Atlantic to Pacific US Road Trip 7 - More in Denver, Colorado

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The background for this picture is the view as you are walking out of my friends apartment, a small place off of Colfax in Denver. Then, around it, the general look of the town as you drive through. There is a constant view of the mountains when looking out west of the city.

Denver, Colorado

In the end, my opinion is that Denver would not be a great place to live, but outside of Denver would be great, like Georgetown which will probably be my next post (after the drive).


A snip, on a small scale, of what is to come. Utah, and the road to it, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Me and a friend did a lot of small scale rock climbing since the parks are lax about climbing. Being Floridians, we do not experience snow or driving in it at all. I have seen it a few times in my life, but the ice on the windshield was fun to play with. To get it off you turn on the heat in the car and wait about 20 minutes.

The quote I found on this wall is such truth. Great work to the artist!

Photo of the Day

OC Resolution: 1280x960 - Black Canyon Inn, Estes Park




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I'm sorry it's taken so long to post. Not a lot of Wifi + time to enjoy the trip = not a lot of posts. As always, Best Wishes and Cheers!




I like that photography of the rock! Nice trip and seems that you enjoyed well!


Yeah. I keep forgetting to put the location on a map. Thank you for your support Guru. Best wishes my friend!

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