Hansenatortravel in Las Vegas III - Concert Line-Up and The Pink Taco

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Hello Everyone!

I am sorry about my 4 day hiatus on posts, there has been much to do, but now I am home here in Florida and all is well! The flight got in yesterday at 7 am, so I basically slept that day off. Haha. Now I need to edit videos and figure out the names of the 20+ bands I have recorded for the Steemit Platform. Here is a beautiful masterpiece, I don't know the artist, that was in the Hard Rock very close to the restaurant, the Pink Taco, I am going to show you as well today.

Viva Psycho


The Line-Up, or should I say four days of rock:


The Pink Taco

This delicious restaurant is located inside the Hard Rock. I ordered the chicken enchiladas, a classic! This is the first place I recommend you eat if you stay at this hotel in Vegas!



Thank you for traveling to my blog! Happy Trails Steemians!



Thank you for posting @hansenatortravel.

You certainly are traveling.....we can hardly keep up. hehe ^__^

Looks you know what to order at The Pink Taco....yes...make it a habit to find the best chicken enchiladas in town.

All the best to you.


Appreciate the reSteem......very kind of you.

Haha. I have so many pictures and videos I can't even keep up. Studied about 8 hours today. The no job situation is starting to hit. There are options (lol) because I would like to go abroad, but that can be bad for family reasons. Anytime on the RS! Best to you!

There are so many different places I want to visit in Vegas. I have heard of an amazing place to go for burgers there that I want to check out. Vegas is high up on the bucket list for trips.

It is still for me after the 2nd time I've been there. Still didn't get to see everything I wanted. Haha.

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