Back On Steemit... Finally

Hansenator Is Back!

I am glad to be back on Steemit. Unfortunately, I come back with a new account because I lost my old account. Here is how: When making my last Steemit account @hansenator I took a picture of the password on my phone and saved it to my reliable Toshiba laptop as a picture. Having it in two places is safe enough, right?

After the better part of a year of blogging and investing in this wonderful community we all love, I became more of an inactive member. During this time my phone broke, so I got a new one thinking nothing of it. Months later, my hard drive in my computer broke. Called Toshiba, gave them $100 US, and they literally did not know the implications of installing a new operating system, which would have erased my data and some stored crypto with it. Luckily, I know some knowledgeable people. I have the hard drive, but it is still broken (with the data on it). Considering sending it to “Drivesavers” because my co-worker that does IT at the school I work says they’re the best!

If the quest for the hard drive is solved I will resume my @hansenator account for education and @hansenatortravel will be for… you can assume. Haha. If not, hansenatortravel will become my one-and-only account.

Today, I bring you a treat! My last post for hansenator had to do with a trip to Louisiana. Well on my drive out there from Florida I collected snapchat filters from cities I passed through. Snapchat saved this for me, so we have them to thank for this compilation!

Florida to Louisiana


Most backgrounds are black, but there were a couple I snagged from regular photos I took.

Biggest Influences for hansenator

I would also like to thank my old friends and teachers on Steemit, by mentioning them in this post. Wish you all the best and I hope to learn a lot more from you!
@acromott, @aggroed, @always1success, @bentleycapital, @blapone420, @bleujay, @cristof, @crypt0, @curie, @daveks, @deadspave, @diggerdugg, @donkeypong, @doughtaker, @drewley, @fibra59, @fyrstikken, @good-karma, @graceland, @scottland, @harleymechanix, @hitmeasap, @hr1, @investmentfool, @jbozz3o, @jeezzle, @joe28, @juliank, @katdvine, @kaylinart, @kingscrown, @kishore1988, @mes, @papa-pepper, @pizzachain, @rigor, @rufans, @soldier, @slickhustler007, @splash-of-angs63, @steemclaira, @steemiteducation, @superbuckles, @theguruasia, @tornadoman, @twogirls1planet, @vegansilverstack, @zothuro.
Each of you have impacted me in a positive way and I thank you for it!

Have an amazing day Steemers! Stay Positive!


Greetings @hansenatortravel.

Welcome back to Steemit. Sorry to hear about your password......hopefully your account will be fully recovered very soon.

Appreciate the mention....very kind of you.

Wishing you all the best.


Thank you bleujay! Great to be back! Still not home to send my hard drive to professionals, but very soon! Thanks for the good tidings. Best wishes!

We will help you gain back up

Thanks tornadoman! Are you moving close to your current home?

Probably to California

Well good luck in CA man. Let me know if you need any math help. Haha. You can talk to me on through my old hansenator account (because the password was easy to remember... haha).

I might do all my classes online next year

Welcome to Steem, @hansenatortravel!

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Omg!!!!😮 Try to get back your old account. The rank and the funds there shouldn't go just like that

And for this part,

If the quest for the hard drive is solved I will resume my @hansenator account for education and @hansenatortravel will be for…

🤣 , It should be for travels just as the name has stated.

Welcome back hansenatortravel 🙌

Yeah. Haha. The account value was worth about 8k a few months ago, but still well worth getting back. I will see what I can do about the hard drive which is the only way I can think to get it back.

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Welcome back, my friend. I hope you are able to recover the data and your old account. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Thank you doughtaker! Glad to hear from you again. How are the contests and gambling going?

Gambling's going up and down as usual, with a trend to the up side -- nothing too far out of the ordinary there. Contests are a different story -- those of the style that I have the talent, time, and interest to partake in have been drying up somewhat -- plus I've been busier with casinos and other real-life stuff.

To partially fill the contest gap, I've been studying a few other cryptocurrencies and looking into those trivia apps -- hoping to find the next Steem-like ecosystem and trying to convert my smarts into money in other ways without having to leave home.

Yeah... Well that is probably the best way to do it. Just work at home in a comfy setting kicking ass on the computer. Haha. Whether it be trading cryptos or finding more cool stuff like steemit. I love the trading aspect because you can always make a long-term trade worthwhile.

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