The Road Trip - Eastern North America (28 - Alabama II - Space Exploration)

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The Davidson Center for Space Exploration


Thought this would be a great way to continue my travel posts. This is actually where a few of my friends have worked! I went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida for a BS in Computational Mathematics. I taught high school for 5 years and now I need to aim for more, the stars you might say. Not exactly betting on working here though. It would be cool, but I have other plans for now.

The rocket above is a mock of the real thing. Hopefully, they never have to be used. Seriously, who in their right mind would attack Alabama of all places? Haha. I also have to point out the really smart guy in the truck that had to pull over for a picture, I'm not a big fan of stupidity.

The US Space and Rocket Center


At the Davidson Center you can get tours of the museum. It would be fun, I'm sure, but I have never been a big fan of tourist traps. I would rather just work there. Of course, it's not a laboratory, it's a museum, so I would probably not take that job. Haha. The real rockets and labs are close by.


Have a beautiful day! Happy Trails!



That's good, you get a mind of researcher! So it's better do your PhD and finding secrets of stars!


I was never really interested in a PhD. I think if you want a good paying job then you don't even need a degree, you just have to find it. The truth is that school does not prepare a person for a career, just minor background knowledge.

Wow the aeronautical university!!! I visited Florida about 2 years ago but never checked out here whoa it’s so cool! Upvoted to support

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Where did you go in Florida when you visited? I've lived here my whole life. It is getting tiring. Haha.

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