The Road Trip - Eastern North America (27 - Alabama I - Rainbow Mountain)

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I have been home from this trip for a long while. Haha. Now we have reached the final stop of my journey! Worry not, I have a few more posts left to complete the road trip, but for now:

Rainbow Mountain in Alabama

The mountain wasn't very tall, but there were a lot of cool rock walls and "balanced" rocks throughout the trail. I collected quite a bit of footage from the journey!


Taking pictures with just a phone isn't the best, but it gets the job done. Being alone I try to be hyper aware of wildlife and anything that can be dangerous. Of course, climbing rocks in sandals is not the best idea. Pictures of myself are hard to get as well because of the phone and timer situation. I made due.

Videos, GIFs, and More!


The cliff below was quite nerve racking. Probably 20-30 feet even though it doesn't look like it. Climbing up to there was cool though. Seemed safe enough!





The Road Trip So Far

Animated GIF-downsized_large (52).gif


Can't wait to show you more Steemiteers! Here's to you!



I got a lot of fun watching your post. Well done a wonderful post. Thank you

Thank you akikur100! You are doing very well on Steemit too!

Just posted on dtube and got 6$ upvote again I guess it’s a good way to earn steem

Yeah. Dtube supports its users quite well!

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