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My steemit blog entitled "Something from my bar whenever I feel like it" hit it's 100th episode today. When I started doing it I chose the name because I figured I do an episode here and there and it wouldn't really last. Well that was 101 days ago and in that time I only missed one day. The initial idea was to just find something around the house to take a picture of and see what would happen. Saw my bottle collection and grabbed one. It was originally going to just be all liquor bottles/bar stuff. After a few bottles I quickly realized I would run out if I didn't mix it up. Grabbed a NASCAR picture and things just kind of rolled along from there. After a few weeks a pattern sort of emerged with bottles/cans on Monday, a 2 for Tuesday thing, bottles on Wednesday, and Off the Wall Thursdays. Friday was initially a mix up but eventually became NASCAR day. When football season hit Saturday and Sunday became Ohio State and Pittsburgh Steeler days. While I am running out of some things I have a lot more to come in future episodes. Still a few bottles left, lots more NASCAR, and my Sci-Fi stuff has barely been touched upon. Maybe there will be a 200th episode special in the future. Until then grab a drink and here is the complete list to go thought in case you missed any.

Liquor Bottles/Decanters

Episode 1 Ducks Unlimited Bottle
Episode 2 Elepahnt Football Bottle
Episode 3 King's African Rifle Coprs Bottle
Episode 6 Beam Pro Football Hall of Fame Bottle
Episode 8 Little Brown Jug Decantor
Episode 10 Beam's Choice Old Peasant Bottle
Episode 12 Mister Piss Liquor Dispensor
Episode 15 Barsottine Giraffe Wine Bottle
Episode 18 Beam's Choice Rainbow Trout Bottle
Episode 22 Ohio Expositions Center Bottle
Episode 28 Bols Ballerina Musical Bottle
Episode 29 Beam's Pin Bottle
Episode 32 65 Year Old Crown Royal
Episode 36 Beam's Choice The Scout Bottle
Episode 38 Beam's Choice Sailfish Bottle
Episode 42 Beam's Trophy Horse Bottle
Episode 43 Calvert Reserve Bottle
Episode 46 Beam's Choice Trout Bottle
Episode 50 Ezra Brooks FOE Eagle Bottle
Episode 57 Beam's Choice Mozart Bottle
Episode 64 Jim Beam Owl Bottle
Episode 78 Jim Beam Mirror Bottle
Episode 85 Cherry Marnier Velvet Bottle
Episode 92 Schenley Blended Whiskey
Episode 99 McGill Canadian Whiskey


Episode 5 Gordon 2007 Autographed Picture
Episode 11 Jimmie Johnson IROC Car
Episode 13 Racing in Heaven Picture
Episode 19 #3 Dale Earnhardt Elvis Car
Episode 21 Jason Leffler #2 Hulk Truck
Episode 24 Gordon #24 Looney Tunes Car
Episode 26 Dale Jr. 2006 Richmond Win Picture
Episode 37 Gordon 1994 Brickyard 400 Picture
Episode 39 Gordon Foundation Mighty Mouse Car
Episode 41 Dale Jr. Car in a Bud Bottle
Episode 44 Gordon 3 Time Daytona Champ Plaque
Episode 48 Jimmie Johnson Sponge Bob Car
Episode 51 Dale Jr #88 First Points Win Picture
Episode 52 NASCAR Poker Set
Episode 56 NASCAR Cocoa Set
Episode 58 Gordon 76th Career Win at Pheonix Picture
Episode 59 Gordon Ceramic Teddy Bear
Episode 66 Gordon Collectors Plate
Episode 72 Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's Car Picture
Episode 73 24 Car Acrylic Laser Etch Light
Episode 77 Gordon Collectors Tin/cards
Episode 79 Jeff Gordon 2004 Brickyard 400 Win Picture
Episode 80 Jeff Gordon Star Wars Car
Episode 86 Jeff Gordon Plasma Clock
Episode 87 Jeff Gordon 2006 Calendar
Episode 90 Jimmie Johnson 1st Dayton Win Picture
Episode 91 Dale Earnhardt Collectors Tin/Cards
Episode 94 Jeff Gordon #24 Bottle Light
Episode 96 2001 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Cars
Episode 100 Jeff Gordon 2001 Championship Display Case.


Episode 7 Coors Light Baseball Bat
Episode 14 Old LegHumper
Episode 16 Old Polar Water Bottle
Episode 17 Beer Bread in a Bottle
Episode 20 Last Batch Latrobe rolling Rock Bottle
Episode 23 Trick Comedy Glass Set
Episode 34 Cleveland Browns 7up Bottle
Episode 35 Hair of the Dog Pub Glasses
Episode 49 Bud Light Fall/Halloween Aluminum Cans
Episode 55 Budweiser Bowling Pin Bottle
Episode 62 Busch White Crappie Can
Episode 69 Dale Jr Aluminum Bottle Tap
Episode 76 Gold Bud Bottle
Episode 83 Bud Millennium Bottles
Episode 90 Beer Can Candles
Episode 97 Budweiser Bottle in Acrylic

Ohio State Buckeyes

Episode 25 Dancing Musical Brutus
Episode 32 Wooden Football
Episode 46 Buckeye Lamp
Episode 53 2002 Schedule Stadium Picture
Episode 60 Fuzzy Dice
Episode 67 Wall Sign
Episode 74 Football's Best
Episode 81 Ohio State Bean Pillows
Episode 88 Buckeye Can
Episode 95 Round Brutus Pillows

Pittsburgh Steelers

Episode 27 Turnpike Rivalry Iron City Can
Episode 33 Roethlisberger Bettis Stayley Plaque
Episode 40 Dancing Musical Bear
Episode 47 Super Bowl XL Champions Plaque
Episode 54 Plush Football
Episode 61 Steelers Pennant
Episode 68 Steelers Mug and Tassel
Episode 82 Iron Mike Iron City Can


Episode 9 Lionel Train Bar Light
Episode 93 Bud Neon Light


Episode 98 Star Trek TNG Collectors Tin and Cards


Episode 4 Go Go Dancer Drink Shaker
Episode 30 Tip Dancer
Episode 63 Bud vs Bud Light Checkers
Episode 65 No Beer in Heaven Sign
Episode 70 Bud and MGD Dart Sets
Episode 71 Pirates Indians Inter-league Play Baseball Ornament
Episode 75 Football Snack Dish
Episode 84 Wild Turkey Rare Breed Golf Balls/Tees

Man that was a heck of a lot of typing.

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