The Road Trip - Eastern North America (14 - All the People)

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Meet Everyone

This post will be dedicated to all of the people seen on this adventure. This is also the final map of the journey! Think of how you could plan a road trip like this! Anyways, it was definitely wonderful and I was very happy to see everyone.


This is the whole trip from start to finish and below are all of the people that made it happen!

map2 - 1.png

map3 - 1.png

map4 - 1.png

map5 - 1.png

map6 - 1.png


The trip was long, but in the end it seems so insignificant compared to the whole United States. Still a lot of places to go and things to see, as well as go back to visit friends and family again and see more sites there.


Thank you for all you do Steemers! Enjoy life!



Wow this is a great road trip! How many miles you traveled so far?


I probably put about 7000 miles on the car. It was great. It is over now though. Haha.

7,000 Miles :O OMG that's huge!


It was insanely awesome. Haha

@hansenatortravel This looks like a road trip of a lifetime! I bet you had so much fun!

Thank you! It was amazing! Plenty more to post. Best wishes jennifer78!

I'll be waiting for more posts!

have a nice trip

Thank you! It is over now, but it was amazing. I should do another!

If you look at the lines it kinda looks like the horns of a bull

It does indeed. Lol. I need to do another trip similar on the west coast.

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