The Road Trip - Eastern North America (24 - Chichgo VIII - Soldier Field)

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Soldier Field

Home of the Chicago Bears, Soldier Field, is a football stadium. Luckily for people that live in Chicago it is just a bike ride away. That's how I got there. You go up over a windy bridge, in the windy city, that takes some strength because it is uphill and I'm out of shape. Haha.


Source of Information

Gold Star Families Memorial and Park


This park was dedicated to those that fought in World War 1. There is a lot of history here! That tree is so beautiful when comparing it to the rest of the surroundings! It almost looks kind of surreal.


Thank you for viewing Steemers! Stay strong and carry on!




Never see that stadium! Nice photography dude! You had a great time out there!


Yes I did. Haha. I'm still not even done with Chicago. Then I have some Alabama and Florida still to post on. Much more to come. Just wish there we 36 hours in a day. Haha.

Thank you for posting these lovely photographs @hansenatortravel.

What a lovely memorial......very sobering tribute to the American soldiers of World War I.

Take Care.


Thank you bleujay! I'm glad I could honor the troops with a nice post and hope to bring more tourism there as well. Probably will be where I move to! Should be amazing. Teaching is finally over! Too much bureaucracy. Thank you for the comment! Best wishes!

Thank you for your kind reply @hansenatortravel.

Change is it?

I wish you well and much happiness.

You are welcome to send bleujay a note in chat.

All the best......please give my regards to graceland.


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