Atlantic to Pacific US Road Trip 8 - Estes Park

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In my last post, in Denver, the featured photo is of a hill of rocks at Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park. We didn't stay there, but didn't know where to walk to see the beauty.


I looked down at the floor of the car and saw I left my boots at our friends house. In sandals with snow on the ground was a bad idea, but wasn't too uncomfortable until my toes hit snow which was not until well into the trip. When we reached our destination which was only like 30 ft. of treading in snow my toes really felt bad, so I took off my jacket and wrapped up my feet. We stayed there and took pictures for about 15 minutes on a rock behind the inn.


I bit the bullet and walked through it again, but traded shoes with my friend on the walk back to the brewery. After half the walk back my toes no longer burned, but had restored fully.

Rockcut Brewing Company


The Drive from Denver to Estes Park

Photo of the Day

Estes Park - OC 1280 x 220




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Almost home my friends, then off to get some work! Cheers!




It's beautiful! I think (I feel like) winter hits there first!


It does because the altitude is so high. We got up to about 3100 m in elevation. Here is a screenshot.


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