Real-Time Update of RobinHood Whale Project 罗宾鲸火贴实时更新 01-09

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What Is The RobinHood Whale?

The @robinhoodwhale (RHW) is the community's solution to an essential problem that plagues Steemit: how to get noticed and upvoted before you have a big enough following. Right now, if you are not upvoted by a "whale" account, it is very difficult to get exposure and any substantial rewards, which leads to many great authors leaving Steemit. Robin Hood wants to be the "whale" that finds and helps a diverse set of talented, yet unrecognized authors.
More Info Here -> The RobinHood Whale InitiaveAnnouncing RobinHoodWhale

Voting History (Real-Time Update)

  • 01-09 What Do We Do When Life Gets in the Way of Our Dreams? by @leahlindeman in introduction
  • 01-09 A Tale of a Couponer- The Beginning by @sgnsteems in savings
  • 01-09 Abortion: Your body, your choice? Or is it the child's body that you are choosing for? by @heretickitten in politics
  • 01-09 My Experience Partying with Tai Lopez (The "Here In My Garage" Guy) by @randomstories in story
  • 01-09 The Power of Fear (An Original Poem) by @delphia16 in life
  • 01-09 Toilet Fires, Marilyn Manson, and My Introduction to the Sweet, Sweet Taste of Satire by @lesliestarrohara in life
  • 01-09 I have one word for you..."Math Sucks!" How I Convince My Students with Special Needs That Algebra is Important. by @hanshotfirst in mathematics
  • 01-09 The Adam and Eve of Cryptography, Meet Alice and Bob! by @norbu in cryptography
  • 01-09 The best exercise for longevity, great health and a great body by @chhayll in fitness
  • 31-08 Hello Steemit! I interviewed CEO Ned Scott on " - The Future of Social Media" [Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast] by @ashe-oro in introduceyourself
  • 31-08 Taking the Mask off Steemit: Does Steemit Work for You or Do You Work for Steemit? by @strangerarray in writing
  • 31-08 Hello Steemit! Welcome to my world… may the adventure begin! by @melisalerue in introduceyourself
  • 31-08 The new normal by @mattclarke in steemit
  • 31-08 A Totally Different Life in One Year by @sarahjordan in life
  • 31-08 Why Children are Like Pit Bulls - Part 1 by @papa-pepper in family
  • 31-08 This Year, a DJ's Saving My Life - Meet David Olam by @steemitpatina in music
  • 31-08 Tips and Tricks to Winning at Blackjack - Lessons Learned by a Solo Card Counter by @contentjunkie in life
  • 30-08 How English was Made: One Language’s Long Journey from Humble to Honorificabilitudinitatibus by @mione in science
  • 30-08 Most Voted Authors by Whales - This Week's Data (Aug. 22 - Aug. 29) by @cristi in programming
  • 30-08 STEEM Analysis :: Ownership Distribution and the Whale Selling Pressure by @furion in steemstats
  • 30-08 The Dark Side of the Blockchain - Chapter Eight - Ned by @gonzo in sciencefiction
  • 30-08 Is It Better to Starve? by @emsenn in politics
  • 30-08 Synereo Analysis - Let's do it right this time. by @creationlayer in real-talk
  • 30-08 How I made Bank Selling My School's WiFi Password by @aaronburt in life
  • 30-08 Child Abuse and my experiences dealing with it as a child. (The actions, effects and outcomes.) by @kainmarx in life
  • 30-08 15-Year-Old Regret is Laid To Rest: A Poem by @tltran in poetry
  • 30-08 Benetton: the creativity, the controversy and the reality that we try to avoid. by @diana.catherine in art
  • 30-08 The Creation of The Book "Beatrix Percival" - Inspiration & Creative Process by @artist1989 in writing
  • 30-08 Announcing RobinHoodWhale, the Steemit Deep Sea Savior by @robinhoodwhale in robinhoodwhale
  • 28-08 Buying organic tobacco leaves as an agricultural commodity to make your own affordable, high-quality cigarettes: a guide in pictures by @mada in life
  • 28-08 Quantum Computers: The Future of Computing by @sauravrungta in technology
  • 28-08 Trusting the Hive Mind: Building My Own Voting Bot for Robinhoodwhale by @lukestokes in robinhoodwhale
  • 28-08 Wicker heart with roses made from paper and ribbon! Beautiful present from my wife to hers grandmother on 70th birthday! by @lukmarcus in art
  • 28-08 Color for the color blind - The science behind the EnChroma glasses by @owdy in science
  • 28-08 Graphic Design and Social Media Pro from Panama by @anahilarski in introduceyourself
  • 28-08 Yes, you are right to fear and hate Islam. There are 1.7 billion potential criminals out there. by @sitaru in life
  • 28-08 Time Lapse Daisy Painting, Start to finish in 4 minutes by @kiddarko in art
  • 28-08 Experimental Learning - Space Education; By Dr. Dorit Israeli by @dorit-israeli in education
  • 28-08 Thoughts on Steemit power distribution and SteemPower. An anthropology based approach! by @webosfritos in steemit
  • 28-08 Sometimes We Just Need To Rage Against The Machine by @naquoya in anarchism
  • 28-08 Modern Day Edgar Cayce/Nostradamus by @kazumba in science
  • 28-08 On International Dog Day - Be More Dog by @jaytaylor in photography
  • 27-08 A Rant about a Germ Obsessed Parent and Outdoor Play by @kateblack in life
  • 27-08 The Economics of Ponyville by @josephknowles in money
  • 27-08 Join a Niche Online Community - Here's 10 Reasons Why by @tonypeacock in groups
  • 27-08 [Alpha] - Twitter alternative for the steem blockchain by @picokernel in steem
  • 27-08 Hi, I Am RobinHoodWhale And Here is My Story From The Blockchain Folklore by @robinhoodwhale in introduceyourself
  • 28-08 Rewarding Broken English: Has Steemit become a platform for practicing English as a foreign language? by @invisiblegorilla in steemit
  • 27-08 GHOSTS OF CROATIA - PART II: Abandoned Underground Airport by @vermillion666 in underground
  • 27-08 MEDITATION: The Art and Benefits of Freeing Your Mind by @kain-jc in life
  • 27-08 Rachmaninoff – BIG HANDS. Me - small hands by @cherish in music
  • 27-08 My Trip to Amsterdam, a Dream City with No Boundaries. Including a Sensation White Party. by @blinova in travel
  • 26-08 Four Generations of Silence--How I Solved a Long-Standing Family Mystery with DNA by @stephmckenzie in science
  • 26-08 Journey to Samos (Greece), the island where IS refugees don't go anymore - by chrisadventures by @chrisadventures in life
  • 26-08 Impressing People By Living On Credit by @doitvoluntarily in blog
  • 26-08 Apparently That Deserves A Round Of Applause by @arrowj in blog
  • 27-08 How to Forex - A Beginners Guide to Forex Trading - Part 3: Forex Trading Strategies by @senseiteekay in forex
  • 26-08 Changing the Way the World Views Breasts - My Intro by @marissah in introduceyourself
  • 27-08 My Life Ended When I Was 25 Years Old – Part 1 by @menta in life
  • 26-08 Is Ginger The New Black? Lavender Beard Adventure — collaboration with @wingz by @justyna in photography
  • 25-08 Why Invest in Fusion Energy by @elemenya in science
  • 25-08 Law, memes and mental illness: Towards a New Psychiatry by @johan-nygren in anarchy
  • 25-08 Robots are sexy! Let me introduce myself. by @krishnasuperstar in introduceyourself
  • 25-08 How Colour Can Change the Feel of a Photograph by @thecryptofiend in photography
  • 25-08 How to build self confidence and learn to be successful by @quickfingersluc in life
  • 25-08 Unpublished Doris Mayday fashion editorial! STEEMIT EXCLUSIVE! by @kommienezuspadt in photography
  • 25-08 The Power to Create Good by @krnel in philosophy
  • 25-08 War Against Drugs, The Intensive Campaign of the Newly Elected President of the Republic of Philippines by @juvyjabian in politics
  • 24-08 Mistakes, Discipleship and The School Of Life. [Response to @onetree's post] by @omfedor in life
  • 24-08 Are We Using Our Free Time to Shorten Our Lives? by @pulpably in technology
  • 25-08 Steemdrive: First Steemit Billboard to hit USA in Chicago, Illinois - Vote for the “American Dream"! by @steemdrive in steemit
  • 24-08 Military Aircraft [original photography] - Part II - Up Close and Personal at MacDill USAFB by @jessica-miller in photography
  • 25-08 [STEEMLOCATOR.COM] Locate Businesses accepting Steem all over the World! My contribution to this community. by @oumar in steem
  • 24-08 My five absolute favorite alcoholic beverages. by @lauralemons in recipe
  • 24-08 Steem API Explorer by @lantto in steem
  • 24-08 Open plan offices are a nightmare by @bitcalm in business
  • 24-08 Parts of Me: How I learned to become a parent at 12 years old (Part 2) The sheltered life. by @kryptik in life
  • 24-08 Here are some frequently asked questions about topsoil in gardens. by @veronikapmy1989 in gardening
  • 24-08 A Dear Wang Letter - how I miss you and Steemit by @deanliu in fun
  • 24-08 Hunting today, with phone camera [10 photos include] by @trisnawati in photography
  • 23-08 Virtual Travelling or Five interesting Places that Can Be Visited with Google Street View by @phenom in travel
  • 23-08 Innate sense of rebellion. Attacking perceived wrongness. First step towards Anarchism. by @dwinblood in story
  • 24-08 Stranded In The Alps, An Earthly Offering & The Magic Of The Ganesh Mantra by @yogi.artist in yoga
  • 23-08 How to Write a Ruby on Rails App for STEEM by @inertia in radiator
  • 24-08 Taking Steemit to the end of the Land: Land’s End, Cornwall, England [part 1] by @webdeals in photography
  • 23-08 Steemit will change the world ? by @marrywiger in life
  • 23-08 Steemit is on fire and I am celebrating... In three dimensions! by @thebatchman in steemit
  • 24-08 Why the Federal Reserve Can NEVER Raise Interest Rates by @jasonstaggers in economics
  • 23-08 My Photography Countryside Travelling / 恋上那柿子,想吃你得有口好牙 by @myfirst in travel
  • 23-08 LOST IN TIME ( An Original Poem - Vol.1) by @masonmiler in writing
  • 23-08 The SteemCleaners Guide for Dealing with Abuse on Steemit by @steemcleaners in steemcleaners
  • 23-08 Announcing SteemCleaners, the Steemit Abuse Fighting Team! by @steemcleaners in steemcleaners
  • 23-08 BEACH Scenes Malaysia - Port Dickson Beach by @lat-nayar in photography
  • 23-08 Perpetual Motion Machines and Crypto-Bootstrapping: How I Commissioned My Own Portrait with Steem Dollars by @kafkanarchy84 in steem
  • 22-08 Why Do You Use Photoshop?! Why I Photoshop My Images. by @nicoledphoto in photography
  • 22-08 UFC 202: McGregor vs Diaz Prefight History and Postfight Analysis by @daut44 in ufc
  • 22-08 How I bankrupt my first startup by not understanding the definition of MVP - Minimum Viable Product, and how I will avoid it next time :) by @noisy in programming
  • 22-08 Hey I’m Danny! Join me on my wildlife adventures through Africa! by @dannystravels in introduceyourself
  • 22-08 #1 Abu Dhabi - The Arrival by @chris.roy in photography
  • 22-08 Channel Island Occupation: Atlantic Seawall Bunkers - Germany's Concrete Battleships by @thenakedgod in travel
  • 22-08 The Dirty Little Secret Some Copywriters Just Don’t Want You To Know. by @kreativ in marketing
  • 22-08 Existentialism and Nihilism - Why I, myself, am an existentialist. by @infinitor in philosophy
  • 22-08 The Myth of Selfishness by @kyriacos in philosophy
  • 22-08 Schrödinger's Cat Paradox: Both Rich and Poor - Recovering After a Series of Knockdowns by @steemingnow in money
  • 22-08 Wait, is that a BLUE BEE! Steemit Colours! by @mweich in photography
  • 22-08 Bot-baiting, a basic analysis. - Is there such thing as a bot threat? by @renzoarg in steemit
  • 22-08 Why do women gain more weight than men? by @tanata in health
  • 21-08 Bitshares Trading Diary, Day 7: Attack Of The Short Sellers by @nxtblg in bitshares
  • 21-08 The Popular Depression: Chapter 1 by @wadepaterson in writing
  • 21-08 From Montana to Guatemala in 2 weeks, 3500 miles with no car & $200 to start! Hitch-hiking, border patrol, Hare Krishnas, by @kennyskitchen in travel
  • 21-08 3D Printing: What Types of 3D Printer Filament Are Available by @cryptos in printing3d
  • 21-08 The Story Of Troye - A Young Entrepreneur Is Born by @steemitwithstu in story
  • 21-08 Death Penalty is Needed in all Societies - Even in an Anarchism Society - Here is why ... by @fat-like-buddha in news
  • 20-08 The monkey mind and the inner-child. How I get back on track. by @newandold in life
  • 20-08 Sony 90mm Macro vs Lensbong Setup by @timelapse in photography
  • 20-08 The Old Dog Investigates: Roads, is There a Better Way? by @kus-knee in life
  • 20-08 Locally Grown Food and You: Farmer's Markets! Some Info For Healthy Food by @jed78 in food
  • 20-08 Things Make Sense in Retrospect - The Hindsight Bias by @cristi in psychology
  • 20-08 What they DID tell you about chemtrails. But you weren't listening! [3 minutes read] by @freiheit in life
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    nice post

    Thanks for your support of RHW project, guys. I spent 70 SBD to promote RHW posts, i hope i can help the unrecognized authors.
    I think the quality of these posts is higher than the trending page, what do you think?

    Anything that helps break the " Steemit ice " for unrecognized posts is a good thing as i see it !!

    RHW is greate initiative! I hope it increases the variety of authors on Steemit

    What a great idea, I love the thought of a bunch of minnows coming together and contributing to form a community whale. And kudos to you for promoting it! To show my support, I just donated a small amount of Steem Power to the @robinhoodwhale account. I know it's not much in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit helps!

    I wonder when you guys will find one of my posts! I like the work you are doing and follow you from long time!

    You deserve more visibility! Upped!

    I loved being picked. Thanks again, guys. Fantastic to get some encouragement.

    I hope it will be the 'first community whale' That would be great, thanks for your efforts

    Yes thank you. I'm glad we as a community can work together to make Steemit a better place :)

    I guess its off to Sherwood Forest!

    Great project!

    Thank you so much! What a delight to be included on this list of excellent content. A little @robinhoodwhale happy dance here... turn it up!

    This is a good initiative. Unknown and emerging authors will be able to gain more exposure to their work. It is this type of initiative that will make the community at steemit grow. #robinhoodwhale

    nice work, thank you

    Thanks for the add of one of my posts, laonie - I am still clueless as to how most of Steemit works, but I appreciate whatever it is you're doing, regardless! :o)

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