The Road Trip - Eastern North America (29 - Alabama III - Campus 805 - Middle School Brewery)

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Yes Steemers! A middle school converted into a set of breweries and restaurants which contains Alabama's largest brewery. This facility is called...

Campus 805

It was a lot of fun. My friend Greg introduced me to his friends from work. They were all a blast and hilarious. They toured me through the whole place. Definitely worth the visit if you are in Northern Alabama. Here is, even better than a list, all of the businesses they have here! Click the pic for more info.

My Photos & Pics of the Menu





Cheers Steemers! Have one for me!



It seems to be a good place! I feel like a mart or something like that! Anyway that would be a great experience! I went through the link and probably I will recheck it again to get a clear idea!


Definitely a great place for fun with friends. I will eventually go back there to visit my fraternity brother again, but not for a while. Thanks for stopping by!

I wish I was in school there.

It would be a pretty bad-ass school to go to. Haha.

And I am pretty bad-ass Ha

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