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So you want to have source of the image underneath your Images.
But it's so much work ...
Image Source

I hear ya, mate. I'm here to help.
(The tool link if you don't wanna read more and just try it out )

Last time I created a tool that helps curators format big list of links for markdown and why I want to do it.
You can read that post here.

So I am happy to announce that after some feedback I added a functionality of HTML output , too, as some people don't actually use mark-down in their posts (which I thought was not possible).
So now those curators (looking at you @positivity :P ) can use it as well.

New Feature

I know you want to be a good Internet citizen and leave credit where it's due.

But I know it can be a pain.

That's why I created this tool. It will automatically convert a list of image links into a copy-able text that will show as an Image with an Image Source underneath.

Like this:
Image Source

(Yes, I googled for Dandelions, I don't know why either ... I think I'm getting hungry)
Though the 'determination' of Image Source is not sophisticated at all. It just takes the URL, gets the base of it and puts www. at the beginning.

So with 'images8.alphacoders.com/434/434711.jpg ' it outputs www.alphacoders.com as the source. Which will work most of the time, but sometimes it will clearly be just wrong, like when the Image is hosted by Facebook, or Imggur, etc..


That's why by recommendation there is also a direct link to the source of the Img added alongside as this will help the Steemit Cleaners, too

But there was no free way of getting location of the images and the actual source. And even if you'd pay, it wouldn't be that accurate either.

Reverse Image Lookup is not simple at all so this will have to do.

I hope you enjoy it and use it.

Feature ideas ???

If you have any new feature ideas or bugs, or some small changes I should do to make it more relevant for you, let me know.

Thank you,

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