The Road Trip - Eastern North America (11 - Nova Scotia II)

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The main goal of the trip was to see people. Didn't get enough of the scenery to be honest, which is a little sad, but I'll go back eventually! This post is dedicated to my first full day in Tatamagouche. Hanging out with family I've only seen like one time, so I didn't quite know everyone, but I got to know them and it was great!

Lobster Dinner

This was really cool because I have never cooked live lobster before, so now I know how! Not too hard either.


Steps to Cook

  1. Buy live lobster
  2. Boil large vat of water with salt
  3. Cut off rubber around lobster's claws
  4. Drop face first in water
  5. Wait 20 min
  6. Break off claws and tail, throw away head, you can eat the legs, but not a lot of meat.
  7. Use a hammer to crack open claws
  8. Hands to break open the body
  9. Enjoy!


Uncle Jim bought 9 lobsters for about 100 Canadian Dollars. It was delicious with the melted butter. On the right is my aunt Linda.



Hope you've enjoyed the food Steemites! Thank you for viewing! Have a great day!



Buy alive lobster! That's epic and actually I won't let him boil in the pot :D


Yeah. It is a little sad, but people need to eat I guess. Haha. Thanks for the comment theguruasia!

Hey there. I just found your blog and I'm loving reading about your trip to Nova Scotia. It is so much fun because I am from Nova Scotia so I know all the places you have been posting about very well. I can't get enough Lobster, it is heaven food. I have cooked my fair share and look forward to cooking even more. I will actually be eating Lobster in a couple weeks when my sister comes to visit.

Thanks broncofan99. Glad you like it. If you have any suggestions or anything let me know! Nova Scotia was awesome! Glad I could make the drive. Meeting all the family was great because I've only know them on facebook. Lobster was delicious! Why the Broncos? Haha. Just wondering.

Do you think lobster shack lobster would be better

No way. Haha. I would never buy overpriced lobster from a restaurant again after learning how easy it is.

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