Atlantic to Pacific US Road Trip 4 - Kansas to Colorado

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Camped (in the car) at this Kansas rest area. It was nice, but didn't get a lot of sleep considering we parked at 4 AM. Woke up, cooked some eggs and bacon with a propane cooker which will come in handy when camping in Utah (current location). Cooking for yourself saves so much money, it would be nicer to see the local cuisine, but that is saved for special times. The weather in Kansas was perfect. To be honest, it was the best weather through the last day of Denver (next post) on the whole trip.

Stopped at this very quaint gas station and could not buy gas because you needed a membership of some kind, probably for farmers. The background is a pile of corn that was dropped onto the ground by a truck at this little stop.
There are more pictures of the rest stop we stayed at below. I have a few beautiful photos for monochrome contests.


By my count there are 75 or more windmills in the panoramic if you zoom in. You can barely see them, but you know they are there. Kansas and Denver have a lot of these helping power the farms. I'm glad some people are using clean energy, not that it supplies them with all of their power.

Another picture here shows the St. Louis Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. Truly an amazing trip so far. Many many photos to take, especially climbing rocks in Utah which will be posted on soon! Here is a timelapse of it being built


See you in Denver, Colorado next!



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All original photography and videos taken with Samsung Galaxy S8. Edited pictures in Microsoft Photos, Paint, Paint 3D, Easy Movie Maker, the Xbox App,, and usually post them to All of which is extremely easy, and I would be happy to share my knowledge if you have questions regarding how.


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