The Road Trip - Eastern North America (13 - Nova Scotia IV)

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Tatamagouche Small Business

My uncles both showed me around town and here are some pictures from different stores and industry.


Up in the rural areas there are a lot of large mills and factories, from grist mills to salt mines. They are actually very interesting. You can tour most places. I went to the grist mill and will have a full educational post about making flour.
I find the salt mines below to be the most interesting to look at from afar. All of that is salt!!! Mostly used for the roads in the winter.

Another cool place to get food, stay, or shop is here at the Tatamagouche old train station. It was converted into a restaurant/Inn in 1989. Bought by a private investor that wanted to save the station from being demolished. Great idea to save history, and now this 1887 station remains open and renovated.


The temperatures when I visited Nova Scotia ranged from 45-80 degrees Fahrenheit, so it felt amazing with the nice breeze and bright sun. Every day, but one, was beautiful. Glad to make it out to the country and will be going back! More posts to come about Canada!


Thank you for your support! Best wishes Steemians!



Your road trip looks so fun. What has been your favourite part so far? I love all the photos, seeing and experiencing different places is one of my favourite things about Steemit

My favorite part was probably Chicago. Just rode around a lot on the bikes they have for rent on the streets, very cheap. Everywhere was fun though. The people were all very accommodating and I saw a lot. I agree. Steemit is great for seeing cool things and giving ideas! See you soon thriftymum! Best wishes!

Chicago is definitely on my wishlist. It is my dream to visit all 50 states!

Chicago has amazing people and sites. It is definitely a must see!

Thank you for posting @hansenatortravel.

Enjoyed seeing and hearing about Nova Scotia......keep up the good work!

Lovely photographs and information.

All the best to you.


Apologies for the lateness of this note of appreciation.....thank you for the reSteem....very much.

Thank you bleujay! Many more to come. I'm about half way through the photos and videos captured. Lots of new things to learn about making it look nice too! No problem, anytime!

That look good place i hope visit it and know more information , nice post , i had follow you to see more :)

Thank you mad666! I'm glad you like the posts, I put a lot of time in to them. Your posts are great as well!

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