The Road Trip - Eastern North America (Snapchat Filter Collage II)

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

Still trippin' Steemers! This time, I have another collage of snapchat filters and some extra beauties I caught on the road on snapchat. Currently in Madison, Alabama visiting a Delta Chi brother from Embry-Riddle. All will be revealed in due time!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (5).gif

The drive from Chicago, Il to Madison, Al took from 4:30 pm to 3:40 am. I actually crossed the timezone several times because I drove into Indiana immediately after leaving Chicago, by Lake Michigan. Despite having ended up back in the same timezone. Haha.


One really cool thing I saw is the highest speed limit I've ever seen. It was in Maine of all places, 75 mi/hr or 120 km/hr (I did not see this in Canada).


The background of the picture above is Soldier Field, home field of the Chicago Bears! Mixed with my friend from Michigan, a delicious coffee in Nova Scotia, and some great scenery!


Thank you for joining me Steemers! Happy Trails! (2).gif


Today I got a very bad internet connection, so those photography are not displaying to me! Actually I have no idea how US cities are located around! But I think you are enjoying by all these travels!


Ahh too bad. I fixed the map to show my path. I was a little too tired last night and didn't think of it. I am indeed loving all of the travels! Best wishes Guru!

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