The Road Trip - Eastern North America (1 - To NY)

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The Big Road Trip

The drive has been long my Steemian friends, but I've reached Nova Scotia in Canada. The trip up to this point has been the following:

1Ft. Myers, FlHome2.5
2Fort Lauderdale, FlFriend Sean2.5
3Fort Myers, FlForgot Passport3
4Orlando, FlFriend Andrew1.5
5Daytona Beach, FlFriend Justin & Family13.5
6Egg Harbor, NJFriend Rev2.5
7Staten Island, NYFriends Hannah and Angelo2
8Manhattan, NYFriend Alex/Concert in Brooklyn3
9Long Island, NYFriend John15
10Nova ScotiaFamily-
--Total Drive Time45.5 hrs

Mostly visiting everyone this trip, not going to too many of the sites since I've been there before, in most cases. In New Jersey, I went to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City to give them some money (haha) after seeing my friend of course. I unfortunately did not give myself enough time for this trip because I am going on a cruise in mid July.


Upon arriving in NY I relaxed for a bit where I was staying for the week (Staten Is) and went to my friends for the concert King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. It went quite well and I will have a post for it soon.


This trip, since I brought my car, there has been a lot of city driving which can be hilarious. If you know how to drive aggressively, then dring in NY will be no problem. Although, you will need to dodge stuff in the road, like random metal poles, parking in the far left and right lanes, taxis occupying the second lane from the left and right, and screaming crazy pedestrians that don't know where they are. Haha. No Joke. Included above is a sawgrass picture from Fl and the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.


Above, my friend John and his dog Stewie, we are travelling around Port Jefferson in Long Island. Haven't seen either of them in 5 years and Stewie was so excited to have a familiar smell around for a bit. He probably already forgot about me. Haha. Glad I could see all of these people.

Thank you my friends! Best wishes to you! Happy Trails!
Stay Tuned!


Hansenator will rise again

Lol. If I put in work it should pay out. It's fun getting back into it, I have to say.

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