The Road Trip - Eastern North America (22 - Chichgo VI - Chinatown)

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Chinatown in Chicago, Illinios

I was looking forward to going to Chinatown, but it was a little disappointing to be honest. Haha. The cool thing about it was the architecture and artwork. Didn't do any food, but I bought a banana chocholate shake with tapioca (bubbles) in the bottom. Pretty good! Not really much there to do but shop and eat. It was kind of like a slummy mall, but outdoors. I would probably prefer the Chinatown in New York or Los Angeles.



History of Chinatown

The building of the Trans-Continental Railroad and discrimination in the mid to late 1800's actually played a part in where Chinatown is located. In the early 1900's, the Chinese population in Chicago was 4th in the United States steadily growing and evolving into the town we see today. Racism and setbacks continued to impede the town through the 1960's. Moving it to and from different streets due to leasers that increased rent too high.

The first Chinatown was raised to allow room for a new State Detention Center in the 1970’s. This meant that the Chinese had to once again relocate. The Argyle and Broadway sections of Chicago were chosen for the new location of Chinatown.

Now, the small businesses and Chinese population flourishes and it is a tribute to our nation!


Thank you for the views my friends! Happy Trails!




I have always wanted to visit Chicago. The Windy City has so much that I want to see. I had no idea that Chinatown was so impressive there. Will add it to the list of things I want to see.

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