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IWA - I got banned on Facebook for Kill All White People in 2018. Lesson Six | The People Rule, But They Do Not Govern IWA - @Memeart, as bad as the new 2019 Star Trek Picard show might be, the best part of it would be if they brought back Q, most likely. Sadly, they might not do that. IWA - Post alternatives here. Steemit - I'm super jealous of this Tantra Banter because minimalism is fundamental. Have fun fishing, kids. VHS to DVD Day 02. First day was yesterday. IWA Laughs as y'all are me haha lol. We should be winning the culture commentary and not just the political commentary. Conservatives play sports and music as well. They went crazy as they saw Obama in the crowd of the 2019 NBA Finals Game 02. Owen Shroyer was talking about this today. It is all about engaging culture in being relevant and engaging.

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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My Life in 2019

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News Wars

Some highlights from Tuesday the 4th of June of 2019, as follows:

Great Day

Listened to music with this great Knee. I mean head phones. Copied VHS tapes to DVD, day 02 of 2019. Had laughs on IWA as we talked how everybody was me like Cheers & Barney.

VHS 02 - DVD 02

2019-06-04 - Tuesday - 08:14 AM - 11:24 AM - DVD 02b - VHS 01 - VHS 03a
1996-05-19 - Sunday - To Heaven or Hell
1996-05-26 - Rick in the field
1996-05-27 - Katie Gymnastics - Katie, Crystal, Joey, Rick, Savannah Larson, Puffer Cat, Shoe Animation. Rick's room. Katie's foot. Katie's room. Katie in the mirror. Katie dancing. Katie schedule. Puffer on the porch. Street. Playing with Crystal. She tries to do gymnastics. Michael Cumbo and Joey in the living room.
1996-05-29 - Gymnastics
1996-05-31 - TV. Rick's room.
1996-06-01 - Crystal Tiffany Cumbo Man Sleeping Around Gun Skit. ALso Commercial Ad For Love Making Stuff by Rick. After that, Rick flips. After that, our trip to the coast.

Password Invasion

09:37 AM - IWA - Two issues.

First, a password issue. Yes, changing passwords can help a person.

Second, however, when you require password changing, you begin to interfere with the choices, the freedoms, of the individual users. That can sometimes be a slippery slope towards other things. You might as well let Smart Cities and Smart Houses control your life.

Yes, programs could suggest that you change your password, but requiring password change is possibly invasive, like an invasion of privacy. It can be a slippery slope towards more Chinese Technocracy, that is tyranny. It's nice to be helpful, to suggest, to advice, but not through mandatory force, because that is a gateway towards other things.

Infowars Europe

09:46 AM - IWA - Tommy Robinson & Dan Lyman & Paul Joseph Watson are in Europe.

Chinese Tyranny

2019-06-04 - Tuesday - 10:13 AM - IWA - David Knight Show - 1st Hour - Facebook - Steemit - David talked about what happened today thirty years ago in China. We should talk more about that.


10:38 AM - IWA - @Memeart, as bad as the new 2019 Star Trek Picard show might be, the best part of it would be if they brought back Q, most likely. Sadly, they might not do that. I love Picard but not the SJW shadow that the actor of that character became, apparently. @Memeart, you can't derail this thread because this is my thread and we are talking a real Q as opposed to a fake Q lol. Well, technically, maybe you can derail it if people complain. But in my book, I don't care really if you were to derail my threads or not, either way, regardless. Other people might care. I don't know. But I was the one that created this thread and that should count for something lol, like ownership rights maybe, just kidding or maybe not kidding.

Joey is a Woman

11:06 AM - IWA - Leviticus accused me of being The Rec Fem. Griff shared a video of her talking. The video has a female voice. According to that video alone, it would be obvious that the video came from a woman. I've been making thousands of videos since 1996 when I was turning 11 years old. So, I sometimes use sarcasm, reverse psychology, irony, etc, etc. Oh, and Leviticus continued saying that I was a woman or that I was pretending to be a woman even after Griff shared the video.


11:10 AM - IWA - Questions & Answers - Q&A

Faith Goldy

11:14 AM - IWA - Faith Goldy is amazing. She is like the Millie Weaver of Canada. Faith Goldy is a red-pilling MAGA version of Angelina Jolie with beauty and brains. @TheIsz, so sorry, correction, Millie Weaver is like a baby daughter of Faith Goldy lol.

Mind Bender

11:25 AM - There are Mind Bender videos by @Mischief_With_Griff which had @Paladin and @Leviticus and Mama Potato and others and you can listen to them talk and learn a bit about what kind of people they are. I listened to a few hours of their 2019 shows. I learned a lot about them. It sounds like they are Americans. It sounded like they care about America to say the least. Leviticus may have good intentions. They talk about me every once in a while in their videos in 2019. Especially around 01:30 minutes into this video. This is near the end of the video around 90 minutes into the video, 1 hour and 30 minutes in. This video is on Brighteon. There may also be copies of their videos on YouTube and other places. YouTube might have muted or removed some of the videos.

The Alex Jones Show Thread

11:43 AM - IWA - We can talk about The Alex Jones Show in this thread. Bust The Trust - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday - 11:40 AM PST LMS JA - The Alex Jones Show - 1st Hour - Alex talked about how U.S. government is looking at Google, apparently. On the David Knight Show today, Robert Barnes was talking to David about this as well.


12:00 PM - IWA - That's why we have to rely on alternative websites and other systems in order to have leverage, an alternative. Otherwise, we are held hostage if they are monopolies, if there is not enough competition, choices, alternatives, etc. Alternatives include Steemit, Gab, Minds, Infowars, Bitchute, Brighteon, Free Zoxee, etc.

ALternative Social Networks

12:08 PM - IWA - Post alternatives here.

What are the alternatives to the ghetto social networks, tyrannies, Chinese Technocracy, monopolism, plutocracy, authoritarianism, etc, etc, of places like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Instagram, etc etc etc?

Some of the alternatives to Facebook, etc, may include websites like Steemit, Gab, Minds, Brighteon, Bitchute, Free Zoxee, Infowars, etc, etc, and some of these places may be cryptocurrency blockchain systems, etc.

What else is out there?

Post Banned Posts Here

12:11 PM - IWA - I got banned on Facebook for Kill All White People in 2018.

Joey Forum

12:23 AM - IWA - Sue (Twtter) wrote: "Okay I see this is Joey’s Forum - Seems every other new post comes from one Author.
I need a vacation for a while from here anyway.
See you all in August.


Health Thread

12:37 PM - IWA - Post health related things here.

On The David Knight Show today, David talked about how effective stem cells can be. Actually so effective, that technocracy and government tries to stop it. For example, imagine taking some cells out of your own body. Then try to visualize federal government breaking down your door, shouting: "YOU CAN'T YOUR BODY BACK INTO YOUR BODY." Feel free to post health related things in this thread, including the Mercury Vaccines of Bill Gates that murdered people in India, geoengineering chem-trails, Big Pharma stuff, Monsanto, wholistic or holistic medicine, natural remedies, gardens, diets, recipes, cooking advice, gardening advice, curing cancer advice, what not to eat, what we should eat, etc, etc.

Post health related things here.

Tantra Banter

12:54 PM - Steemit - I'm super jealous of this Tantra Banter because minimalism is fundamental to joy, progress, adventure, creativity, and everything. Love it. Welcome, guys. Love the photos. Exciting. I taught English in Vietnam, I'm from America. Welcome to Steemit. Upvoted. Resteemed.

The Joey Thread

01:00 PM - IWA - @Sue difinitly needs a vacation, Lol lolol check your status page available on platform. Ha haha appearance is Joey and Thelsz are tied at first place for several days now, he hehe.

Leviticus v Joey

02:20 PM - IWA - Leviticus wrote: "Sue has alluded to the fact that she is leaving. Members get tired of the shit!!! The fucker is obsessive compulsive and he makes multiple accounts!!! He replies to himself with those accounts!!! Here is Joey’s other accounts @Fubar @AtypicalRift and the admins have disabled flagging!!! ... This thread and Sue’s thread I will be replying to myself. I intend to keep this on top!!! Joey was banned by the moderators on the old INFOCOMMS for Shitposting…now you see why!!! There is more behind this than anyone knows!!!" Leviticus accused Memeart of being Joey Oatmeal lol.

Lust v Truth

02:30 PM - IWA - TheIsz replied to my picture of hot MAGA Women with boobs, breasts, guns, patriotism eternal principles, values: "Joey, this is a post a Meme, Image, or Video thread, not a McThot thread. :stuck_out_tongue: Enough with the explosion of raging hormones." I replied: "@TheIsz, awww man, but how else do get people to vote 2020? Historically speaking, if that was true, Ben Carson would have beaten Thotty Donald Trump.... @TheIsz, exactly, my point exactly, Ben Carson wasn't Thotty with enough original oatmeal like Donald Trump MAGA was. Speaking of butter cups (what happen to these cups haha just kidding and the world cup and a cup of tea in the UK and more puns in the sun haha) and laughing black changing scribble minds of not Steven Crowder @Memeart haha, I mean @NPC haha.

Everybody Is Versus Knows My Name

03:14 PM - IWA - Hello @Fubar I mean, hello me, since you are me and everybody is me. Reminds me of that Barney song where everybody has my name, not to be confused with Cheers where everybody knows your name. In my case, everybody is my name lol.

Dissect Music

03:36 PM - IWA - Post music related things here. I'll start. I'm listening to Johnny Mandel - Suicide Is Painless (Audio) which you may know from MASH which was on television from 1972-1983 and it is a show about the American Korean War 1950-1953. Like Vietnam, Korea had a civil war. America got involved. In this song - Suicide is Painless - They keep singing that suicide is painless and that it brings on many changes and that I can take it or leave it as I please and that you can do the same thing if you please. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this song seems to be promoting suicide, apathy, nihilism, pacifism, not enough yummy original green oatmeal, arrogance, ignorance, surrender, depression, negativity, pessimism, fear, nirvana, meaninglessness, relativity and subjectivity over objective eternal purpose, etc, etc. This song goes on to talk about how pain increases as you give into suicide and other things and it seems to be a good thing if you are numb to everything else. If you are in a bad place in your life, you give into pain and more pain, to cutting yourself, to drugs, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc, etc, because you are in need of something and you have a big hole in your heart. It might be promoting drugs and other things. @Mr.Anderson doesn't like songs about suicide or MASH. Me neither.

Not Joey

04:14 PM - IWA - Speaking of Joey, Hell, I'm not Joey either haha, how is that possible? For more information, you can watch Rick & Morty.


04:36 PM - IWA - I saw this picture on Facebook. It features the lie that these certain groups must protest as they are persecuted. Only them. Pure deception. It is a lie as Christians, white people, Americans, and especially white Christian American male husbands, are attacked, murdered, and everything.

Breaking News

04:58 PM - NPC - @NPC posted this - Former Parkland school deputy arrested on 11 charges tied to shooting - looks breaking to me. Post breaking news here in this thread.

Abortion Debate

05:28 PM - IWA - Post abortion related things here. Are you pro-life or pro-choice and can you have choice if you are not alive and how can you be alive if you were never born? Should you be allowed to be born in the first place or should other people get to choose whether or not you are born or not born in order to have choice? Post abortion related things in this thread. Porn Creates Abortion

Four Word Movie

06:11 PM - Twitter - Make America Great Again #My4WordMovieTitle

Paid To Oatmeal

06:13 PM - IWA - Leviticus wrote: "You cannot reason with what these idiots are doing to INFOCOMMS. Unless you have experienced it you don’t know what to expect. Just look…all these multiple accounts do is post senseless shit!!!

These are all the senseless shitposters I know of so far…


There are others. In addition Joey is constantly creating new accounts!!!

Why would he do this you might ask? He is paid to do it and we can prove it!!!"


06:14 PM - IWA - @Leviticus, is right, I'm getting paid on Steemit. Thank you. ADASTRAPERASPERA responded: "Dear @Leviticus NO I AM ME…NOT JOEY…" But all these people are the same person. They're not real. They are all Joey. I hope that places like IWA can be a resovoir for online and offline activism that can spread far and wide. The heavy weight champions can get together on Infocomms and places like that to gather from that well to then spring out like rivers all over ther world and all over the Internet in a variety of ways.

Greatest Comebacks

07:52 PM - IWA - What are your comebacks when NPC SJW bots come at you with whatever, what do you do and what do you say?

Music Study

08:05 PM - IWA - Music/Lyrics Commentary, Purpose, Goal, Meaning, Digest, Dissection, Interpretation, Application - Linkin Park sang a song, in the end it does not really matter, except that it really does matter, and Bon Jovi or whoever sang that it's my life and that it is now or never as life don't last forever, which is true in a way but also dangerous if not harnished enough.

Post a Person

08:28 PM - IWA - Post a Person, Patriot, or Group - See something cool. Say something cool. Post a person in this thread. I'll go first to show you what I mean. I'll post a video from Lionel Nation. @alex, yeah, Nick Begich is a smart and tough cookie. @ADASTRAPERASPERA, yeah, when you look up leadership in the dictionary, you find a picture of Owen Shroyer.

War Room

08:57 PM - IWA - Post Something About Owen Shroyer & The War Room Here

Owen Shroyer

10:07 PM - IWA - Ethan_Allen wrote: "My apologies to the infocomms for getting the site taken down. This is not my usual account and I am a bit incognito. I warned the infocomms when I joined, it would become a target and a target it did become. The takedown is proof, anywhere I am, will be taken offline when the shtf or I am needed to answer the call of the bat signal. As I don’ t want to sink this infocomms ship again, I will not be taking part of the board. Again, I apologize, I know the attention I get from both deep state neerdowells can affect your ability to operate as a side effect. I wish you well infocomms. Into that dark knight, go I. Farewell." Back into the War Room. I replied: "As long as you stay classy, everything will be alright." @Leviticus mentioned sympathy. But what about You Stay Classy Infowarriors? You can dox me if you want. I'm fair game.

Flagging It

10:23 PM - IWA- Leviticus wrote: "Why has flagging been disabled here? INFOCOMMS was doing well before when flagging was enabled. Now flagging has been disabled and it has devolved into a complete shithole!!! This place fucking sucks!!! It is a breeding ground for stupid shit posts by idiot posers, shills, shitposters, ankle-biters and bad actors!!!"

Why Disable Comments?

10:33 PM - Facebook - Two debates here. Two issues. First, options are good. The first issue is not really an issue or problem. The issue on whether or not we should have options to turn off comments or other options as well might be and could be productive, useful, useful, beneficial. Secondly, the second issue is more about that individual choice which has a bit to do with transparency, feedback, philosophy, the infrastructure of the development of western civilization through constructive criticism, etc, etc.

Where are the moderators?

10:36 PM - IWA - Leviticus wrote: "INFOCOMMS has been infiltrated and the moderators here do nothing!!Hxtr replied: "100% Joey talk. Too much Joey… .Joey. give us a break. How many accounts do you need to sound popular to yourself?"

They know this is true!!!

WTF are you doing to moderate the shitposting?

The moderation here sucks…this is a hosted service and the moderators have no stake in our claims!!!"


10:40 PM - Steemit - The sun will come out tomorrow, Orphan Annie. Picture. From MAGA Titan. IWA - Leviticus wrote: "What you are saying is a great way to make sure you never find what you are looking for if you don’t fight for it!!! Guess what? It never ends, even after you die. So learn to fight now and it will carry over into the next life. Believe me when I say these assholes exist in the hereafter as well!!!

I know this because I have seen it and you know what I am saying is true. It speaks to your core and I know I am right. I am not trying to bludgeon you with crazy after life shit but, I know what the fuck I am talking about. You don’t get to pick a corner of the universe you will be magically given reprieve from Joey fuckers!!!

You have to stand up here and now so you know how to keep these fuckers off your back not just here but…there too brother!!!"

2019 VHS To DVD Project Notes

V.2019 01.01 - D.2019 01.01 - 2019-06-03 - Monday
V.2019 02.01 - D.2019 02.01 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 03.01 - D.2019 03.01 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 04.01 - D.2019 04.01 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 04.02 - D.2019 05.01 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 05.01 - D.2019 05.02 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 06.01 - D.2019 05.03 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 07.01 - D.2019 05.04 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 08.01 - D.2019 05.05 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 09.01 - D.2019 05.06 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 10.01 - D.2019 05.07 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 11.01 - D.2019 05.08 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 12.01 - D.2019 05.09 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 13.01 - D.2019 05.10 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday - 1996-08 - Karate Kid - 1996-11 or 1996-12 Snow
V.2019 14.01 - D.2019 05.11 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday
V.2019 14.02 - D.2019 06.01 - 2019-06-04 - Tuesday - 09:43 PM LMS
V.2019 14.03 - D.2019 07.01 - 2019-06-05 - Wednesday - 08:53 AM

Astoria Columns 1996

V.2019 10.01 - D.2019 05.07
2019-06-04 - Tuesday - 07:24 PM
1996-06-17 - Monday - Astoria, OR - Astoria Columns. Boat. Up the tower. This tape ten begins with us at the Astoria columns. This is probably the original copy which was recorded directly from a camcorder.

Hillsdale College

11:57 PM - YouTube - Hillsdale College - Lesson Six | The People Rule, But They Do Not Govern

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2019-02-15 - Friday - 05:41 PM LMS - Gotham 506
2019-02-17 - Sunday - 10:08 PM LMS - Can America Learn From Athens?
2019-02-18 - Monday - 12:31 PM LMS - The Walking Dead 909
2019-02-18 - Monday - 06:07 PM LMS - Snow Day 1992
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2019-02-27 - Wednesday - 11:38 PM LMS - Joe Rogan Alex Jones Experience 1255
2019-02-28 - Thursday - 09:17 AM LMS - Gun Debate - Part 0001
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2019-02-28 - Thursday - 11:36 PM LMS - How-To Know If Your Computer Has Spy Hardware Chips
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