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One year, 10 days and 400 episodes later here we are. There used to be many of these series on steemit. Some started before me, many after. I think I may be the only one left from last year. I haven't seen any of the old series posts in quite awhile and I am on steemit many hours a day browsing posts. For now I'm still going. Not sure for how much longer. From the views it doesn't seem like anyone really reads it anymore so it's getting kind of pointless. Anyway here's a recap of the last 100 episodes:


Episode 330 Server Racks
Episode 355 Pool Table Cake Day
Episode 365 Bar/Fireplace Wall Unit
Episode 390 My Bar

Liquor Bottles/Decanters

Episode 302 Violin Music Bottle
Episode 309 ARDO Cherry
Episode 317 Whalers Killer Coconut
Episode 324 Zintorro Wine Pitcher
Episode 332 Lousi XII Crystal Bottle
Episode 339 Frangelico Gift Set
Episode 346 Wonder World of Ohio
Episode 353 Wicker Wine Bottle
Episode 361 Gas Pump Decanter
Episode 368 Arrow 100 Proof Leaf Bottle
Episode 375 VAT69 Gold Globetrotter 5th
Episode 382 Wolfschmidt Vodka Pitcher
Episode 389 Anniversary Bourbon
Episode 397 Jim Beam Hot Bottle


Episode 304 24 Jeff Gordon Photo Car Coca-Cola 600
Episode 311 8 Dale Jr Johns Manville Mernards Autographed
Episode 315 18 Bobby Labonte D-Day Car
Episode 316 88 DAle Jr National Guard Cars
Episode 319 5 Mark Martin Cheez-It
Episode 326 09 Brad Keselowski Miccosukee Indian Tribe Gaming Autographed
Episode 334 18 Kyle Busch Snickers Bar Car
Episode 341 01 Mark Martin Army Copper
Episode 348 16 Gregg Biffle National Guard/Charter Autographed
Episode 356 24 Bugs Rematch
Episode 363 24 Photo Car 1994 Brickyard Win
Episode 370 8 Photo Paint
Episode 377 8 Photo Car July 2001 Daytona
Episode 384 8 Bud Photo Car
Episode 392 48 Sea World/Shamu Car
Episode 399 6 Mark Martin Gold AAA Autographed


Episode 333 The Great American Tradition
Episode 340 World Encyclopedia of Birds & Birdwatching
Episode 347 The Drivers of NASCAR
Episode 354 NASCAR Chronicle
Episode 362 Old Mr. Boston De Luxe Official Bartender's Guide
Episode 369 Ripley's Believe it or Not Planet Eccentric
Episode 376 A Tribute to Jeff Gordon
Episode 383 NASCAR Chronicle New & Updated
Episode 391 Deities & Demigods
Episode 398 Natural World


Episode 305 FreeSpace 2
Episode 317 Star Trek Klingon Game
Episode 320 Star Trek Phaser Remote
Episode 328 Star Trek Space Pen
Episode 335 Castle Figureine
Episode 342 Dire Wolf figurine
Episode 349 Waterfall Castle
Episode 357 Crystal Ball
Episode 364 Crystal Dragon Wooden Base
Episode 371 Crystal Cloud Castle
Episode 378 D&D Dice
Episode 385 Eagle Dancer
Episode 393 Mirror Crystal Castle
Episode 400 Crystal Dragon Pink Heart


Episode 306 Aruba Glass
Episode 313 Burp Mug
Episode 321 Lowenbrau Glases
Episode 328 Golf Bag Mug/Candy Jar
Episode 336 Old West Shot Glasses
Episode 343 Light Up Pilsner Glasses
Episode 350 The Oasis Glass
Episode 358 Huge Brandy Snifters
Episode 372 Chaser Glasses
Episode 379 Barrel Mugs
Episode 386 American Ceramic Society Expo Glass
Episode 394 Large Shot Glasses

Off the Wall

Episode 303 Light House String Art
Episode 310 Spuds MacKenzie Poster
Episode 318 Plasma TVs
Episode 325 Humming Bird Mirror


Episode 301 Titanium Stemmed Shot Glasses
Episode 307 Fiber Optic Light
Episode 308 Ceramic Ducks
Episode 315 Life Savers Puzzle
Episode 322 Craft Candles
Episode 323 Red Seltzer Bottle
Episode 329 Newton's Cradle
Episode 331 Brass Trees
Episode 337 Bar Guy
Episode 338 Wooden Jacks
Episode 344 Fisherman Candle
Episode 345 Bicentennial Candle
Episode 351 Tiger
Episode 352 Titanium Trees
Episode 359 Bud Light Light Bulb
Episode 360 Wireless Smarthome Remote and Receiver
Episode 366 Silver Bullet Lighter
Episode 367 Lucky Nickel
Episode 373 Seagram's Drink Shaker
Episode 374 Ice Bucket and Seltzer set
Episode 380 Budweiser Party Lights
Episode 381 Blender
Episode 387 Horse Statue
Episode 388 Birds Figurine
Episode 395 Eagle Globe
Episode 396 Spuds MacKenzie Pins

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