Atlantic to Pacific US Road Trip 1 - To Northern Georgia

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The Beginning

I woke at 4 AM to make sure that the trip would start out right and early. The road was not too bad, but there was some rain. I got a good picture of the sunrise that I am going to combine with a picture of the sunset in LA, covering both coasts, but a preview is good for now.


The first part of this road trip we were supposed to make it to Nashville, but plans changed when we needed to stop for an oil change. The camp grounds at Davis Pond in Tennessee would have been free, but you need to arrive before dusk and that did not happen. It is also fairly cold, so setting up a tent would have been difficult for the first time. Going to save it for later. For now, we are staying in the Duffie Motel which was $60 total for the night ($36 online plus fees and taxes). A cheap decent stay.


It was really foggy through a lot of the trip and Atlanta, Georgia had an amazing sight. The tops of the larger buildings were surrounded by fog, blocking the view. I have a hyperlapse of the drive through the town and a picture of the fog.



The 1996 Olympic Stadium

Passed by this and I was happy to grab some photos to show! Also known as the Centennial Olympic Games because the first one was 100 years ago, number XXVI,



The Location


Eastern US Road Trip

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Las Vegas

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