Steem linkback bot v0.5: the Reddit awareness release

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Linkback bot updates

  • Linkback bot now monitors reddit for Steemit links
  • Some authors generating a lot of noisy links were excluded to increase signal/noise ratio.

Reddit linkback detection example

See it live

Community response

Why build a linkback bot for Steem?

  • To increase follower counts of related authors by providing additional discovery mechanism
  • To increase payouts for authors of high quality collections and authors whose posts are included in collections
  • To increase of number of posts linking out by providing incentives to do so
  • To increase number of views per visit and time spent interacting with Steem
  • To increase traffic from search engines
  • For fun and profit

At this moment linkback bot is still in alpha and runs with limited capacity.


Linkback bot is under development.

  • Post language detection and bot i18n
  • Author analytics
  • Personal analytics
  • Tag analytics
  • Mention and linkbacks notifications by twitter, etc
  • Possible link weighting by rewards
  • Spam prevention features

Great work. Thank you for all your hard work:)

Very cool @ontofractal - I actually find it very helpful because it allows me to follow back or leave a comment of appreciation to the people who cared to share my post.

I don't know if you're are following each other, but you may want to see what @ausbitbank is up to, especially in Reddit and IFTTT

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So just to clarify it sounds like the link back is in a way supposed to help on our post if it is there? I'm new and working hard and trying to improve my work which seems hard.

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Great stuff, will check this out and follow you.

How to usinh it ?

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