Open Mic Week 58 - "Shades of Winter" (Original Piano Piece)

in #openmic4 years ago

Here is an original piano piece that I wrote years ago, but I thought it would be worth sharing for this week's Open Mic Competition. Hope you all enjoy!


Loved it! We should totally collaborate sometime :)

Thanks, yes sounds good!

Yes.. You guys totally should. ;)

feel it in my chest yet again. another song blessing from you much love and thanks for sharing your sound art here with us, its a real honor to hear you play these original masterpieces

This is fucking amazing.
Cheers bro! :)

Thank you!

Drew - f*%ck, man... Where on frikkin' Earth do you get this sh#%t! ... I'm convinced you are from another planet... But I'm ever so happy and pleased that you're sharing your gifts with all of us here at the Open-Mic... AWESOME, brother!

Haha, thanks man! I just love to create

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beautiful piece thanks

Holy **** what a wonderful piece sir.. I begin to sleep now, the sound is so lovely, want to play it over and over..

Soar High Be An Inspiration

Listening to this as it's raining outside in Cancun and it really sets the mood. Love your music @drewley and am so happy you are part of Open Mic.


Thanks so much! Glad to be a part of open mic every week

Love the piano and really appreciate your piece of music and performance.

This is extremely beautiful!

Thanks so much!

nice composition !
and very nice piano, by the way !

I seriously think you deserve to win open mic every week. I always look forward to hearing your original piano pieces! It is snowing where I live, and so this piece feels very fitting. 😊

Haha thanks! Glad you like it

@drewley I have not begun to read daka, but I am sure it is a beautiful subject as always. I wish you continued success. I will try to comment on each topic upvote resteem. If I get the reward, my dear my dear friend :). Goodbye for now, I am going to read it. :)

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