The Road Trip - Eastern North America (25 - Chichgo IX - Vice Brewery)

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Actually the first thing I did in Chicago was go to Vice Brewery. Great brewery off of the most famous Michigan Ave. nearly right under my cousin's apartment! There have been many things that attracted me to move there. Still planing on it very soon!


1454 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois, 60605

They have a great looking website HERE. When I went I had the Habitual, a really good Black IPA. I gotta say, I love IPA's and dark beers, so this was perfect! Their description:

This year round selection more commonly known as a Black IPA is one of our personal favorites. Your taste buds will definitely thank you as you experience the complexity of 2 row, vienna, select dark roasted specialty and chocolate malts. We selected Chinook, Citra, Amarillo and Cascade hops to give it that classic pacific northwest flavor and aroma where this style originated. 7% ABV and 75 IBUs.


Thank you for viewing my friends! Cheers!



Wow they got a nice look web site and yeah these beer colors looks so great! I hope you got a great taste either!


Haha. I'm going to Vegas again next... Actually tomorrow!

It’s looks very shiny and clean there also I put you on my steem auto list to upvote you every time you make a post

Thanks man. Appreciate it! Still at ICHS this year? How's it going?

Actually staying with my grandparents in Hernando Beach for my last year but I wish I was still there

I love these pubs that are attached to the breweries. It is fun to be able to see the shiny vats where all the beer magic is happening. lol

Me too! Lol. It's a great sight. I would love to be able to brew my own beer in the future.

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