Steemit Open Mic Week 58 - See Who Played Open Mic And Vote For Your Favorite Steemian Musicians

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Steemit Open Mic is an online, live music venue to give musicians a chance to share their music with the Steemit community and get their music heard. It is growing larger every week thanks to all of you.

@pfunk has been sponsoring Steemit Open Mic since I first started it and I want to give a big thank you to him and all the people who support and take part in Steemit Open Mic.

@pfunk is a Steemit witness and helps keep the platform working and you can vote for him here

Special thanks to @curie for selecting and supporting musicians who have entered Steemit Open Mic.

Special thanks to @xeldal for generously delegating Steem Power to the project.


It Is A Proud Honor To Have Been Recently Entrusted As An Official Open Mic Judge --- by @passion-ground

Steemit Open Mic is growing so fast that a lot of people are entering without really reading the rules so I want to do a little house cleaning for those entering the contest.

The bigger this grows the easier it is to miss someone's entry post so following these rules makes us see you have entered so we can upvote you.

For more on the rules read, What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways?

Steemit Open Mic is a live music contest and we need to know that you are really playing or singing us a song for this contest in particular. That's why to qualify for prizes you must say "Steemit Open Mic" (next week number) at the beginning of your video just before you play or sing the song. If you don't or if you edit in later onto a prerecorded performance you will not qualify for prizes.

If your song is an original song then you MUST put the word "original" in your title. Original songs get a small bonus right now and it is easier to find all the original songs with the word added in the title.

The next thing that is very important it to begin your title with "Steemit Open Mic Week (the current week number)" and place that as the first words of your title or I may not be able to find your post at all.

Here is a perfect example of a correctly titled post to enter Steemit Open Mic for an original song.

steemit open mic post titled correctly.png

This would be a perfectly titled post for a cover song entering the contest.

properly titled post for a cover song on Steeit .png

Theses posts are really easy to find in the feed and upvote them. They can easily be spotted so none of them get missed.

Also, @andybets from is working on a chart that is targeting those keywords to sort all entries by originals and covers.

It is SO cool and you can check it out with this sneak peak of the Steemit Open Mic Chart

NOTE: The order this chart lists the performances has no bearing on choosing the finalists. Just because a video is at the top doesn't mean they will win the contest.

Steemit Open Mic Week 58 performances are in and there's still time to vote for your favorites.

Great songs and performances this week. Have a listen to them below and be sure to show your support and upvote your favorites.

It's all in good fun and community spirit and I want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support.

300 In Steem Prizes

  • There's still time to vote and enter.

  • Thanks to everyone who entered, upvoted, resteemed and helped support Steemit Open Mic.

Last Chance To Vote

There's still time to cast your vote until Sunday for this week's Open Mic Night entries.

The cutoff date to enter however is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 10th NOVEMBER 2017). Find your UTC time here.

Winners will be announced Monday, the 13th of Novermber.

Two ways To Vote

  • You can vote by clicking on this week's contest page, scrolling down to the comments to find each performers link and vote for your favorite entry.

This weeks contest page is:

Vote On Each Contestant Page

Below are blog links to contestants who entered this week in the order they were entered There are always a few more that enter a little late and I'll add them in as they straggle in so keep a look out for a few more entries later.

Steemit Open Mic Week 58 Wind Cries Mary --- by @charusaid

Special thanks to @pfunk for his loyal support, @verbal-d, @jessamynorchard, @soundlegion, @passion-ground and @krystle for helping with judging the entries and spreading the word.


It Is A Proud Honor To Have Been Recently Entrusted As An Official Open Mic Judge --- by @passion-ground

Steemit Musicians The New Msp Waves Radio Show Featuring Open Mic Entries And A 20 Sbd Prize --- by @krystle

Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 3 Submissions Have Begun Acoustic Singer Songwriter Submit Now --- by @soundlegion

Submit Your Music For Steemsongs --- by @thisisbenbrick

What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

Karaoke Week 14 1St 2Nd And 3Rd Prizes 20 Sbd Up For Grabs --- by @killerwhale

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Wow great submissions this week! Shout out @voyceatlas I see you 😂

Its a pleasure to be a part of this community
Thanks a lot to @luzcypher
@curie & @xeldal

I literally watched every single video. These are my unsolicited comments on the ones I could relate best to. Great job everyone! I'll be dropping some drums in soon.

@chaifm - Wow! That tone, control and delicate touch. What a perfect lullaby song. Very easy on the ears.

@g10a - That is one powerful set of vocal cords. Those were some major notes you nailed. No mic necessary next time!

@zhusatriani - Great tone in that guitar. I really like your tempo.

@teukurobbybinor - Nice creative composition that sounds a lot like Explosions in the Sky. I love that style.

@tarotbyfergus - That's one hell of a rock voice with the hair to go along with it!

@matisotoaguilar - This song was an experience! The time signature keeps my ears in suspense. Loved hearing the percussion accompaniment. Super talented.

@meno - I heard a little pseudo Green Day - Brain Stew rift in there. Nice jam.

@vachemorte - Interesting piece. I wish it was longer to hear you expand on it. But, the sign of a good performer is leaving their audience wanting more.

@stanhopeofficial - Great voice. I hear some David Gray and Radiohead in there.

@coruscate - Anything with complicated percussion mixed with vocals in the same run gets a big bonus for difficulty level.

@finkenchris - Bravo bravo. You guys rocked it. Amazing song choice and the guitarist looks like a younger Jerry Cantrell.

@afrao0 - Great performance all around. Gave the song justice.

@nirtsfaty - Wow, your voice is pretty spot on. Requesting Fake Plastic Trees soon, please?!

@drewley - Exactly the style of piano I love to zone out with. Reminds me of Brian Crain. Selfishly requesting a cover of Song For Sienna, please.

@vanessaondine - Such a pretty jazzy voice fused with some serious power. Those piano rolls were a nice surprise.

See you guys in the contest soon.