The Road Trip - Eastern North America (19 - Chichgo III - Willis Tower)

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Willis (Sears) Tower

One day, I was traveling around town on the Divvy bicycle and my friend from work called me and said she was in town and about to go visit "The Bean". I was only a 20 min bike ride away, so I decided to go visit. As soon as I get there I see that she is with a class of kids for a summer trip. I even knew a few of them. Haha. Pleasant surprise to see everyone!

History & Facts

  • Old Height: 1450 ft. (442.1 m.)
  • New Height (after antennas were added to improve TV reception): 1729 ft. (520.3 m.)
  • 1973 - 2009 known as Sears Tower
  • 4.3 Million square ft. of floor space.
  • Inspiration for design: A pack of cigarettes pulled out at varying heights.
  • Skydeck is the observation room for tourists, a height of 1353 ft. on the 103rd floor

Fellow Teacher and Former Student


I've known the teacher for several years since we had physics together in high school. The student, who I had in Algebra two or three years ago, is clearly the only mature one out of all 3 of us! Haha.

Close Ups of the Willis Tower



Best Wishes & Happy Trails!




I’m going to one of those restaurants tonight that rotates and looks like the space needle in Seattle

Cool. Take pictures and post them! Where is this?

San Antonio I will post pictures tomorrow

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