The Road Trip - Eastern North America (8 - First Glimpse of Chicago, Illinois)

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Good Afternoon Steemians


Here is a good look at my first night in Chicago, The Windy City, which happened to be very rainy and windy. It was almost like Florida in a way with sudden and brief thunderstorms. It was an excellent time and wish to go back (same as many of the other places)!
The first night my cousin took me to a brewery called Vice District Brewing Company. Very tasty IPA

Vice Brewing



I appreciate all you do for me Steemers! Happy Trails!

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Wow it seems to be a great one! Your first night in Chicago seems with lot of fun!


Did you drink a lot

Usually when I go out I only have like 2 beers and someone else drive. Doesn't happen too often I over do it. Haha

That’s good

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