@movingman 's Personal Library - Sorted Out!

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

Something to add on the bottom of your posts and to broaden the Html wisdom, your own Library!!

I decided to make this so I can add it onto the bottom of my posts. I think you can tell a lot about someone just by reading the titles and not even having to go through the actual articles. Sometimes somebody writes something that we read but then we don't really go see what else they have written - because who really wants to be scrolling through someones blogs which are (hopefully) overloaded with re-steems of stuff that was a different subject to what they wrote about?? And so its hard to find what they write about, and thus hard to decide whether its your interest's to follow them or not.

Who else has their own Library? Here's mine!

Although i'm still having troubles getting it copied and pasted on other posts :(


First I thought the library is about the books you have red then I realized it is one of your article titles. Both tell who someone is. Great Idea, I will start considering it.

I think people should do it! haha its a funny ego thing at the end of the day , i know, well some might see it as that! I did it for myself and the people who i know arnt even on steemit but read it all. plus , im sure you would want to do it at some-point , so before they build up over time, get on it now!

Maybe there will be a Library part added to the profiles in the future! (not sure who to a mention for right there!)

Today , I lost my Virginity

I just saw this one and am laughing hard as a title of a book ! :) I need to sleeeeep lol

Yeah thats smart to do. I need to get a damn computer to up my post game.

your on the mobile?!

Yeah. iPhone 6

That's some good and practical advice, @movingman :-) I'll place a similar list below my own posts in the future.

Thanks again!

I try not to drink Pepsi.

Soda is really shit anyway and really bad for you. The saddest thing is that people srink coke zero or pepsi max etc to avoid the added sugars but then the sweeteners are as bad,if not worse than the sugar in the first place.. I hate you babylon!

How do you do it?

Do you just add the last post to the new post and then copy paste from the edit into the new post?

Yeh i wrote it in html and saved it on wordpad,then just add the latest post to it eachtime and save it. Theres a post with the html code if you search "colum text" on here 😊

Are you having troubles like I am right now?! Its the same problem that ive been having since learning that I can start a post in editor and do the text, then i switch it to raw html to add the pics and size them etc, but then when you want to edit it, its not synced anymore lol and then half the post gets moved up the top of the post from the middle section lol

.... Before i had only used raw html but then had the chance to use editor and it was good but limited. so then i did what I said there, use editor then switched to html .. but I still havent got it smoothly yet - like now i just wrote a post and want to add the libary, I have it in raw html saved on desktop but when i am on Raw html, and paste it in, it dosnt work and comes out not in the correct html order..

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