Painting to Music [Морской Пейзаж]21.775 SBD
@steevcOpen Mic Week 4 - Space Oddity cover21.327 SBD
@naomi.louiseLadybugs and Random cakes - Birthday madness!21.819 SBD
@aksinyaRene Magritte: His paintings are More than We Can See. (NSFW)21.738 SBD
@yuricataldoWhat I do when my professional life falls apart.20.647 SBD
@zombiedollVisiting Toronto20.023 SBD
@chanthasamGet a ride with the flying bed of on the Bamboo train in Battambang, Cambodia20.654 SBD
@reddustDandelion Queen A Work In Progress20.748 SBD
@justiceforallShort Scary Story #519.728 SBD
@robotlizzzrdMune scaipe19.370 SBD
@unhorsepower777The Legend of the First Gecko (Original translation of Filipino fiction)19.896 SBD
@johnjgeddesdiner19.912 SBD
@nonameslefttouseTis the Season: Blowing the Whistle on the Big Blue Box19.954 SBD
@geggi632Everyday Macro Pic #619.329 SBD
@nonameslefttousePresenting: My Penis19.709 SBD
@nadversion56GIFT OF CONTENT.....18.583 SBD
@featherhowlart🤘🏻Original Art🤘🏻 - One Marker Challenge (With SpeedPaint Video!)18.002 SBD
@dianargentiMother, Oh Mother! (Original poem)18.025 SBD
@stichin-sistaAmbidextrous experiment - Conclusion18.249 SBD
@havok777Another sleepless blog (good feedback/cocoonself)18.302 SBD
@robyneggsGraphic Art Cards, Series 1 [STEEMIT-FIRST] (original)18.898 SBD
@justusagenstumMy Love Affair With Masks; Entry #418.009 SBD
@son-of-satireBlood: Oaths and Offerings - An Original Novel - Chapter 218.399 SBD
@chadcrypto🎮 Concept Art For Coin Quest: Dark Stakes Platform RPG 🎮18.925 SBD
@anomalyWhy I Don't Punch Dolphins Anymore (An Original Story, Part 33 - What Just Happened?)18.954 SBD
@eveningstar92Worldwide Splitters Splits Challenge- Days 21-25 , BED SPLITS!, and Progress Photos <318.389 SBD
@lightsplasherJournal – Black Tourmaline17.368 SBD
@timboThe Bandit Camp (Steemit Original Short Story)17.958 SBD
@giantbearToxic friends- Should you stay or should you go?17.355 SBD
@jessicanicklosWater Color Art:: A Women is trying to say her word to world17.238 SBD
@meggykruegerNight of Doubts- An Original Poem17.230 SBD
@ezravanTo Shame The Loneliness - Original Poem // Paintings By Joseph Arthur16.549 SBD
@whiskyloverFour Gadgets for Whisky Lovers16.813 SBD
@shredlordShoes (Original Poem)15.271 SBD
@exyleCinema T(error) - Chapter 614.467 SBD
@annesayaI'm A Nurse: An Original Poem and a Tribute To All My Co-Nurse's out there, guys this is for you! "NURSE SPEAK NERD SPEAK"14.652 SBD
@trevor.georgeRunning Deer - How legends are born - as requested by @extie-dasilva14.431 SBD
@lsk464A deadly ongoing event that nobody talks about14.924 SBD
@dustinsethOpen Mic Week 4 - Dustin Sendejas - Springfield Swing (original song)18.472 SBD

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I appreciate the feature! It didn't earn as much as the one before, but what can you do, right? Congrats to all the other posts that made the list! :D


congratulations on this deserved mention

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Wow! I'm very glad :))))

Always a pleasure to upvote and resteem Project Curie. :)

wow ! my post was selected by curie :)

Thanks by visit my blog, I appreciate much your helps, of truth are a great project, continue forward with their contributions to the community! RESTEEM!

thank u very much

Congratulations to all nominees

Thanx, it's always nice to make the list.

Absolutely incredible. I tip my hat to this and everyone involved and the only thing that fell out was a note that said, "Thank you."

Thank you so much @curie and all the voters :)