Hansenatortravel in Las Vegas II - The Hard Rock

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Yesterdays concerts were absolutely outstanding! We saw nearly every band and, for you Steemiteers, I videoed every single one I saw and will come up with a compilation (or several) for you to view. Again, I am at the Viva Psycho concert in Nevada.

The Hard Rock

Funnily enough, I found out that you can see both the sunrise and sunset from the window of our hotel...


The first day we got into Vegas, I booked a room at Excalibur, a hotel on the strip for about $75 (weirdly enough the actual rate of the room was $29), there were a lot of hotel fees. I'm not complaining because the 4 nights at the hard rock were about $1200. Yeah... I know. Convenience is a hard price to pay for staying in the hotel of the concert.


Above is a picture of one of the bands that played leaving to go hang out with everyone! The food, so far, has been excellent here at the hotel. I think we need to get out on the streets a bit more though. We are kind of locked up here since the concert is at the hotel as well.


Now, for some of the attractions and history inside the hotel!


Basically it is a museum of old guitars and memorabilia of rock stars. Very cool, in my opinion. Also, included a sneak preview of one of the bands I am going to present in the future! Enjoy!


Thank you for your support my friends! Happy Trails!



checks Tropicana website... $39 rooms but $39.68 resort fee...

$46 in resort fees for one night at Excalibur, a lower-end MGM property... excuse me while I go puke.

I can't begin to imagine how much worse the resort fees are going to get once the Raiders move into town.

At least you're enjoying your stay, that's the most important thing. 👍

Yeah... Taxes included in that price, their fees are like 35. I am unfortunately not gambling much. I have not won yet, so luck is thin right now. Lol.

Yeah, Hard Rock doesn't have a reputation for being a great place to gamble (I was last there in 2015 for a concert and their game selection at the time was trash). Depending on your preferences for the type of game...

  • Video poker: Vpfree2.com will give a listing of many of the better games around (as well as some crappy ones) Las Vegas. Listed payback percentages are over the long-term, so for your stay luck would still dominate over skill.
  • Slot machines: If you actually take the time to read the rules of every game that you're thinking of playing (something that not many people do), you might discover a few +EV situations. Your math background will give you a leg up over the general public here.
  • Table games: The only non-recommendation I can provide here is to avoid South Point. They seem to really sweat the small stuff over there.

Have you ever been to the encore because I really wanna go there

I have not. We are now staying at the Hard Rock, which is a bit of a walk away from the strip (probably where the Encore is). We have a few hours on Monday to do tourism.

Just got another delegation today I’m currently trying to create the bot in steem python to but figuring it out is hard

Yeah. Python shouldn't be too hard to learn. Are you taking a free online course to learn it? It would probably be the best way, but it is just the basics, not how to get it onto the internet and everything. I don't know how complex it can get.

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