STEEMIT Open Mic Week 58 - Shape of You (My first contribution!)

in #openmic4 years ago

Esteemed steemians :) Here's Ed's Shape of You, my first time ever contribution to STEEMIT Open Mic Contest. Hope you like it and I would highly appreciate your feedback.

I recorded the video live in different locations in Copenhagen:

  1. My home
  2. Islands Brygge Harbor
    3-5) The Christianshavn Canals

really like this song nice performance great work

Thank you so much, happy to hear that :)

Excellent performance, I liked the different locations, a very cool video.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it

What a star .. @raci ... Welcome to this amazing portal .. Very nice cover and I love your hometown. Such an amazing feeling from the video. :)

Thank you so much and what an amazing feeling to create something that people enjoy :)

muy buena interpretacion, saludos desde buenos aires, argentina

Gracias! Que hermosa ciudad es Buenos Aires, yo fue ahi en mayo :) saludos

😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
OpenMusic Steemit Kiss.gif

Thanks, will do, glad you like it :)

That was awesome dude!, nice rhythm! :)

Thanks man, happy to hear :)

wow, like wow. Apart from the fact that you murdered the song, i like the concept you used. you played it in different locations . hahahaha

i like the second location better, all locations are very good but i like the view of the river and how quiet the place is.

keep on steeming bro. i wish i could give a huge upvote but mine does not cost much.

Haha thank you very much for the kind words bro. Filming in different locations was actually my wife's idea :) we were running around the city the whole afternoon haha

hahahah. so take credit for the song and playing the guitar but the idea goes to ur wife. hahahaha

Haha exactly

good job and clever way to put together a video

Thank you very much, I appreciate it :)

I had the believe in this entry. I just had to submit it for it was awesome. Looking forward to more from yhu.

Thanks so much for the kind words man, I highly appreciate it :)

hahahahaha. I like goo authors and those that put out creative contents like u just did cos they feed me and make me survive in this harsh country i am in

What a nice compliment! It's a great feeling to help someone a bit just by doing something you love :)

yeah bro. i will be back in 7 days time. just make sure you keep interacting in the community and keep on putting on good contents. and try to make the next one an original content

Alright, will do :)

This is seriously amazing! You are very talented singer and guitarist. I really enjoyed getting to see different spots around your city! I think my favorite location were the water canals at the end. :-)

Great song choice too! I am kind of obsessed with this song :-) I actually just bought tickets to see Ed Sheeran next year and I can’t wait!

Thank you so much, I am glad you like it. The beauty of Copenhagen certainly improves the video :) the second location is by islands Brygge harbor.

I also have tickets for ed sheeran next year in Stockholm :) haha enjoy

Very nice cover, and the video its very creative, you live in a beautiful place.

Thank you, I do indeed live in a beautiful city :)

This really nice. You are a fantastic player and singer.

Thank you so much. You are also a musician so naturally I follow you and look forward for your updates :)

Great cover... Cool production, brother!

Thanks man, I am happy that you like it :)

Omg! You are so good! I wish I have talent like yours! Aww you rock! Keep doing it cuz I can see $$$ in your future!

I'm totally flattered, thank you so much :) you motivate me to continue posting

Lol. Yourself motivated you, that's why here you are, rocking! ^^

Yeah but it also helps to get such a nice recognition :)

^_^ I wish you the best of luck. Keep doing great things and fight until you become successful! Follow your dreams, I might see you on xfactor performing in tv one day! :) Followed.

Haha, let's see ;) I wish you all the best, too. Following you

Thank you! Talksoon. :)

wow not only you are good with your guitar, but you got your own style as well.

Thanks man, glad you like it :) looking forward to more of your posts as well

sure man, welcome onboard the openmic family.

Great to be here

wow what a nice performance sir.. playing a song in different locations is so cool..

Soar high Be An Inspiration

Thank you so much, I appreciate the kind words and am glad you like it. Playing in different locations was actually my wife's idea haha :)

And I <3 this performance! This is one of my favorite songs! Job well done , thank you for contributing an extra touch of spice to Open Mic.

Thank you so much, that feels really good :)

Great performance and your edit cuts were right on the beat. Very cool and welcome to Open Mic.


Wow,I am honestly flattered and honored for having you comment so positively on my first post here. You brought this whole thing to live and I think the whole contest is a great idea that motivates people to produce quality content. Keep up the good work man :)

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