Steemit Open Mic Week 58: “Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind Cover)” by @jessamynorchard

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I don’t know why I have never covered this song before the past couple of weeks, but it’s been one that I really enjoy playing, and one that’s actually much deeper than all the radio play of the ever so slightly edited version would have suggested.

It feels good to be back with you all here. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about the people who have really helped me get through this really rough time...and the thoughts, messages, and conversations I’ve had with some of you guys in the last 48 hours have totally restored my faith in humanity for a little while, at least.

All my love, Jess

Remember, at long last, my first single for worldwide release will be available to stream on all your fave streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play...and a bajillion more) on December 01. I am also making this single, as well as the full EP, slated for release in early January, available for purchase with STEEM/SBD. :) I’m so excited to be done with this portion of the process, so I have more time to devote to more projects, more adventures, and more community building with you here on Steemit.


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Holy shit! That frikkin' guitar just ripped right thru my soul... and the vocals were not far behind... I'll tell you what, I don't want nuthin' else but more of this Jess - so very, friggin' awesome!


@passion-ground, thank you so much, man! I appreciate those words, and I am SO EXCITED to be jumping back in the pool with you guys in a couple of weeks in the Panel. Excited to work with you in that capacity, so glad you are a part of our community, and just generally thankful to have been welcomed back with such open arms. <3


Jess, you are always welcomed with arms wide opened, and eyes wide shut… Ha! Kidding aside, I’m just so happy that you’re back on the good foot, girl. It is my humble pleasure to be here beside you, and everyone else, to serve in whatever good and productive capacity that I am able. All that said, and all else aside – this was a most awesome cover that you laid down here, man!

I hope you are well...great to see you here.

Welcome back


It’s been a busy and a mentally tough go, but I am so glad to be back within my community and the folks I’ve held so dear to my heart since last October when I first joined this group on Steemit. I am excited to be back and to share with you guys what I’ve been working on, and thank you for the welcome. I hope you read the message in Steemit Musicians on FB, as well.

Go for it, and hit the mainstream market! Hoping for your success. By the way, I love this song from Third Eye Blind, as well as "Jumper".

and I love it too much @jessamynorchard, Thanks for share

Amazing!!! Hittin them 90s tunes ;)


I’ve been going back in time lately. Listening to Counting Crows and DMB again...listening to ...And Out Come The Wolves.......and then listening to random stuff from the days of yore. Expect more new 90s covers from the days of our youth. I’m feeling these lately.

You put the open in Open Mic. Great to hear you singing and playing Jessamyn. In tough times I've learned that singing and playing will get me through this better than anything else in this world. Music and my guitar are my closest friends and have been there through it all.


Wow.. I love it:) think I may perform next week or after been a min for me as well.. collaboration with @jessamynorchard would be awesome, you really are an amazing artist cheers!


@arcaneinfo good to hear from you, and thank you for those words!! Collaboration in some fashion would be awesome. I’m all about community collabs. Again, thanks for checking it out and glad you enjoyed it, my friend! :)

Wow, that was really a stunning cover! I really like the sound of the guitar in this video, and your voice is in great form!
I'm looking forward to hearing your new songs. I must have missed this yesterday when I was going down my page feed, I saw it as a special shout out on passion ground's open mic top 5 and I had to come over to your page to give you a vote on it.

wooo girl it is soooo glad to have you back, will have to check your blog see whats been up, glad your back on and playing here again as well huge love all the time lady. great performance