Pier in Downtown Fort Myers, Florida

in #travel4 years ago

Mayor Art Hamel Pier

It was a great day out. A little cloudy, but no rain. That's the way I like it, so it's cooler out and the sun isn't beating down on me the whole time. There is a nice breeze out on the water. Hoping to make some kayak posts, but I'll be in Vegas the next week! Enjoy!



Had some fun making a 3D Model of the sign, in the above photo, it's really amazing what you can do with Paint 3D! I am still making logos for people that want them for donations, please ask!


Thank you for your help everyone! Best Wishes To You All!



Beautiful photography and I like that 3D animation you shared here!


Thanks guru! More to come as always. I need to get on it right away!

Hi mr.hansen my bot has finally been created

Good job man! I donated! Good luck (and always upvote after 30 min because that is the purpose of the bot)

Ok thanks I appreciate it a lot

Well, there is Lake Mead if you want to engage in water activities and are willing to go a bit out of the way to the east from Las Vegas. I can't really provide further details than that, as outdoor recreation is not my area of expertise.

That's a pretty good 3D model, though!

Thank you for the comment doughtaker! I was thinking that me and my friend could drive to the mountains early and see them. He is a bit lazy though. Haha.

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