The Road Trip - Eastern North America (22 - Chichgo VI - FOOOOD!)

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Best Food in Chicago

Good Evening Steemiteers! This post is dedicated to a few of the delectable places to eat in Chicago, Illinois. I did find out that the Deep-Dish Pizza is definitely my type of pie! New York pizza is usually thin crust, but also good. Lots of STUFF on the Chicago Pie, I love it! Unfortunately I have no shots of the pizza, but there's plenty more than just that!

True Food Kitchen

True Food Menu.jpg

True Food.jpg

If you like Tuna you'll love the Poke Bowl! The quinoa rice was good, but the avocados made it even better.

Wild caught albacore, avocado, quinoa rice, mushroom, snow pea, cucumber, cashew, ginger, turmeric.

The Spoke & Bird


This amazing meal consisted of a sweet green tea with creme and (I honestly don't remember what it was called) a bread cooked with onions and eggs inside of it! I've looked up their menu online since I didn't snag a photo and I could not find it, so it may have been a special. While I was there, the owner was being a little bit of a jerk to one of his bus boys, not sure if he was being lazy or the owner was just mean. Oh well, food was great!

Flo & Santos



This was the last place my cousin took me for dinner. Of course, my meal of choice was the one-and-only:

The "Flo and Santo"
Flo and Santo's anniversary meal - Italian Beef and Polska Kielbasa Combo.


Peace be with you Steemers!

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Definitely it looks delicious and nutritious too! Nice photography and experience while your trip of Chicago!


Chicago was a clear favorite. Most likely going to move there to trade options and stocks with my cousin. Should make a bit more than teaching. Haha

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