The Road Trip - Eastern North America (20 - Chichgo IV - Tribune Tower)

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The Tribune Tower

I literally
have so many
pictures from Chicago,
I don't even know where to go
or what to do with my next few posts.
In the end I would like to get through all pictures,
so Steemers can use my posts/blog to plan their vacations!

History of the Building

  • Former home to many offices, like The news, radio, and restaurants
  • Being converted into a condominium
  • Built: 1923-1925
  • 36 Floors
  • Design: neo-Gothic
  • Design Inspiration: Competition held by Chicago Tribune for a $50,000 USD prize.

Interesting Pieces of Places Collected Around the World



This wall picture includes, but is not limited to:
New Jersey, North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Antarctica, Rhode Island, Iowa, Delaware, & North Carolina


Funny thing is I've never visited St. Augustine in Florida even though I've lived there my whole life. Granted it's 5 hours away, but that's nothing compared to this trip! Haha.

Nearby Picture Compilation


Not sure, but for some reason I like taking pictures of Trump's bankrupt towers. Haha. Here is an old one from my last Vegas trip. I am going again the 16th of August!


Thank you my friends. Stay Safe and Best Wishes!




LOL "Trump Venetian"

That's just perfect placement on that photo. To the untrained eye and/or uninformed person, one could easily be fooled into thinking that Trump got back into the casino business and decided to build a miniature tower on top of the Venetian =P

Lol. Took it from the "High Roller" last year, giant ferris wheel. Going again soon!

Hi Mr Hansen I didn’t know that trump towers was bankrupt also I am doing a steembasicincome giveaway on my page.

I'll support the contest! Yeah. He doesn't own the one in Chicago anymore. Lol.

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