The Road Trip - Eastern North America (17 - Chicago I)

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Lake Michigan

On the 4th of July my cousin from Chicago took me and some of his friends out sailing. It was really a wonderful trip. The weather was hot, but perfect on the lake. It made going to the beach seem mundane because you can just jump right off the boat into the water which is much cleaner 2-3 miles into the lake. I present to you my journey!


Trip Collage


Chicago Beach


The Wilson Avenue Crib


The "cribs" as they call them supply the city with fresh water! There are several of them, but this is the one we passed. This one was built between 1915-1918. It is scheduled for demolition, so Steemit will have the history here forever!

Fourth of July Videos


Thank you for viewing my Steemian friends! See you soon!



Great post! I just followed you and upvoted you! Follow me back @relsserd.

Thank you for the upvote and comment relsserd! See you around!

I would have gone fishing

Yeah. I wish we'd brought poles. I was hungry. Lol

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