Atlantic to Pacific US Road Trip 5 - Cerebral Brewery in Denver, CO

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Upon arriving into Denver, Colorado our friends were not ready for us to come by, so we stopped by, of course, the coolest looking brewery near us. We found Cerebral and surprisingly it was their anniversary!

Cerebral Brewery


After seeing the barrel-aged beers I had to get one. They have 2 sections in the brewery, barrel-aged and traditional brews. All made in-house! I got the Severance Package. Mild in comparison in taste to what my friend Sean had, the Breakfast Porter. His was definitely a higher percentage of alcohol.


I'm not going to have access to the internet for a while, so don't wait up. Haha. We are probably camping again tonight in 20 degree F weather, that's about -6 degrees C. Gotta prepare! It was freezing all night last night, not a lot of sleep (uninterrupted by the cold or rummaging desert animals).


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See you soon my friends! Have a great Thanksgiving!



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