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Joey came to babysit.

Why? Because the Shakira Shewolf pack went out to a 70's ship party. Oh, not the 1970's but the in your 70's, as in 70 year olds, on a cruise. Ramona's dad told her to stay home that night as he was going off to work somewhere faraway for a long time. She said she was not going to have fun. She had plans. He told her she could go. She ended up coming back. She was growing up so fast as time flies. Your kids can grow up so fast. But she decided to come back as she could go out with her friends other times while her time with her dad can be more limited. Ramona was like, "Let's find out what Fat Suzanna is up to," his favorite show. That was nice to see the bond between Ramona and her father.

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Seeking Revenge.

The boys tried getting back at Joey for all the times Joey pranked them whenever he would babysit them in the past. There was a balloon. Joey saw it come down the stairs and into the kitchen. He followed it. But he didn't trip the rope to spring the trap. The boys went to test it and the trap sprung on them. Joey laughed. Later on, Joey hears Tommy cry. He goes upstairs and it was audio from a phone. Then the boys surrounded him and sprayed him with their paint guns or whatever you call them. They got paint on Joey. They took a shower and ended up turning like purple due to hair dye in the shower head. DJ was like, "Joey is not a good babysitter." Hey, my name is Joey and I like him, haha.

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Love Boat She Pack Action.

The She Pack Girls, DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie, were on the ship. They talked to old actor like the six million dollar actor I am guessing from the sound effects, the slow motion, the music, from that show. Maybe some of the actors were from the Love Boat. They were actors in their 70's. Somebody lost diamonds. The girls had a montage, some dancing scenes. They went to find the diamond. The old lady was like, "Oh, the Diamonds were downstairs talking to the Golds and Silvers."

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